Does Androzene Really Work?

Does Androzene work?Androzene is billed as an all-natural male enhancement formula that can spice up your sex life and help you get more satisfaction from this basic human drive. Most of the time we’re asked, does this stuff really work?

There’s no shortage of guys that have issues in the bedroom, it’s estimated that the majority of men experience some sort of sexual dysfunction, or are at least mildly dissatisfied with their abilities and performance. That’s why it’s almost like shooting fish in a barrel for companies to come in and attempt to save the day with a pill, cream, or gadget. All that’s really necessary is to bring up the common problems men have, and then present your product as the answer. So what makes this one different than all the rest?

The Claim
The makers of Androzone say that it contains a proprietary blend known as AndroPhase, which supplies the body with what it needs in order to improve blood flow and circulation throughout the body, thus helping you to achieve bigger, harder, and longer-lasting erections. Several other male enhancement supplements take a similar strategy, and it is often proposed that by simply increasing blood flow there will be an increase in the quality of erections, It’s the same tactic used by drugs like Viagra.

The Hype
When you’re talking to guys about their sex lives and telling them that your product can make it better, you’re essentially creating hype. There’s nothing that speaks to a man more deeply than his performance in the bedroom, and it seems that one thing all male enhancement products have in common is that they know just what to say to a guy to relate to him and then get him interested in buying a product. This is because the symptoms and problems of sexual dysfunction are pretty similar from guy to guy, so all that is necessary is to hit a few trigger points and the sale is made.

The Cost
The cost of one bottle of Androzene is $125, a tough pill to swallow, but also a way for them to entice you to order in bulk. The price comes down drastically if you order multiple bottles at once. For example, you can get 6 bottles for $375, essentially cutting the per bottle price in half, and bringing these to within range of most male supplements on the market. Buying them individually means you’re going to be paying a premium price for a product that makes similar claims as those costing $50 or less per month to use.

The Commitment
You only need to take this once per day in order to use it, and they say to use it before you go to bed, so it’s easy enough to make it part of your nighttime routine. Compared to other male enhancement products that require you to time it around your sexual activity, or that require you to take it multiple times per day, this is one method that seems pretty easy in regards to commitment level.

What we’re seeing with Androzene is a mixed bag of feedback. There are of course those that have set up sites and pages saying that it’s good and works great, but many of these are thinly veiled affiliates for the product. Then there are those that are skeptical, and who obviously haven’t tried it by basically write off the entire male enhancement industry as hogwash. Those are nearly just as useless. Getting to the meat of the issue, getting hard data from hundreds or even thousands of real users appears to be a challenge.

Not many users are motivated enough to come back and say it works, even if they can remain unknown. Those who try it and don’t like it may feel strongly enough about it to come back online and voice their opinion, but either way you’ll likely get a biased answer. This is an instance where it’s necessary to weigh the costs and benefits and see if it’s worth a trial so you can get a firsthand experience.

Final Androzene Review

Androzene is getting our Solid Try rating, based on the number of users that have said it works, as well as taking into account the naysayers that say it doesn’t work. Their return policy is logical, giving you 30 days to try it out if you only order one bottle (which contains a one-month supply) as well as 90 days if you order 3 bottles at once. This reduces your risk, and even if you take into account the return shipping and restocking charges it’s just a nominal outlay to give these a try and see how you feel about them.

Our Recommendation
There’s no magic pill out there that will turn you into Superman in the bedroom, it’s a combination of the right supplementation, education, and training that will get you the results you’re after.

What do you think? Does Androzene work or not?

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Don Lyda August 27, 2013 at 4:30 pm

I’ve watched Mr. Aldo talk about Androzene and the benefits but I am very skeptical of the claimed results. Also, I haven’t heard much about the side affects of the product. How safe is this miracle pill?


Waz Kanner March 12, 2014 at 4:19 pm

I have ED and I’m 62 y/o, my ed started after I had prostitus about 4 years ago. I have tried Viagra, Cialis, with to many side effects so my urologist gave me a prescription for a compound that is injected into the side of the penis. I thought it would be.very painful, but it is not painful at all. And it works within 5 to 10 minutes and lasts up to 3 hour’s. And the cost is $79.00 per vile. As far as my sex drive is concerned, it is.still as high as when I was in my 20′s. For me the price of your product is way too expensive. I am on disability and have too many bill’s to afford something that is not a sure thing. Besides my wife of.22 years had a total hystorectomy and until 1 1/2 years ago was unable to achive an orgasm. I live to make my wife cum, and I thought it was my fault so we.have lot’s of forplay and then I perform on her which is how she has her longest and multi orgasm’s. Through the years I have preferred with my wife and before that my many girlfriends. Sincerely, Waz K.



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