Does Bosley Really Work?

Does Bosley really work?You might be familiar with the Bosley company as they’re no strangers to running advertisements on TV. This is not your ordinary hair loss product, this is actually hair transplants in which they take hair from the sides and back of your scalp and move them to the places where you need them. But everyone knows a botched hair transplant is often worse than being bald. So does Bosley produce quality results?

Bosley Medical has been in the business of helping men restore the look of their hair for over three decades now. Safe to say that this is no fly-by-night business and they must be doing something right in order to stay afloat for so long. Most people are familiar with the Hair Club for Men, their main competitor because of the commercials with the guy that cities not only the president but also a client. Bosley offers similar services and products.

The Claim
The claim made by Bosley is that they’ll be able to restore your hair to its original condition by transporting follicles that are known to grow your whole life to the top of your head where your hair is thinning. The procedure can be rather extensive, with anywhere from 600 to 3000 grafts taking place depending on how bad your condition is.

The Hype
There is not much hype involved with Bosley, because many people write it off as being too expensive and not something they can justify. It does seem that this procedure is geared towards men that have tried everything else and are willing to spend a small fortune on restoring their hairline to its original place. The commercials provide some hype, but they do well to avoid over exaggerating the kind of results you’ll see. They have gotten into some trouble by understating exactly what the procedure entails in regards to pain and suffering.

The Cost
This is one of those products where the saying “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” comes into play. Although they have a payment plan that can put you in the $150-$250 ballpark per month, the overall treatment can cost over $10,000. If your hair is very important to you, like it is with most men, this might seem worth it if it provides the results promised by the before-and-after pictures in the ads.

The Commitment
Aside from the financial commitment you’ll also have to show up to receive the treatments. This is not a one-shot deal where you just walked in and they replace everything in one day. Is done in phases so that your hair has time to heal between visits. If you are a busy guy you might find it rather inconvenient to go to the office so many times. However with the price you’re paying, most men find the time to have it done.

When a product has to justify a $10,000 price tag it had better deliver. Being in business well over 30 years there really isn’t a possibility that Bosley doesn’t work. There’d be a large uprising of disgruntled customers demanding their money back for a lousy job done on their heads. Of course, there will be those patients that could not be helped by the Bosley method, but overall it must be effective.

It’s easy to find negative reviews for something like this because results will vary from person to person and from surgeon to surgeon. There is no one surgeon that is doing every single operation, and not every man has the same scalp condition and overall health.

As technology improves the method can get more and more streamlined and work on a smaller scale. As long as Bosley stays current with the new technologies that emerge the results should get better and better. They also combine their transplants with products that contain minoxidil and scalp cleansers to make sure that the newly grafted hair follicles take root and stay put for years to come.

Complaints and Controversy
It is important to note that Bosley Medical is not without its fair share of criticism and court cases. Any company that has been in the business world as long as they have is bound to have people saying they were taken advantage of or that they’re not conducting business properly. Many of the complaints were with the type of advertising they do, and the kind of claims they make which some say misrepresents the actual procedure.

Final Bosley Review

There’s no way to say with any definitive proof whether or not Bosley works. This is a rather expensive coin flip that could go either way. It can’t hurt to get a consultation to see what kind of information you can gather about your own personal situation. Of course they will try to sell you on getting the procedure done, but they can’t force you to do it, and at least you’ll know where you stand in relation to how many grafts you’ll need.

Our Recommendation
We would recommend going with Bosley only if you tried other hair loss treatments with no success, and have a rather large bankroll. This is the closest thing you’ll ever get to turning back the clock in regards to your hair. When you use hair growth treatments like Rogaine you have to keep using them indefinitely to maintain whatever results they provide. With something like Bosley your hair should continue to grow like natural and match her hair color exactly for the rest of your life.

What do you think? Does Bosley work or not?

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Robert Wolfe April 14, 2014 at 8:27 am

Real Men Go Bald – Shaving your head is an act of boldness.

Men With Shaved Heads Appear More Dominant, Study Finds:

Men shaved bald perceived to be better leaders:

It’s funny that both these articles use Bruce Willis as there main photo for these articles… There are so many other bald actors they could have used.


sloan January 10, 2016 at 10:27 pm

just some info you may or may not want to elude to or advise of:
I had hair transplants 30 years ago, when I had them , it was mostly for the front hairline, they worked fine in restoring the hairline, 30 years later, that hair loss has progressed mid scalp. yes the hairline is still there but real thin hair behind it, I comb it and stick it in place so it covers fairly well, but lots of people never think about what will happen to their hair loss 10,20 or 30 years down the road. also, as you age, your hair doesn’t stay healthy and luxurious , it gets dry and brittle. hair transplants do not fix that. I’m not bald but I don’t have a youthful head of hair either. just some insights from a guy who spent 10 grand 30 years ago with the expectation that I would have youthful hair for the rest of my life.


unhappy camper February 17, 2016 at 2:05 am

(For those reading: feel free to post this elsewhere to warn others.)
I had a hair transplant procedure done at Bosley over two years ago. I waited until now to write this, because everywhere I looked I found that most people who were not seeing results from their procedure were told to practice patience, that with time the results will come. Needless to say, I practiced patience, but the results never came.
I went in thinking I was making an informed decision. I had done a bit of research prior to my consultation. Every time I came across a review or complaint by a dissatisfied client, I read responses to such reviews and complaints. The responses always indicated that this customer’s experience was unusual and not typical and that the majority of transplants were very successful with a high yield of results. I searched various sources for information and felt confident in my decision. In hindsight I realize that maybe desperation played a role in the weight I placed on the responses I read. But I realize now, that the places where I thought I was reading reliable information, I was merely stepping into trap after trap that convinced me to act with such a terrible decision.
A decision that has cost me both a lot of money, and a lot of hair. The area where they remove the hair to be transplanted to thinning/balding areas, becomes scarred and that hair never returns. They don’t just remove the hairs, they remove a chunk of your scalp.
The people they have speaking to customers during consultations are not physicians. Yet, they do what only physicians are supposed to do including examining patients, making a diagnosis, and recommending the next course of action.
If you decide to go forth with your procedure despite the warnings, be prepared to say goodbye to a good chunk of change, and a good chunk of your hair and scalp.
If Bosley is good at one thing, it is MARKETING. I wish it was hair transplants that they were good at, but it’s not. Good advertizing does not equal to good results.
They also told me to continuously apply minoxidil 5% even after the procedure. That should have been enough of a red flag for me but it wasn’t. I could have bypassed the entire procedure altogether and simply applied minoxidil, but my judgment was clearly clouded at the time.
I’ve complained to Bosley, and they’ve offered me a second procedure for free, but I will not make the same mistake twice.


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