Does Bountiful Breast Really Work?

Does Bountiful Breast work?Bountiful Breast is getting its fair share of attention as a potential all-natural way to get larger breasts. It says that it’s safe, and that it’s patent-pending, but is this enough of a reason to try it out, and is their sufficient data to suggest that it really does work?

Many women would like to increase the size of their breasts but aren’t willing to go through the pain of breast augmentation surgery, or are unable to justify its high cost. Finding an alternative solution is on the top of many to-do lists, and finding one that is natural and safe would be icing on the cake. Also, going with a product that you don’t have to take forever would be ideal, since even if it is considered safe you don’t want to keep putting into your body unnecessarily.

The Claim
The makers of Bountiful Breast claim that they’ve been around since 1996, and that their product is all-natural but not based on herbal ingredients. They also say that the results are permanent, and that once you reach your desired size you don’t have to keep taking it. They say their proprietary blend is based on homoeopathy, but that it also contains glands from Argentinian cattle.

The Hype
There is some hype in the way that this is presented, as they state that it is the “world’s only patent pending natural breast enhancement pill“. But when you consider the patent process and the fact that getting patent-pending status is not very difficult, it is a pretty meaningless statement, but one that might be looked at favorably by those that think it’s hard to get, or that it means the product is especially effective. It simply means that they filed for a provisional patent, it does not mean that the product is patented.

In fact, if they’ve been around since 1996 they should have already gotten a patent for their product, since patent pending status only lasts for one year. This either means that they keep getting rejected for a patent, or they don’t bother completing the patenting process and continue to stay in a patent pending state indefinitely.

Further adding to the hype is their affiliate program, which means that the bulk of the “reviews” and “user feedback” you’re going to see is from those that are trying to sell you a bottle to get their commission.

The Cost
A month and a half of Bountiful Breast is $137, and the biggest package they offer is a 13 and a half month supply for $600 getting the per month cost down to $44 a month. This is a huge price difference, and it simply means that you’re overpaying unless you order the larger quantities at once. They have a 12 month guarantee if you order their largest package, but it has the stipulation that you have to take the product for a year before you can get a refund, and if you make it the full year you’re still subjected to an $80 return fee.

The Commitment
When compared to going under the knife for a boob job, this is far less expensive. However, when you do get surgery those results are meant to last several years. Of course complications can arise several years after surgery, and there are several stories of procedures gone wrong, so you’re avoiding that whole mess entirely by going with a pill instead.

If the product really does provide permanent results you would only have to commit to using it until you’re the size you want to be. They say you don’t have to take maintenance doses, and this would be the most appealing factor since most other breast enhancers provide only temporary results and stop working once you stop taking them.

When you get down to brass tacks and try to figure out exactly how or why this would work, the ingredients are not given and stated as being “proprietary”. The closest you’ll get is to be told that it is based on homeopathy and that “like cures like”. They say that they are borrowing from the cattle industry and using glandular therapy to stimulate your pituitary gland which in turn causes your breasts to grow the same way they did during puberty.

Final Bountiful Breast Review

We’re giving Bountiful Breast the Thumbs Down rating, as there is little in the way of hard evidence that this works, and almost every single positive review comes from their testimonials or affiliates. The concept sounds convincing, but it requires a leap of faith as far as actually working the way they describe. At the price listed it doesn’t make sense to try it out for just a month and pay nearly double what you would if you invested in their one-year supply. They should make it easier to try out, with a reduced price trial package.

Our Recommendation
There are plenty of ways to help with the look of your breasts, you can try specific exercises that are meant to help lift them up, or you can use products that have been shown to give temporary results. The only way we’ve seen that provides actual enlargement over the long term is breast enhancement surgery, which for many is just not an option they’re willing to consider. We’ll keep a look out for a product that actually works, since we know there are plenty of women looking for a solution on this one.

What do you think? Does Bountiful Breast work or not?

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andres Vargas August 3, 2013 at 7:50 pm

I never even knew they made products like this. But then, I thought about it and realised that women can obviously have the same hangups about their bodies in the same way a guy does, and that there will be companies who make money from exploiting this fact. It’s like pills that make your penis bigger. They don’t work, because if they did, there would be uniformaly massive penises and breasts on every single person on the planet. There is no evidence to support the claims on these pills, but I can see how it would be tempting to believe that they work.


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