Does Cyvita Really Work?

Does Cyvita work?Cyvita is designed to give you a boost in the bedroom as an all natural male enhancement supplement. They say that you are buying direct from the manufacturer, that you don’t need a prescription, and that it’s proven to provide strength, stamina, and performance where you need it most. But does it actually work?

Most guys wouldn’t mind a little help when it comes to making their erections stronger, harder, and longer-lasting. Even if you don’t have a severe problem it’s still nice to be functioning at the best of your abilities. Why leave it to nature to dictate what sort of results you get down there? It’s something that you can take control of, and lots of guys are getting over the embarrassment or stigma of it and giving enhancement supplements a try, just to see what they’re like.

The Claim
Cyvita makes three simple and bold claims. They say that you can increase your sexual strength, meaning you’ll have harder erections. For most guys they’ve lost a little bit of the pow that they had in their youth. Their erections are hard, but not as hard as they once were. They also say that you’ll be able to last longer, which is great if you start to get that marshmallow effect after a bit. They also say you’ll be able to increase your performance, which must mean that your partner will hold up the “10″ card once you’ve stuck the landing.

The Hype
The thought of becoming a sexual hero is enough to drive most guys to order products like these. They call it “thinking with our dumbstick” and other euphemisms for when we make sexual decisions without really thinking them through. In this delirious state we’re prone to buy pills that don’t really explain that they work, because they had us at LAST LONGER WITH HARDER ERECTIONS. After that our rational minds turn off and we’ve got the credit card on standby waiting for the order page to load.

The Cost
Cyvita drives a hard bargain on price. They’ll send you a one month supply for $20 which includes shipping. That makes it one of the best-priced male enhancement products on the market. But then you include the catch. That is just their promo price for the first month. If you choose to stay on it reverts to the normal price of $60 a month, and you have to call their toll free number to cancel, and you have to do so within 12 days of when your order ships. This means you’ll only have about a week to try it out and make your decision. Probably not enough time.

The Commitment
If you’ve decided to delve into the realm of male enhancement you should commit for the long term or don’t even bother. There are not overnight products, and the ones that do work same day are usually only parlor tricks and good for a few hours. If you’re looking to be able to be ready to go whenever you want, and to have more control over things, you’re going to have to give it some time. It’s not something that happened overnight, and if you take a history of yourself you’ll see that there was a gradual decline. So expect a gradual return to your former ways.

The dosing instructions for Cyvita don’t really make a lot of sense, and are rather vague. They say that you can take between 3 to 6 pills at one time, on an empty stomach and 30 minutes before a meal. This seems like a rather large variance, being able to double the dosage. They say that for the best results you should take 6 pills a day. That would mean you’ll only be getting a two week supply, and not one month.

They say that this works by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in your body. This is an often-used method of male ehnahcement, and the findings are sketchy at best. They say that they’re using a proprietary blend, which is fine, most products out there use them, but it would be nice to know what all the ingredients are, not the percentages, but just what you’re consuming here. Surely there are other ingredients besides the Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine they mention.

Final Cyvita Review

Cyvita leaves a lot to be desired as far as explaining how their product works, or citing any sort of clinical trials or studies on how their proprietary blend reacts with the human body. Because of this we’re going to have to give it a Thumbs Down rating. They mess things up further by selling this on an auto-ship program so that you have to call in and try to cancel or risk getting billed for the full amount and being shipped a fresh supply in 12 days time. There just aren’t enough convincing reasons to give this a try in such a competitive market.

Our Recommendation
There are other all natural male enhancement products that provide a lot more information, and let you order their products without the hassle of the phony trial offer. This way you can have more information about the product, and you can pay for it up front, and then if you don’t like it you can return it for a refund, rather than having to remember to call and cancel, and then go through the shenanigans that are surely involved with trying to stop further shipments.

What do you think? Does Cyvita work or not?

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A Guy August 14, 2012 at 1:06 am

I don’t know if it’s my age, health issue, or a psychological thing, but lately I noticed that it just isn’t as hard as it used to be. I think my wife notices too and that makes me feel even more unsecure about myself. I’m willing to pay a hefty price tag if it can help me with my bedroom issue before it starts becoming a problem with my wife.


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