Does ErectZan Really Work?

Does Erectzan work?ErectZan is just one of literally hundreds of different male enhancement pills that claims to be made from natural ingredients and guaranteed to work. If you search around long enough you can come up with a virtual army of pills, all promising roughly the same thing, but each with their own special ingredient that is supposed to work. So let’s see how these fare among the competition.

You don’t have to sit idly by while your sexual performance ebbs and erodes and becomes just a fond memory. You also don’t have to settle for just being alright or good enough. There are plenty of reasons why a guy might want to use a male enhancement pill, and even though they’re still a bit taboo, they’re getting less and less so as first Viagra and now naturally based penis pills are making mainstream talk shows and becoming more popular.

The Claim
If you’ve been shopping around for penis pills, the claims made by ErectZan are going to look pretty familiar. They say that you’ll be able to have bigger and longer erections of course. It wouldn’t be much of a sales pitch if they didn’t mention that. They also say that you’ll be able to have more intense orgasms, and reach the peak of what you’re capable of. They say that even if you drink alcohol while taking it you’ll still be able to achieve erections that last and last.

They next go into performance issues, saying that you’ll be able to go for longer periods of time, and that you won’t have to worry about premature ejaculation any more. In theory this will lead to an improvement in your sex life in general, and give you increased levels of confidence. If you think that all of this will require risking side effects, they try to allay those fears by saying that there aren’t any unwanted side effects, and that the formula is safe and uses natural ingredients.

The Hype
Penile enhancement pills are the cause of a lot of debate. One side says the whole industry is a sham, the other side says that there are some good pills and some bad pills out there. Amid all of this hoopla is ordinary guys that are wondering if they should buy these, try them out, and see what happens, or if it is just an exercise in futility. But there aren’t many circumstances where inaction beats action, and if you’re experiencing dissatisfaction with the way things are going it only makes sense to start the process of trial and error.

The Cost
It’s $50 for a one month supply of ErectZan, plus $8 for standard shipping. You save money by ordering in bulk, for example the price cuts in half with a 10 month supply. They say that it’s fast and easy to order, that there’s no prescription needed because it’s all-natural, and that when they ship it out there’s nothing on the box that gives it away that you’re ordering male enhancement pills. That’s all pretty standard in this industry, and there’d be a lot of irate customers if they started broadcasting their return name and address.

They also say that you’re covered by a 60 day money back guarantee, and we always like to go over these with a magnifying glass to see just what it entails. They say that you can return the “unused portion” but it’s not very clear if that means that you can return opened bottles, or if you can only return unopened and unused bottles. We checked with a representative and they confirmed that it is indeed an empty bottle guarantee, meaning that you can use it for an entire month and evaluate it and still receive a refund by returning the empty bottle.

To save on the shipping cost you can try to close out the screen on the order page and you’ll get a free shipping offer by staying on the page. It’s a good way to try it out for less, and also to be completely covered by the guarantee.

The Commitment
They recommend trying it out for at least one month to be able to make a determination on how well you like it. That seems reasonable, considering that naturally based products need time to build up in the body, and it’s a fair trade off since you’re not having to use pharmaceutical drugs with a laundry list of side effects. Even though it is supposed to give you some immediate results, it’s always best to give it the full evaluation before coming to a conclusion.

Final ErectZan Review

We’re giving ErectZan the Solid Try rating considering that it’s doing everything right. They’ve got a live chat service where people actually chat with you and answer your questions and don’t just try to sell you on the product. Most sites that have a chat service have it offline most of the time. They’ve got a guarantee in place, and even let you use up all of the product before you make up your mind. They’ve got a free shipping offer, they keep the billing and shipping on the down low, and they don’t get carried away on the price.

Our Recommendation
Eventually you’re going to have to evaluate these for yourself, as penises are a bit like snowflakes in that no two are the same. Reading reviews from other users is no guarantee that you’ll experience the same results, so you have to size up a company based on how well they’re crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s, and in this case they’re doing a great job.

What do you think? Does ErectZan work or not?

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webbie155 November 27, 2012 at 2:45 pm

It’s certainly an improvement from most enhancement pills which have very questionable customer service. I used to use this one brand that worked great for me but it recently went out of business. I think even if a company has a working product the competition for these pills is so great that many of them are bound to go down sooner than later. So it’s on to my search for a working pill again.


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