Does ExtenZe Really Work?

Does ExtenZe really work?With all of the controversy surrounding ExtenZe, you’d think they’d be out of business by now, but they seem to still be going strong. In fact, they seem to be doing better than okay, but does that mean that they have a product that actually does what it says? It’s up to us to try and figure this out for you, and deliver the most unbiased review of ExtenZe that we can.

BIOTAB Nutraceuticals is the company that manufactures and distributes ExtenZe. It’s important not to confuse ExtenZe with Enzyte. They are two different products from two different companies, they just have similar names and serve the same market.

In the world of male enhancers, you basically have two types of products to choose from. You can go the all-natural route, where a product will use herbs and other ingredients found in nature, or the pharmaceutical route where a drug company has figured out how to synthetically alter the body’s chemistry in a way that produces measurable results.

The Claim
The claims that ExtenZe makes might be somewhat vague, but that’s only because they’re restricted in how much they can say on their website, and other advertisements. They do say that it’s a blood flow stimulator that makes the most of your natural potential. But potential means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so you’re left to determine on your own what this means for you.

Also, since each man has a different set of circumstances governing their performance, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what each guy is looking for when they visit the site. By remaining vague, and allowing visitors to fill in the blanks on their own, the makers of ExtenZe have a pretty effective sales strategy.

The unspoken benefits to using ExtenZe are that it’s going to make you a better performer in the bedroom, have a larger size, last longer, and basically regain some of your sexuality that you may have lost due to age or other conditions.

Some products reach a point where they don’t have to list their claims anymore. People just automatically know what the product is supposed to do. This is the Holy Grail for manufacturers. When you no longer have to say what your product does – people just know – you’re in a whole different league.

Another term that’s used at the sites is the word enhance. Again, this is a rather vague term, and is left up to the individual to create their own meaning when they say that it will enhance sexual desire, pleasure and performance. Enhanced for one person is not the same as enhanced for another.

The Name
However, with a name like ExtenZe what do they think people will expect it to do? It’s obviously meant to sound like extends, which means to make something longer. So when you’re marketing a male enhancement drug and you’re calling it ExtenZe people are going to assume that it makes your member longer, or bigger, or both.

The Hype
They can no longer state that ExtenZe makes your penis bigger. They used to say that all over their literature, but then got sued, so you won’t see them say that any more.

The hype comes in the amount of advertising that has been done for ExtenZe. They have a racing car with their name all over it. They run hundreds of television promos, usually late at night. And they’re no stranger to online advertisements, including banners, videos, and phony review sites. ExtenZe is obviously making heaps of money, and they don’t mind spending it to promote their product even further.

The Cost
ExtenZe is $46 per month, and they like it if you set up for the auto-ship, auto-charge method so you get it automatically shipped to your door and charged to your card every month until you cancel. Depending on what type of money you make, this will seem either pretty expensive, or suspiciously cheap. In the world of male enhancement, this clocks in at about average.

Obviously, they want you to sign on for automatic shipments, which means you’ll need to take the product for as long as you’d like to experience the results, if any. This means that there won’t be any residual benefits to using ExtenZe. As soon as you stop using it, you’ll go back to your old ways like Cinderella at midnight.

The Commitment
Since you have to continually use ExtenZe in order to gain its benefits, you have to be ready to commit for the long-term. If the thought of taking a pill every day for the rest of your life doesn’t sound like something you’d like to do, then ExtenZe might not be the right product for you. However, there is no saying that you need to take it every single day, you could just use it when you want to or need to.

So the commitment level really depends on you. If you want to use it every day you can, or you can set up your own dosage regimen. If you don’t plan on using it every day, then you should definitely not sign up for the automatic shipments.

The placebo effect is something that will always play a part when it comes to male enhancement. Guys want it to work so much, and spend so much money on it, that they will believe they are getting results even if nothing has changed.

One thing to keep in mind, is that this may be a best-selling product, but that doesn’t mean it works. Moving a lot of product just means that there’s a lot of clever marketers on the promotion team. When you deal with a product of a sensitive nature, all you have to do is make sure that it gets into people’s hands. The likelihood that they’ll return it is very low and the likelihood that they’re going to complain about it to their friends is also equally low.

Lawsuits and Complaints
For a product with such a torrid history, you’d think they’d be struggling just to get by and almost be bankrupt by now. One class-action lawsuit is almost ready to be completed which will entail that ExtenZe gives all of their customers refunds that made purchases while they still had some misleading claims on their website. Even this won’t put a dent in their operations, most likely. Users will still have to file a claim in order to get their refund of a measly $22.

Other controversies entail professional athletes taking ExtenZe and getting banned from their sport because it contained DHEA, which is a type of steroid. This begs the question, do you really want to ingest something from a company they can’t substantiate their claims with scientific evidence, and that puts steroids in a product, but only charges a little more than a dollar per day to use it?

Logic and reason would say that you shouldn’t do business with a company that has so many legal troubles and shows no intention of backing up any of their claims. The problem is that in the male enhancement industry logic and reason rarely factor into purchasing decisions.

Final ExtenZe Review

Instead of coming up with the scientific proof that ExtenZe works, they admitted defeat and lost the lawsuit. This should tell you something about what their product is all about. For the makers of ExtenZe, it’s just cheaper to pay court fines and issue refunds than it is to conduct scientific research on their product.

We have a special place for companies that produce ingestible products without providing any sort of data as to what’s in it, why it’s in it, and what you can expect in regards to side effects and other adverse reactions.

Just the tip of the iceberg on why you should avoid ExtenZe:

Undoubtedly, you’ll be able to find some positive reviews on ExtenZe. However, trying to find an unbiased, unpaid, genuine review of ExtenZe is a totally different matter. In this industry, anything goes. That’s why you have to be doubly careful, and assume that a product doesn’t work until proven otherwise.

Our Recommendation
Pass on ExtenZe and go with a better product. There are other male enhancers out there that can give you results that don’t have such a jaded past. There are also other products out there that can actually back up what they say with some sort of scientific proof. The makers of extends hope to buy their way out of any sort of legal trouble, and continue to provide scant evidence that any of their ingredients actually help men in any way.

We’re on your side when it comes to helping you find a product that actually works. We know the frustration that can come from fruitless searching. But we can’t give a positive review of something with so many negative drawbacks. Trust us, when we say that if something ever hit the market that shows some promise, and some evidence that we can pore through, we will point you to it just as soon as humanly possible.

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What do you think? Does ExtenZe work or not?

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jonnyopolis January 27, 2012 at 7:05 pm

I can’t i’ve tried this product, but have seen the adverts and can’t help but think they are simply preying on mens low self-esteem.
It’s a sensitive subject for men all over the world and i think most men would probably jump at the chance to improve things ‘down there’.
However, I think these companies need to be clearer and what can and can’t be achieved – but then honesty never made money did it!? ;)


Mike Doherty July 17, 2013 at 6:30 am

ExtenZe has been plying their craft on late night TV for a long time now. It’s almost always a series of porn actors portraying actual users and explaining how great the product is with copious suggestive innuendoes. And what is the claim about the product? Well, nothing specific. It will allegedly make “that certain part of the male anatomy” amazing and better and all the things you ever dreamed of. And they’ve sold tons and tons of pills, though most of those were given away for free. This is nothing more than a jumble of herbal extracts thrown together. Just see your doctor for the real thing, and go through the litany of supplements and choose the one for you.


Josh B. August 3, 2013 at 9:40 pm

It’s basically a scam to make men feel like they must have a larger package in order to be sexual Adonis in bed. It’s just another pill with unwanted side-effects while not being proven to give you a larger penis at all. I agree with Mike that these products are usually porn stars doing the advertising of these products. It’s harmful to men’s self-esteem as jonnyopolis mentioned and the results will not always be what you desired either. The details are always dubious so you never really know how it’s going to impact that area. Instead of taking dangerous pills and supplements, you can take Mike’s advice and see a doctor to get what you need.


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