Do Intimina Products Really Work?

Does Intimina work?Intimina is a line of female sexual intimacy and sexual health products. The idea is to make them more easily available, and to offer an improvement on existing products. But how well do they really work?

It doesn’t get much more intimate than the sort of products they’re selling here. They have personal massagers that can be used internally as well as externally. They have an alternative to pads and tampons that is inserted into your vagina during menstruation. And they have vibrators that are meant to be worn during intercourse and are supposed to provide stimulation to both parties. Basically the kind of toys and items you’d only talk about with your best friends.

The Claim
The main claim that Intimina is making here is that they are the only a global brand that is trying to create and distribute a product line that helps women with their most intimate needs. The focus seems to be on high quality products available at reasonable prices, and from a website that doesn’t look sleazy or shady. The overall shopping experience is far superior than many others we’ve seen for similar products.

The Hype and Appeal
The main draw to these items is that they appear to be well designed, and feedback from users leans towards them being well made and durable. There isn’t too much hype surrounding them. They are backed by LELO, which is celebrating its 10th year making products like these, so there’s actually a long track record of success behind these products.

The Cost
The cost of the products vary depending on the item in question, with the range being from as low as $10 for their Intimate Accessory Cleaner to $90 for their Couples’ Massager. Overall the prices seem very reasonable, and when you look at some of the competing products it’s easy to see that these offer the same or better quality for the same price, or even lower in some instances. Some of the products are also very unique, and we were not able to find comparable products to see if the prices measured up, but they did seem like they were priced at a reasonable level.

The Commitment
For some of these products you’re going to have to make an extra special effort to use them and incorporate them into your sex life. Some are specifically to be used as sort of a training exercise for sex, like Kegel exercisers. Some are designed to be used solo, when you’re trying to hold yourself over until the next time. And still others are meant to be used during the actual act, but they all require your direct involvement, so you’ll have to read the directions and be willing to make it through the learning curve if necessary.

The Intimina line of products are generally well-received, which is something that you don’t often see with intimate products for women. Where are simply too many preferences, and opinions about what feels good, and what doesn’t. Usually what we see is a rift between those that say they like a certain product in those that don’t. This is especially true when it comes to dildos, since some women like to use them internally, and others like to keep it on the outside.

One important thing to note about Intimina is that they offer products that you might not have thought of before, but once you see them it just makes sense. For example, it’s nice that they offer a cleaning solution for when you get your toys all dirty. And it’s nice that they have a reusable product for Aunt Flo so that you can cut down on the amount of tampons and pads that you use each month and year. That can really add up, and this is an unexpected way that you can go green.

Here are some of the best-reviewed products they offer: Their Feminine Moisturizer is a crowd-pleaser, with most in agreement that they nailed it on the texture, and also praising it for being non-greasy, and without a scent. Their Kegel exercise balls also get the nod. If you’re not familiar with how these work, you insert them into your vagina and it gives you a solid object to help strengthen your pelvic floor. This can help with incontinence issues, but it also gives you some extra gripping power for better lovemaking.

Final Intimina Review

We’re giving Intimina our Thumbs Up rating, as they are doing a good job of bringing products that women can really benefit from to the market, and making them readily available. Some women might feel embarrassed or ashamed to buy these products, but there’s really no reason to be. With so much attention paid to men’s needs, it’s good that a company is stepping up to fill an underserved market, and to do it with class and sophistication.

Our Recommendation
It’s always a good idea to expand your sexual horizons and learn what makes you tick sexually, and the products they offer seem to do a good job with that without going over the top. There are also plenty of products available that can help you through your period, which is nice. It seems like they really are making a strong effort to pamper and cater to women’s needs, and this is an often overlooked area that deserves more attention.

What do you think? Does Intimina work or not?

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Lake March 15, 2013 at 8:56 am

I’d buy this for me, but I would never use it while have making love to my boyfriend. I mean, he already has trouble holding out past 10 minutes, I don’t need a vibrator to shorten that to 5 minutes or less. No thank you. This toy will serve me well when my boyfriend goes on his monthly business trips, but it ain’t gonna join us for sex.


andres Vargas August 3, 2013 at 7:55 pm

My wife and I have a vibrator very much like this, and we love it. The big thing for me is that it doesn’t intimidate me! I’m not sure I could handle the feeling of being out matched in that department. But this has a good size, is nice and smooth and aesthetically pleasing. It’s fun to play with, and the vibrations are really nice for us both. There are some fun things to be done for the more adventurous couples out there, and this is a great style design for… that kind of activity. It’s cool that sex toys, and therefore sex, are becoming much more accepted.


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