Does K-Y Jelly Really Work?

Does K-Y Jelly really work?K-Y Jelly is the most widely known brand of personal lubricant on the market today. It has been around for over 100 years in some form, and many people still trust it today for their more intimate uses. But when it comes to lubes does K-Y Jelly get the job done, or are there better alternatives that would be preferable?

Personal lubricants have been around in some form for quite a while, and it’s safe to say that previous civilizations likely used some form of natural oil or lubricant, even thousands of years ago. Today you have a wide variety to choose from, and K-Y Jelly just happens to be the most

K-Y is not oil based, so you can use it with condoms. This makes it a good choice for those wanting to avoid pregnancy, but the original formula does not kill sperm, as it contains no spermicide, so you should be careful and take the necessary precautions to avoid getting pregnant.

The Claim
They claim that their lubricant is gentle and safe, and that it quickly gets you ready for an intimate moment. It is meant to ease the discomfort of vaginal dryness during intercourse. It doesn’t have a fragrance, and it doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue.

How Does It Work?
It’s really easy to use K-Y Jelly, just apply it to the parts that are calling for it. You’ll instinctively know when you need it, and where you need it, and you can experiment with how much you need. Start off with a dab or so, and see if it does the trick. Eventually you’ll find your “happy place” and know exactly how much you need at the right time.

How long does it last? This really depends on each couple, and what sort of stuff you’re up to. Some positions cause more friction than others, and there are any number of variations in the size and shape of the different parts. Also, different people make different amounts of natural lubrication, so some couples may never find the need for lube, while others can’t get through a basic session without reapplying several times.

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that K-Y is pretty much made it into the lexicon of mainstream society, and is sometimes used in place of the word ‘lube’, much like people ask for a Kleenex when they want a tissue. It’s so famous that everyone pretty much knew what they were talking about in Old School when they filled a kiddie pool with it and had K-Y wrestling.

The Cost
K-Y is not very expensive, compared to other lubricants, and even their specialty spin-offs are reasonably priced. This makes sense because there’s not a lot of fancy or expensive ingredients in it, so they really would have no justification for gouging consumers on price. It’s a simple product, and it’s priced simply. Even their other versions

The Commitment
The commitment level is pretty low with K-Y Jelly, in fact you probably won’t have to remember to use it, your body will remind you. Just keep it in a place that’s easy to reach, and use as needed.

There are many different types of K-Y Jelly available today, that you might even consider getting a variety pack to try them all out. They each offer something different, and take a new approach at the same goal.

K-Y Intense Review
KY Intense Review
This one is strictly for the ladies, sorry fellas. But fear not, it’s designed to enhance a woman’s desire as well as her climax, so it’s really for everybody. Great as part of foreplay, this is not a lubricant, so you’ll want to use it in conjunction with other products, not as a standalone. Although, if it does its job you may notice that you don’t need as much lube, or perhaps any at all. There are mixed reviews, with just about everyone that tries it saying something different about it. When you try to quantify something as indescribable as an orgasm, this is to be expected.

K-Y Intrigue Review
KY Intrigue Review
They are really going for the natural feel on this one. If you’ve ever complained that the ordinary jelly was just too artificial feeling, they’re trying to fix that here. This uses an advanced silicon system so that you won’t get that extra slippery feeling that you might get from the original formula. It’s not recommended for use with toys, as it doesn’t provide the same sort of slipperiness. But for a more natural feeling, lubrication without slip sliding away, this is it.

K-Y Yours and Mine Review
KY Yours and Mine Review
Yours and Mine, aka His and Hers, aka Mine and Yours, probably came about because guys were complaining that they made Intense for the women but there was no male counterpart. This version comes with two separate bottles, one for the boys and one for the girls. How does it work? Each person puts it on their respective parts and you do what you normally do.

The difference is not in how you use it, but in how it effects each other’s special areas. The woman’s side is supposed to provide more pleasure, while the guy’s version is supposed to help get and keep him excited. But them together and it’s a force to be reckoned with.

K-Y Liquibeads Review
K-Y Liquibeads Review
These get inserted and last up to 4 days so you don’t have to worry about being spontaneous and wondering if you’ll have enough lubricant down there. Rather than stopping the action to “lube up” you can just take things as they come and not feel self conscious about things. Most people are reporting that these work like a charm, with a few people here and there saying they didn’t like it. Again, with something this personal you can’t please 100% of the people.

K-Y Touch Massage Review
K-Y Touch Massage Review
This is great for those massages that you kind of know are going to escalate to the next level. Not only does this provide for a nice massage because it warms up, it also doubles as a lube so that you can seamless work in the next step. Dry massages don’t compare to a nicely oiled massage, and if you’re giving an erotic massage, you don’t want to have to stop massaging just because it becomes sexual. This is a great way to blend them both together and create new sensations with your partner.

K-Y Liquid Review
K-Y Liquid Review
The liquid is designed to work just like the original K-Y Jelly, only be less, well, jelly-y. Sometimes you don’t want the goopy mess that a jelly can create, and the liquid is designed to be lighter, with the same good qualities like being fragrance free and oil-free. Use a lot or a little, it’s a bit more easy to put it where you want it, so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of things, you can apply it without losing your rhythm.

How Does It Compare?
Of course, K-Y Jelly is not the only way you can go with your choice of lube. There are plenty of other competitors out there, so let’s see how it stacks up against the three most common alternatives:

Vs. Baby Oil – Many people go with baby oil as a lubricant, mostly because it’s handy in many homes, but also because it provides a nice slick effect that keeps things moving nicely. However, as the name implies this is an oil based option and not recommended for use with a condom. There are also reports of it irritating both the vagina and penis, so in this battle K-Y is the clear winner. It’s the fragrance-free quality of K-Y Jelly that puts it over the top. It’s basically everything you need in a lube, and none of what you don’t.

Vs. Durex Lubes – Durex has definitely surpasses K-Y as far as the number of different variations they have. It’s really a personal preference to the sort of effect you’re trying to achieve. While K-Y is more of a traditional lube, which is good and reliable, if you’re more into experimenting with different sensations, and even tastes, you would probably prefer checking the assortment of Durex lubes and finding one that lines up with your interests.

Vs. Vaseline – Petroleum jelly is oil based and therefore not recommended for use with condoms as it can cause them to break down and lose their effectiveness. It’s not really meant for being a sexual lubricant, although it does work for those that aren’t using condoms. It’s definitely thicker, and can sometimes produce just as much friction or maybe more than there was before, so K-Y is definitely the winner, since you won’t have greasy Vaseline all over everything when you’re done.

Allergy Concerns
Many people wonder about the side effects of K-Y Jelly and if it is bad for you or not. Some people have commented on a burning sensation, and stinging, but this is usually with the specialty brands and not with the original product. Of course there are dangers for some users, no matter which type you go with. Some of the common reactions are rash, general irritation, and a reddening of the genital area.

Final K-Y Jelly Review

K-Y Jelly is trusted by millions and has been ever since it started being sold over the counter in 1980. They’ve managed to keep up the high standards over the years, and it doesn’t seem like they’ve sacrificed quality by replacing the ingredients with low-grade substitutes like so many big corporations do to shave numbers off their bottom line.

Our Recommendation
K-Y Jelly is meant to keep things more fun, comfortable, and better-feeling in the bedroom, or wherever else you end up, so definitely give it a try if you haven’t before. You may even find yourself experimenting with all of their line-up of products, so just be safe, have fun, and enjoy!

What do you think? Does K-Y Jelly work or not?

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Jennifer H. July 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm

In your review, you point out that the original version doesn’t contain spermicide, and you say to be careful because it doesn’t kill sperm. I just wanted to point out that those who DO want to become pregnant may want to avoid KY Jelly anyway because, although it can’t be used as birth control, it does hinder the ability of the sperm to swim and kills some of them. So, especially if you’re having a hard time getting pregnant, forget about this one. There is a special lubricant called Preseed which was specifically designed to avoid killing or hindering sperm. That’s what I use.


Amanda G. July 10, 2013 at 3:56 pm

I have always been a fan of KY Jelly and you bet your bottom dollar this stuff works. It leaves a silky smooth feeling on the area that it was applied and certainly makes it easier to enjoy intercourse. Although it does not contain spermicide there are many other products that do. The KY Jelly line is simply there to add pleasure to the moment of intimacy, which is certainly does. And, since it is non-greasy and water soluble, you cannot go wrong with the product. I like that KY Jelly lists all of the ingredients on the package as well.


Andres Vargas August 6, 2013 at 4:20 pm

I don’t know whether I have weird skin or whatever, but my experience with kY is not good. Obviously when I started looking for a good lubricant in order to engage in a, shall we say, unorthodox activity… I went straight to KY because it was the most famous. But we quickly found that it simply made things worse. It went on fine, but after some activity it became really sticky. Like, really sticky. And it wouldn’t come off. We were covered in it. This problem has been common in my experience of lubricants. I’m still searching for one that doesn’t make an utter mess.


RLG August 11, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Though this is a personal product it does work. I don’t worry about spermicide as we are out of that stage of having babies. I like it because as a woman gets older, they need lubrication. It isn’t greasy or sticky. It is also affordable. I have tried cheaper products, but they don’t work as well as KY. I will stick to this and it lasts me forever. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not (ha, ha).


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