Does Natrolex Really Work?

Does Natrolex work?Natrolex is a male enhancement formula that is designed to help reverse the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. They say that it has been clinically proven to work, but we’ve heard that so many times from products like this that the words have loss all meaning. It would be nice to think that you could get the sort of results they promise just by taking a pill a few times a day, but as the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true… So let’s see how well this actually stacks up to competing products.

If you’re in need of a male enhancement product, you’re probably trying to avoid taking prescription strength pharmaceutical medication. Maybe you don’t want to talk to your doctor about your situation, or maybe you already have and they prescribed something, but you want to take a more all-natural approach. Whatever your situation is, you’re probably quickly finding out that there are many products in the industry that promise to provide the same results, or better, than drugs like Viagra and Cialis.

The Claim
Natrolex says that you will be able to get better erections, that last longer, and stay stronger. It also claims that it will make your erections larger, and will give you more pleasurable orgasms. They also say that your overall sexual health will see improvement by taking their pills. They go on to say that you will have a reduction in the amount of anxiety you feel, and also have an increase in the amount of confidence you have, both in and out of the bedroom.

The Hype
If you check out enough of these sort of products you’ll notice a recurring theme. They all seem to promise the same things regardless if they are a pill, lotion, cream, or stretcher. The overall claim is that all sexual problems will be turned around for you.

The Cost
Natrolex is $67 for a one month supply, or you can buy both and save money. If you buy three bottles at once you get two free, so essentially you get a five month supply for $180.

The Commitment
This is a twice a day pill, so it’s twice as much commitment as a once a day pill, and it might not seem like a big deal but a lot of guys have trouble remembering to take two doses each day. However, if you can incorporate it into your daily routine, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

The ingredients that are in Natrolex are interesting to note. They use Tongkat Ali aka Eurycoma longifolia, which is a very controversial ingredient. Firstly because so much of it is counterfeit, and secondly because the FDA is trying to crack down on products that use this in their male enhancement products. Since no verification is provided by Natrolex as to the validity of the Tongkat Ali, you are recommended against going with it. They have not made it onto the FDA’s warning page, but why take the chance?

The next ingredient they highlight is Niacin. The Mayo Clinic states that it is possible to overdose on niacin, and that niacin overdose symptoms include “severe skin flushing combined with dizziness, rapid heartbeat, itching, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and severe liver damage.”

They also list L-Arginine and claim that it is an ingredient found in many ED products, but it needs to be combined with other ingredients in order to be effective, and they don’t have these other ingredients listed. Catuaba Bark and Korean Ginseng round out the line-up, and those two are known to be used as aphrodisiacs, although scientific testing has not been conducted.

When you’re looking at your different options, you should never feel like you’re pigeonholed into using a certain product, and you should always do your research to make sure that they don’t contain ingredients that could be harmful to you, even though they are all-natural. This page is a good starting point for your research, as we try to do as much legwork as possible for you, but we don’t claim to the end all be all when it comes to doing your due diligence. However, when you run into a product like this, it is always in your best interest to run the other way.

Final Natrolex Review

Natrolex is getting our Thumbs Down rating. It seems like it’s just a matter of time before the FDA puts the ban hammer down on this product. It’s just got too many red flags, and there are better products out there that you can take instead of this. It’s good that you are looking for remedies that do not include drugs from the big pharmaceutical companies, as those should not be used for the long-term. However, it is a buyer’s market because there are so many different all-natural alternatives that you are really spoiled for choice.

Our Recommendation
You’ll definitely want to compare and try out some of the other products we’ve reviewed that managed to get our Thumbs Up rating. For starters take a look at VigRX Plus, which has some of the best peer reviews we’ve seen in the industry. You can also check out ProSolution Pills as an alternative. You might also want to consider using a penis extender, as they’re not just meant to elongate things, they can also be used to fix penis curvature, and difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. A good one is the ProExtender, which we gave our nod of approval to.

What do you think? Does Natrolex work or not?

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yale203 July 17, 2012 at 11:58 pm

I could care less about enhanced pleasure at this point, what I really need is getting my penis erected. I never had this problem before, but that is before having a one night stand with a girl that I didn’t even find all that attractive. We had sex once and we were about to have a go for the second time and I realize I just couldn’t get it up. It’s been 2 months since and things have gotten worse… Honestly I don’t care what the FDA thinks of Tongkat Ali, for god sakes they legalized lots of things that are worse.


johnny be good June 19, 2014 at 7:49 pm

yes!!!you are totaly right,,and the problem is all this so call review companys,,they are just a bunch of bs,,be cause they recomend you other pills,such vgrx or prosoluton virectin,and they dont work either,,so what ever helps you and make you happy ,then thats what it finaly matters,,


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