Does Naturaful Really Work?

Does Naturaful work?Spend too much time at the Naturaful website and you might start to think that their breast enhancement cream might actually work. You might also get the impression that it’s been on the news, but a closer look shows that they are just showing that breast enhancement in general has made the news. This is just a glimpse at some of the fine print that’s used to make this seem like a good deal. But we went deeper to find out what’s really going on here.

Manufacturers and marketers know that selling women breast enhancement products is like shooting fish in a barrel. The same goes for men with things like muscle and penis pills. All that’s usually required is providing a few plausible reasons why the product might work, and then provide a way for people to order it. When it comes to breast enlargement products, the two most popular ones are pills and creams. This one is a cream, and it is designed to help a woman get the size of breasts that she wants without having to undergo expensive and painful surgery.

The Claim
The makers of Naturaful are relentless on the claims they make. Aside from saying that their cream is “science shattering” and “proven”, they go on to say that the average user enlarges their breasts by one to two cup sizes. They also so that it works relatively quickly, and that you’re able to see results in a matter of weeks. They also claim that it’s all natural, with no side effects associated with it. In addition, they say that this can help regulate your hormones, reducing the amount of PMS symptoms that you get, without causing you to gain weight.

The Hype
Breasts are a sensitive issue, and many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts. This means that you don’t really need to hype a product too much because you’ve already said enough by saying it will give larger breasts. What they’ve done here with their claims is try to combat some of the objections one might have, especially if you’ve tried other breast creams without success.

The Cost
One jar of Naturaful is $69 plus $10 shipping. They have deals on multiple jars. You can get the cost down to $39 if you buy 2 at once, $35 if you buy 5 at once, and the lowest they’ll sell it for is $34 each if you order 9 at once. Keep in mind that their 60 day guarantee has plenty of loopholes, the first being that it’s only for unopened and unused product, so there is no risk-free trial available. Plus they must recieve the product within 60 days, so you don’t have that entire time to make up your mind. Add in the $10 restocking fee and there’s just no way to try this without risking some cash.

The Commitment
If you’re going to use this, you’d want to apply it daily as directed, and they say that the cells you grow are permanent, with only occasional upkeep necessary once you reach your desired size.

When it comes to breast creams like Naturaful, there are a few things that you’re brain is wrestling with. In the back of your head you know that it’s probably too good to be true, but you also know that it’s a much cheaper option than surgery, and it definitely hurts a lot less. It’s natural to want to improve the way you look, and also do it with the least amount of expense or harm to your body and well-being. But at the end of the day, any results you get will likely be temporary, and even if a product is all-natural, that doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe to use.

Final Naturaful Review

Naturaful is getting the Thumbs Down rating from us, based on their flimsy guarantee and exaggerated claims, as well as the lack of any supporting evidence or actual happy users.

While it may seem attractive at first since it’s twice as long as most 30 day guarantees, the fact that you can’t use the product and return it if you’re unhappy is pretty suspicious. If they were confident in their product they wouldn’t need to protect themselves from receiving it back. Plenty of companies allow their customers to send back empty packaging so they can actually see if it works or not, without risking their hard earned money.

We’re also skeptical that the results you’d get with this would be permanent. It’s basically amounting to a parlor trick whereby you’re fooling the hormone’s into producing mammary cells. Once the herbs responsible for this trickery have left the body, there’s no reason to think that it would still believe it’s in a pregnant state. There’s no mention of anything unique or remarkable in the ingredients that makes this any different from all of the other breast creams on the market, and few of them make the claim that their results are permanent.

Our Recommendation
If you simply must try a breast enlargement cream, better to go with this one called Natureday, which has better reviews and similar promises. However, there hasn’t been a breast cream yet that gets unanimous positive reviews, and the popular theory here is that these either don’t work at all, rely on the placebo effect from well-wishing users, or simply fool the body into short term gains that quickly recede once you stop using the product.

What do you think? Does Naturaful work or not?

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Sophia November 9, 2012 at 8:49 pm

I almost bought naturaful just few minutes ago LOL but something in the back of my head told me to have realistic expectations and I decided to do a final review search on this product. Luckily I found this website and it kind of woke me up from my dream of having a D cup by next month.


andres Vargas August 3, 2013 at 8:54 pm

Just another (amongst the frightfully numerous examples) product that is selling a dream in a bottle. The genie in a bottle is a story as old as people- the power to change the world and ourselves with the ability of a God. It’s how we fantasise about the things we know cannot be true. People will continue to sell this impossible dream as long as people have the desire to dream the impossible. Obviously, it won’t work, in the same way a pill that claims to make your penis bigger will not work. But as long as people can dream, some company will exploit it for financial gain.


K September 2, 2013 at 11:48 pm

Totally just bought this a few weeks ago and it has just arrived in the mail. I am well aware that this probably won’t work, but l am more curious than anything (and if by some miracle it actually does something, it is cheaper than surgery). I will be starting a weekly blog to track results – or lack thereof – as l use the product. Wish me luck lol!


MM March 2, 2014 at 10:49 pm

Hi K, I was curious if you’ve started your blog yet and where I could find it. This article claims that there are no actual satisfied users, well I’ve spent over an hour trying to find negative reviews and ALL I found is people who have actually used this product to be raving about it. Any claims regarding this cream not being FDA approved – if this is a truly all natural cream the FDA will NOT approve it as it does not concern itself with herbal remedies or anything that isn’t considered “drugs”, so the hope is that there is no FDA approval. Lastly I’m concerned about the effect the cream will have on someone who is less than an A cup – on some sites I found it doesn’t work if you’re under a B cup, well that just makes no sense, it’s the “less than A cup” population that is looking for a solution, not someone who already has a full B cup. I myself am a small 30-year-old, I’m a dancer so I’m athletic, and I also have a 3-year-old whom I breasted for almost a year. It was so exciting to see a nice full bra for once while I was pregnant and even more than that when I was breast feeding. However it feels like my little baby sucked EVERYTHING I had out of me and I am now flatter than I was before I even got pregnant. This is not about society and being a “piece of meat” for the men, it’s simply about a fairly pretty girl who looks like a boy and that doesn’t feel nice. Also, wearing bras is a nightmare! They ride up and I constantly have to fix myself, it’s uncomfortable, annoying, and looks bad when the edge of my bra sticks out through my shirt and shows how “empty” it is….


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