Does Naturally Huge Really Work?

Does Naturally Huge work?Naturally Huge is a male enhancement pill that has gotten the nod from the noted porn star Ron Jeremy. This means you might have seen it being promoted at various online retailers and wondered if it’s worth trying out.

Ah, the penis. Every guy’s got one, and almost every guy wishes that it was a little bigger. The pitch with this pill is that it’s for the guy that doesn’t want to settle for average. Statistics do show that for women there is a sweet spot of a certain length and girth that rings the bell. Fall to short of it and you’re not going to stimulate them as much, but go further than that and it’s going to hurt more than it feels good. Unfortunately for many guys this sweet spot means that you’ll have to be a little bigger than average, which makes these pills especially attractive to the “average guy”.

The Claim
They say that this will make your erection as hard as steel. They also say that it works at developing your PC muscle, which they say will give your penis a more muscular look. They go on to claim that this adds up to 4 inches or more from the comfort of your home without using any pumps, stretchers or having to get surgery. In addition to making your penis longer and harder they say that it will give your orgasms an intensity upgrade.

Then they go on to talk about your performance, and how this will help it. They say that you’ll be able to thrust more powerfully, and maintain your erection as needed, all without using a prescription medication. They also say that you’ll be in control of when you get your erections, so you won’t be a slave to the pills. To wrap it up they say that this is a safe and permanent way to get a bigger penis, as well as a better ability in the bedroom.

The Hype
Ron Jeremy ranks these as the number one sex pill on his website. They make a pretty good point that if anyone knows which pills work and which don’t, it’s someone that’s “in the industry” but of course he’s getting a commission from any sales that originate from his website, so it does take a hit to his credibility. Also, just because he’s a porn star doesn’t mean that he used a pill or a cream to get the way he is, he likely was just born with it.

The Cost
One bottle of Naturally Huge is $40. They have a special on three bottles for $80, and the lowest you can get the per bottle cost down to is $23 a bottle by ordering a 7 month supply. They don’t state what the shipping costs are. The money back guarantee does not include shipping charges, so it’s not free shipping, it’s just not listed anywhere on their site. Without knowing how much shipping is it’s unclear as to whether these are good prices, and whether you’ll be risking a lot or a little to try them, and is pretty suspicious that it’s not shown.

The Commitment
The recommended regimen is to take these nightly right before bedtime. How long you take them will be up to you, and they say you’ll just know when the time is right because your penis will be at the ideal size you’ve wanted. And since they claim that the results are permanent they suggest you just take an occasional maintenance dose once in a while after that in order to keep things right where you want them.

The way they present the “science” behind these pills is actually pretty intriguing, coining the term Vasodex for their secret ingredient that makes the magic happen, and calling the magic a “Reverse Nitric Oxide Pathway”. It’s not uncommon for products like these to come up with words and processes that sound scientific because all they have to do is create a lapse in your reasoning mind. If you’re trying to prove that their product doesn’t work, they’re trying to create that reasonable doubt that keeps the sale in play.

They claim that it’s all natural and safe, and with the money back guarantee in place it’s likely not a huge financial risk, but we were unable to find a third party that wanted to endorse this without a monetary incentive behind it.

Final Naturally Huge Review

Naturally Huge has a lot of positive reviews but the sources of these reviews makes it so they’re almost meaningless. For example, the testimonials on their page have guys showing off their large penises, and they’re all showing a bottle of Naturally Huge and claiming that’s how they got that way, but none of them show before pictures, so it would be easy enough to arrange for the video testimonials. And getting Ron Jeremy to endorse your product most definitely would have its price.

Our Recommendation
You can roll the dice with these pills, and see what happens and if they live up to the guarantee. The prices are competitive compared to other penis pills, so it’s not a big outlay of cash compared to some of the penis stretchers and other gadgets out there. But this is massively hyped, and popular theory is that none of these pills work the way they say they will or every guy would be on them, moving the bell curve of penis sizes obsolete and making plenty of women out there cringe at the sight.

What do you think? Does Naturally Huge work or not?

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webbie155 November 13, 2012 at 10:34 pm

I love the name of this product but I don’t know about the endorsement of Ron Jeremy LOL. He’s a porn star for god sake, is he really the best person to be endorsing a product? Even if it’s a male enhancement product he doesn’t really scream “Reputable” or “Legit” to me. I’ll be getting a pill for my little johnny, but I don’t think it’s going to naturally huge.


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