Penis Enlargement Pill Reviews

Penis Enlargement Pill ReviewsYou might never have thought that you’d take a penis enlargement pill, and maybe you are a little skeptical as to whether or not they could work. It’s fun to think that all it would take is a pill to boost your performance and five, because that would definitely be the easy way out.

But it’s not like the penis is a muscle that you can work out in the gym the same way you can with your biceps and pecs. So if it can’t be remedied with a pill, what other choices are there? Viagra did a lot for male enhancement pills, proving that it is indeed possible to create an erection simply by swallowing a pill.

The question remains as to whether or not there is an all-natural substitute to Viagra, and whether or not the claims made by the manufacturers of these pills are actually valid.

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Penis Enlargement Pill Review Recaps

We’ve done a rather extensive sweep of the top selling and most popular male enhancement pills out there. By spending several hundred hours going through all of the claims, ingredients, and reviews, we’ve hopefully saved you from the same fate. You can use these recaps to quickly go through some of the options available to you, and create a shortlist of products you might want to try. Then you can drill down to the more extensive reviews we have of each one and continue on with your due diligence.

Does VigRx Plus work?
VigRX Plus Recap
VigRX Plus got our attention because it is one of the more highly reviewed pills out there. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is going to work for everyone, every time, but if that’s what you’re looking for you might as well end your search right now. The better way to go about it is to look for something that is working for the highest number of people.

Another thing to consider is the clinical studies and trials that reportedly go on. Some manufacturers don’t bother claiming that they have tested their pills. Others do, and with a little bit of research you can come to a conclusion as to whether or not these studies are valid.

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Does Cyvita work?
Cyvita Recap
Cyvita is a male enhancement pill that is supposed to increase the levels of nitric oxide in your body. The one thing we don’t like about this pill is that they don’t tell you exactly what what ingredients it contains, and they hide behind the term “proprietary blend”. It’s one thing to not want to reveal your exact recipe, but quite another to hide what is in your product.

With all of the different options you have out there we recommended try something else besides this one. Potential alternatives would be jelqing or using a penis stretcher.

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Does Vimax work?
Vimax Recap
Vimax specifically claims to help you with premature ejaculation, which immediately raised our eyebrow because most other pills out there stop short of saying they can help you with this disorder. When questioned directly about why this would work for a case of PE, all they said was that “it works”. However, it is rather counterintuitive that an all-natural herbal pill can help you hold back from having an ejaculation.

Aside from that, their customer service left much to be desired so it only leads one to believe that this is not a company you’d want to get involved with.

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Does ViSwiss work?
ViSwiss Recap
ViSwiss ended up getting a Try rating from us, which when it comes too this industry we don’t give out too lightly. The reason they earned this is because they are doing a lot of things right. It is the kind of pill you’d want to try out if you’ve made up your mind to try out a penis enlargement pill. You’ll have to accept the fact that some trial and error is going to have to take place on your part.

You also have to get comfortable with the idea that there will be plenty of errors before you get it right. Trying to one-time it with a penis pill purchase is like trying to shoot a half-court basketball shot in one try.

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Does Natural Gain Plus work?
Natural Gain Plus Recap
Natural Gain Plus is another one that you can add to your short list of pills to try. They won us over with their ordering process, because it is completely shady-free. They don’t sign you up for some auto-ship program, or some free trial, or other gimmick to get you on board. If you want to try it, you just buy it.

Aside from that they are using quality ingredients, and are making a valid attempt to bring a high-caliber product to the market. It definitely warrants further review on your part.

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Does Natrolex work?
Natrolex Recap
Natrolex uses controversial ingredients that have caught the attention of the FDA, so we think it is only a matter of time before they end up closing up shop. Therefore, we recommended going against trying this. One way to make sure that you are not ingesting anything that is harmful for your body is to avoid taking a pill altogether. You can get around this by doing penile exercises like jelqing.

It would also be in your best interest to check out penis stretchers and see what you think about the idea of increasing your size and abilities that way.

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Does ProEnhance work?
ProEnhance Patch Recap
ProEnhance is a product that differentiates itself from the others in the field by using a patch as its delivery method. It uses the same kind of ingredients that you’d find in an enlargement pill, but it puts it in a patch so that you get consistent and continual delivery.

When you think about it, a pill has to be swallowed, and then digested before it is broken down and enters your bloodstream. After that, it immediately starts to run its course and make its way out of your body. With a patch you are getting a consistent amount of ingredients absorbed into the skin over a long period of time.

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Does Enzyte work?
Enzyte Recap
Enzyte is probably the most recognizable pill on this page because of their extensive amount of advertising. But with so much attention brought upon itself, is there any basis that this actually works? The interesting thing is that there has been a lot of controversy and lawsuits going on behind the scenes, and many people doubt that these pills do anything.

Some guys just avoid the whole issue altogether by going with something like working their penis out with hand exercises, or using a penis stretcher, which has been shown to provide actual results.

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Does Extagen work?
Extagen Recap
Extagen got a Solid Try rating from us. We like that they back up their product with a 120 day guarantee, which is pretty much double what you get from other manufacturers. But you don’t want to focus on returning it, you want to keep it because it works. The ingredients it uses have been shown to be effective individually, they’ve just combined them all together in one product.

Of course, there is always a chance that this won’t work, but at least you don’t have to risk your money on trying it out, or fretting that you only have so many days to evaluate it.

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Does Male Extra work?
Male Extra Recap
The thing that we like about Male Extra is that it takes more of a long-term view, and isn’t just a one and done sort of solution. You can find products that will get you aroused for a few hours, but what is the point of that when you want to be able to go when you want to and not have to rely on a crutch.

By taking a more comprehensive approach and coupling these pills with the exercises that come with it, you are doing yourself a service and increasing the chances that you’ll see some sort of improvement in your condition.

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Do Volume Pills work?
Volume Pills Recap
Volume Pills take somewhat of a unique approach in that they are mostly concerned with increasing the amount of semen you produce. The theory is that if you produce more semen, you will have a stronger urge to have sex, and also when you ejaculate you will experience a more fulfilling orgasm because there is more to shoot out.

There is a novelty factor to this that makes it really hard not to want to try out. It may not be a permanent fix to anything, but as a parlor trick it might be fun to have an orgasm where you are releasing twice as much semen.

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Do ProSolution Pills work?
ProSolution Pills Recap
ProSolution Pills are made by ProSolution, which also makes penis extenders. It’s nice to see a company realize that guys are going to want short-term as well as long-term benefits. By combining enhancement pills with penis stretching you are getting the best of both worlds.

Another thing that we liked was that they stress how easy it is to return it if you’re not satisfied. This is reassuring because there’s always that thought that you’d be too embarrassed to return a penis product if it doesn’t work. But with their long track record by industry standards, this is one company you should look into further.

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Does Hot Rawks work?
Hot Rawks Recap
Hot Rawks makes a case for itself by being organic. In fact, it is one of the only organic male enhancement pills we’ve found. The interesting thing is that women can take it as well. The importance of it being organic can’t be stressed enough. This means that all of the herbs are grown in the wild, and don’t contain herbicides and pesticides.

This may not be an enlargement pill per se, but it should help get you stimulated, and allow you to perform to the best of your abilities. It’s also nice knowing that the chances of side effects are reduced by this being organic, and it could be considered one of the safer products on the market.

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Does Mojo Risen work?
Mojo Risen Recap
Mojo Risen has been getting pretty good reviews from those that tried it, but we have to stress here that it is important to keep a level head through this entire process. Most likely, you aren’t going to find a product that lives up to all of its claims, and what you should really be looking for is something that can give you a handful of benefits and put you back in the game.

With a pill like this, you can try it out, objectively measure your results, stay on with it if you like it, or try something different once it runs out. By taking a lighthearted approach to your search, you’ll have more fun and won’t have so much stress put on yourself.

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Does Vitrix really work?
Vitrix Recap
Vitrix is changing things up a bit here, they come in capsule form and are liquid gels so the thought is that your body can absorb it more quickly in this form. True, it could be just a marketing ploy to get you to try it instead of the others, but we like to give a product the benefit of the doubt if it sounds like a reasonable upgrade.

The company behind this has been around for a while, and we definitely like that. It is so hard to make a name for yourself in this industry, and then stay in business for any length of time because word quickly gets out if you are creating a lousy product.

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Does Viagra really work?
Viagra Recap
Viagra is the granddaddy of them all. It is pretty much single-handedly the reason why the male enhancement pill industry exists at all. When it first came out it was huge news, making the cover of magazines and causing a huge stir. It changed the sexual landscape, putting all of the focus on a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection.

Of course, this works in the majority of men who take it, which is one reason why it became so popular. But taking a step back you realize that it might not be the best thing in the world to put these pharmaceutical ingredients into your body each time you want to have sex.

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Penis Enlargement Pill FAQ

With so much misinformation out there regarding what male enhancement pills are, we decided to construct this frequently asked questions section to try to shed a little light on the subject. You definitely can’t trust the answers given at a site that is trying to sell you a penis enlargement pill. Hopefully you’ll appreciate the no-nonsense answers we’ve provided below.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Effective?
Not all of these pills are created equally, so it depends greatly on what you are taking. Something like Viagra is pretty much guaranteed to work because it is a pharmaceutical drug that has a very high efficacy rating. When you switch over to the natural herbs you start getting less and less sure of whether or not they are going to work. It then becomes a matter of the ingredients used, and the quality of the manufacturing process.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills For Real?
There are definitely some that are for real, and there are several companies out there creating pills that do produce results when taken as directed. However, there are also a lot of companies promoting products that flat out don’t work. This is either due to them using phony ingredients, or using a mix of ingredients that is not effective.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Permanent?
Unfortunately, no. There are some pills that are meant to work only for a very short time, and they usually take effect pretty quickly. Others are meant to be built up in your system over a period of months and are supposed to allow you to be ready at all times. However, when you stop taking the pills and the herbs are flushed from your system, you will return back to your previous abilities.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?
You might think that something like Viagra, which is FDA approved, would be safe. But the FDA is known for approving drugs with a host of side effects, and even recalling drugs that they’ve deemed safe. If you go with an all-natural alternative you might think that this is a safer way to go. However, just because something is made with herbs and other plant sources, doesn’t mean it is entirely safe. If it is in a high concentration, or something that your body is allergic to, it could pose a threat.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Cause Impotence?
They shouldn’t! Impotence is typically caused by psychological factors, and when it is a physical reason it is usually something that is treated clinically. The herbs that are in an all-natural supplement like many of the penis pills featured on this page wouldn’t cause you to become impotent. Most of the guys that are going to try these are already having trouble in that area and are hoping to turn things around. As far as becoming dependent on the pills to achieve an erection, this is more of a valid concern and one that you should consider before getting involved with this.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Have Side Effects?
Anything that is not usually introduced to the body is going to have a side effect or two. Even those that are billed as all natural are going to have an effect that isn’t listed as a feature. But when you look at the laundry list of side effects that come with something like Viagra, and the smaller number of potential side effects from taking an all-natural herbal based pill it seems to be a more logical choice to try out a few of the non-pharmaceutical options before you resort to a prescription drug.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Increase Testosterone?
Testosterone boosters often say that you’ll be able to have better erections once your testosterone levels get back to their normal places, but many penis enlargement pills don’t make the claim that this is affecting your testosterone. Instead, they often use ingredients that have a direct impact on your body in order to produce the parlor trick of helping you achieve and maintain an erection. However, some of the pills that require you to take a longer view and take them for two months or longer are often attempting to boost your testosterone as well.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Make It Bigger?
One of the biggest claims of these pills is that you will experience size increases. If you normally have a weak erection, and you use a pill that allows you to have an erection that uses up all of your potential, you are going to think that the pills are making your penis bigger. However, it’s not necessarily true, it’s just bigger than it normally is. For most guys, this is more than enough keep them happy, especially if they haven’t seen their penis at its full size in several years.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Make You Last Longer?
This is one area that is under debate. A lot of these companies claim that you’ll be able to last longer with your larger erection, and increased sperm production. But to us this is a counter-intuitive argument. How can you have a larger penis full of more semen, and be able to hold it in longer? When questioned directly, most of these companies couldn’t come up with an explanation as to how this could work. It is our estimation that these do not help you last longer, and could in fact lessen the time that you’re able to hold in your larger than normal load.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Show Up On A Drug Test?
If you go with an all-natural blend of ingredients, you shouldn’t have to worry about failing a drug test because there won’t be any drugs in the mix. The herbs that are used in most of the top brands are not going to cause any false positive tests.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Wear Off?
Yes, they all do, but each one lasts for a different amount of time before doing so.

Why Do Men Take Penis Enlargement Pills?
If you currently don’t have any problems achieving and maintaining an erection, you might wonder what are penis enlargement pills used for. For men that are experiencing problems in the bedroom, they often need a pick me up to get things going, or to maintain once they’ve got things going.

What Exactly Do Penis Enlargement Pills Do?
This varies by the pill of course, but most of them are designed to increase the circulation and blood flow to your penis, so that you can achieve better erections, both harder and able to last longer. Some of them also increase the number of sperm your body produces, allowing you to achieve more pleasurable orgasms when you release. Some are designed to be used for length gains, while some promise to increase the circumference. Others don’t mention size increases and just focus on your ability to last longer and have better orgasms.

Can You Buy Penis Enlargment Pills In Stores?
A lot people ask, where do they sell penis enlargement pills? Most of the time they are sold online, because it makes the most sense. You can get discreet shipping and have them delivered directly to your home or office. But some people want to know if they can buy them at places like Target and Wal-Mart. The thought is that these companies wouldn’t sell something that doesn’t work in their stores. And if you can find one of those self-checkout lanes, it wouldn’t be too embarrassing. To our knowledge you can find some pills at convenience stores and other real-world locations, but we haven’t seen them at places like CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid.

Two other places that are often brought up in regards to being able to find these offline are GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe. You’d think that you’d be able to find in there because they are health stores and you should be able to talk about any health issue with the workers there. GNC does have a few brands, but reports say that the results are mixed.

Is This All a Scam?
There are a lot of people that believe that all of these penis pills are nothing more than big scams. While it’s true that there are a ton of scams out there, there are actually some earnest companies trying to help men out.

A lot of the scams that you want to watch out for are the ones that offer a “free sample” or a “free trial”. These are the ones where you have to provide your credit card information and pay a shipping charge for your “free” trial. Often this shipping charge will already put the company in the profits, but the worst part is that they make you call or go online to cancel, and charge you again two weeks or 30 days later. Since you agreed to the charges when you accepted the free trial it is often hard to dispute it and get your money back, especially since most guys don’t want to file a claim on penis products.

Our Penis Enlargement Pill Recommendation

At this point you’re probably feeling one of two different ways: either you’re ready to throw your hands up and say phooey to the whole idea of taking a pill to solve your sexual problems, or you now have a short list of pills that have caught your attention and you are thinking about trying. Both of these are valid, and it is really up to you how you want to proceed from here. If you have resolved yourself to trying one of the penis enlargement pill solutions on this page, we encourage you to couple that with all-natural methods like jelqing and penis stretching to round out the process.

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