Penis Extender Reviews – Do They Really Work?

Penis Extender ReviewsMany companies out there would have you believe that a penis extender can add inches to your member in a relatively short period of time. But, how well can these really work, and if they did, wouldn’t every single guy be buying them up? It would be like a virtual arms race of penis size, with each guy trying to best the other until things reached gargantuan proportions.

Greed doesn’t just apply to money, and many guys wouldn’t know where to stop if they found a product that increased their size. If they gained an inch, what’s to stop them from gaining another? Many of these companies are guilty of filling men’s heads with thoughts of topping the 10 inch mark or more. Most women are in agreement that anything that big is more scary than it is sexy. Women definitely want to notice you’re there, but they don’t want to be impaled.

If you’re in legitimate need of growing your penis, we definitely recommend an extender over going with pills, creams, or other herbal remedies. Nine times out of 10 those things just don’t work, and are a waste of time and money. There is no miracle cure that will get you to the size you want overnight, so think of your penis as you would a muscle on your body, where you have to go to the gym on a regular basis to build that muscle up over time.

What Are Penile Extenders?
Penile extenders are contraptions usually made with plastic and a little bit of metal, designed to pull and stretch the penis without you having to use your hands. Before you start to think that something stretching out your penis will hurt, they are specifically designed not to pull it too hard, the key being the constant pressure. There are different types of penis extenders on the market, but one of the most popular involves using traction. This is where the penis is stretched and kept taut with resistance from the extender itself.

Penis Extender Review Recaps

There are several different brands of penis extender that you can choose from, and they all basically promise the same results, and have the same general design. The function is also the same, with most of them grabbing the shaft of the penis and pulling it outwards for you, keeping a consistent and constant tug on your penis. Here is a rundown of the top brands we’ve looked at:

Does SizeGenics work?
SizeGenetics Recap
SizeGenetics is the Cadillac of penis extenders. It’s got a long track record of success with its customers, and is designed to fit properly, without causing any pain or discomfort. It all boils down to how good it feels using it, as the better it feels the more you use it, and the more you use it the more results you’ll see more quickly.

Like most of the other products out there, this one includes a money back guarantee, and it gets our thumbs-up review so it doesn’t hurt to give it a try, but you might want to read our full review for all the details.

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ProExtender Recap
ProExtender is a little on the pricey side, but they’re banking on their long time in the industry in order to make their sale. When you’re talking about something like penis extenders, you are talking about an industry where companies come and go rather quickly. To be able to stand the test of time in a pretty tight market like this says something.

The device might look simple, but it has everything it needs in order to get the job done, so if you can get over the cost of the unit then it might be a good choice, but be sure to look at your other options as well before making a decision.

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Does Male Edge work?
Male Edge Recap
Male Edge is the most economically priced of all of the vendors we have reviewed so far. They seem to be providing the same basic tool, just at a lower price. What we like most about them is the shopping experience at their site. They have a cool tool that you can use to project what sort of results you’ll get, and also the time it will take in order to get them.

They also have informative videos that will help you get started with using your new device, as well as some troubleshooting, and other info. Overall, there seems to be a lot of value here for the dollar.

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Does X4 Labs work?
X4 Labs Recap
X4 Labs is doing a good job of making a name for itself in an industry full of other companies trying to do the same. Their product is designed well, and constructed with high quality materials, and they have different price points that let you pick and choose just how far you’re willing to invest in getting a larger size.

You want to be sure that you pick a winner, and sometimes you don’t know if you have or not until quite some time later. That’s why we like that they give you a full six months on many of their kits so you don’t have to freak out about it not working.

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Are Penile Extenders Safe?
Penis extenders are generally safe, but a lot of the safety issues lie in the hands of the user, not the device. A lot of guys will try to add too much resistance to it thinking that they can speed up the process if they just work it out harder. They may also wear it for too long of a time period, or try wearing it while they’re sleeping, therefore doing damage when they rollover in their sleep.

When compared to other methods of enlarging your penis a penile extender is not very dangerous. Penis pumps are notoriously dangerous and are known for causing problems that force men to go to the hospital and seek immediate attention.

How Much Are Penile Extenders?
The cost of a penis extender varies by which company you buy from, and also which sort of kit you go with. They all offer various levels of kits, so can go with a basic version which will usually just include the device itself, or you can go with a more deluxe upgrade, which will usually include a nicer case, things like engraving, and additional bonuses like videos, and instructional guides. Some will even include male enhancement supplements in pill form or creams and lotions. The price range is usually from about $200 for the basic models to $400 and up for the deluxe packages.

You might wonder why the prices are so high, since it’s just a gadget made of plastic and metal, but they seem to be using the tactic of pricing it high in order to add perceived value to the product. This is why they usually put it in a special wooden or metal case, and really present it as if it is the Holy Grail of penis enlargement.

Girth, Premature Ejaculation, and Curvature, Oh My!
One thing that most extenders claim is that you not only get longer, but also have an increase in girth. Many of them also say you’ll have better ability to control your ejaculations and also to produce more semen when you do ejaculate. They also claim that they’ll be able to straighten out a curved penis, which also makes it look longer. So really you’re getting the trifecta here, at least to hear these companies say it.

We’re not sure why male enhancement products need to cover every single area that a man might need help with. It’s like they all want to be the one ring to rule them all, and they think that they have to fix everything, or people won’t buy it. For example, if there was an extender that just promised an increase in length, and another one that just promised an increase in girth, wouldn’t that be better than one product that says you’ll get bigger in both regards? Perhaps they think that most people won’t be willing to use an assortment of different products to get separate results, so they have to combine everything into one.

Do You Really Need to Get Bigger?
A lot of guys think that they have a size issue, when in fact they don’t really need to be any bigger than they already are. Countless surveys have been done asking women if size plays a part in sex, and while they always say that it does, they are almost unanimous in that it is not the most important factor. For a man’s ego, it might be a way of using size as a scapegoat for other inadequacies.

What you really need to be going for here is combination of size and technique, but most women will tell you that both of those pale in comparison to passion. A woman wants to be loved, while guys typically just want to do the deed. There is a fine line between “having sex” and “making love” and you might find that just getting into it more, and making your woman feel like a princess is more effective than trying to grow your penis size.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?
Don’t go looking for an increase in inches within the first week or so. You have take a long view with this and be willing to put in the time in order to get the results you want. Especially if you’re looking to increase by an inch or more. Scientific studies suggest that even with repeated, extended use over a long period of time, one inch would represent pretty good results. There are even companies that say you’ll have to clock thousands of hours in order to extend your penis by a few inches.

In this “got to have it now” society we live in, it’s easy to think that you could just take some quick actions and see results almost overnight. But you have to be strategic with this. Start by clearing time out of your schedule every day. If you live with other people you’ll probably need some time by yourself, and if you live alone you’ll need to free up some time with no distractions that’s dedicated to the cause.

Our Penis Extender Recommendation

It’s really up to you which way you go on this, but if it were us we’d go with an extender that uses quality materials, has a proven track record of success, and promised reasonable results in a believable timeframe. Try to avoid any company that says you can see inches of growth after two weeks or one month. You have to be committed to sticking this out for the long-term, and not get overeager at the beginning and put your penis through more than it can handle. Get that marathon mentality, and pace yourself at the start when using your penis extender.

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