Does the ProExtender Really Work?

Does ProExtender work?The ProExtender is a brand of penis extension devices that claims to be the original when it comes to the traction method. They also say that they are unique in the industry because their program consists of 4 different elements. So is this the product you should choose over all the others that are available, or is there something better out there?

Having 4 different elements to your program doesn’t inherently make it any better or worse than another. In this case it’s a few bottles of supplements and a CD, so they aren’t really making their case that the four things come together synergistically. It seems more like they are just add-ons to add perceived value. But we’ll get to that in more detail below. The first thing we have to do is analyze their claims to see what it is exactly that they’re saying you’ll achieve.

The Claim
All of these traction devices offer the same three basic claims, that you’ll get a longer penis, have an increase in girth, and straighten out your penis if it’s crooked. The thing about ProExtender is that they refer to other penis extenders as imitators, and are saying that they are the real McCoy.

By using their system, ProExtender claims that you be able to have more efficient sex (not quite sure what that means), and that your sex drive will be stronger. They also say that your penis will be bigger, longer, and wider, even when it’s not hard. They also say that when you reach orgasm it will be a lot stronger, and intense. Your erections should also be harder and larger, and you should be able to summon them as you see fit.

They also say that you will produce more semen, and that the quality of your sperm will improve. You should be able to control your ejaculations better, and have a shorter recovery period between when you finish and are ready to go again. One final claim that that the results you get will last for the long term, and can be achieved without any pain. Of course it all sounds good, because they want you to buy their product, but how many of these claims can it actually live up to?

The Hype
The hype is that male enhancement and penis enlargement is big business. A lot of guys are insecure with their size and performance, and these companies know how to capitalize on it. They know just how to word their pitches, and what to promise in order to get guys clicking the Buy button. If guys really knew the score, and knew that their size wasn’t the all-consuming factor they think it is, the industry would come crashing down. But don’t hold your breath on that.

The Cost
They claim that you can save $429 by ordering from their official site. This is because they’re framing it like you are getting it for half off. Of course this is just a marketing gimmick, and the standard price is $429. You can get the original kit for $300.

The Commitment
Attempting to lengthen your penis is not something that you should treat as a hobby, you should really study up on it and treat it seriously if you’re going to do it at all. Most guys just dabble in it, and don’t end up getting the results that they want. You’d better believe that the guys in the before and after pictures were using it as directed, and religiously in order to be able to show documented results.

This is your basic traction device, and there are plenty of them on the market. It’s just a matter of choosing one that is well-built and has the track record to back up the claims. We don’t like how ProExtender includes a lot of accessories in its “system”, which includes pills. The whole point of using a penis extender is to avoid having to take pills, creams, and ointments. It seems that it’s just a way to pad the order total, and would not make much of a difference to your overall results.

Since it’s only $30 more for all of the add-ons, it only confirms our belief that you don’t really need them. Go for just the unit by itself if you’re going to go with ProExtender and want to stay pill free.

We like how they give you an overview of what to expect for the first year of use, and especially the first four weeks. Many guys think that the results are going to be instant, and don’t resolve themselves for the long term.

Final ProExtender Review

ProExtender has built up a name for themselves, and the overall feedback for the extender itself has been good. It’s important to go with a company that has a history, because there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of compnaies that have come in gone just in the last decade. If a company is able to stand the test of time, you know that they must be producing something of value.

Our Recommendation
Since all the bonuses are only $30 more, it doesn’t hurt to give the whole system a try. You might pick up a few tips in their guide, and whether or not you want to take the pills is up to you. We would put the focus on using the traction device, and only use the pills if you feel good about doing so.

Official Website: ProExtender

What do you think? Does ProExtender work or not?

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Andres Vargas July 19, 2013 at 9:58 pm

I have to come and post on these things every now and then, hoping to see that someone, ANYONE has had even the slightest benefit from using any of these devices.
But I never do.
Jesus, the Proextender.
They think that by charging a lot of money for something, we, as consumers are more convinced of its validity.
Look, I’ll be honest and tell you that I fall inside the statistically measured average when it comes to penis size. Not small, not big. And yes, in this porn infested world, I get insecure from time to time. So I can see how those fellows who fall under the average, and sometimes way under, might really consider this. They shouldn’t, obviously, but hey, if it brings a little hope to a desperate situation, maybe its worth $400.


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