Testosterone Booster Reviews

Testosterone Booster ReviewsIf you’re trying to determine which testosterone booster is right for you, you’d better settle in for a long ride. It’s not so much that there aren’t enough options out there, but that there’s so much to choose from. You can get lost in product after product that all shout the same benefits, and have similar sounding ingredients, but at the end of the day you’re just going to have to make your mind up.

You can go about it like a science experiment, with yourself as the guinea pig and just start trying them one after one to see how you respond to them. You can spend hours reading over reviews in bodybuilding forums to see what others are saying about them. You can cruise to the websites of particular products and see flashy sales pitches, and pictures of ripped guys saying it was a certain testosterone booster that got them these results.

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Testosterone Booster Review Recaps

But we’ve tried to save you from all of these methods by doing a lot of the groundwork for you. We’ve gone into detail about each of these products on their own full-scale review page, and we bring you the findings in a concise briefing here so that you can quickly peruse the best of what we’ve found.

Does Ageless Male really work?
Ageless Male Recap
Ageless Male gets bonus points from us because it uses all natural ingredients. When you’re talking about something like testosterone, a natural hormone, you want to use natural sources to try to boost it back to its optimal levels. This product seems to work especially well for guys that are getting on in years, and even those in the baby boomer bracket.

If you’ve been wishing you could get back to the way you used to be, this might not get you all the way back, but it can definitely get you close and is worth a try, or at least a closer look.

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Does Optimum Nutrition Tribulus work?
Optimum Nutrition Tribulus Recap
Optimum Nutrition has a wide assortment of bodybuilding and health supplements, and they offer a Tribulus pill that you can take as a testosterone booster. Tribulus is something that has been around for quite some time now, and is used widely in Europe. However, it’s unknown exactly how effective it is at boosting testosterone levels.

They say that this is the purest form of it they could get, and it comes in 625mg pills. It’s really easy to take these, but if you do you should get into the gym and hit the weights to see the best results.

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Does TribuPlex work?
TribuPlex Recap
TribuPlex takes Tribulus terrestris and combines it with other chemicals to make it more effective, thereby separating it from other products on the market that simply contain the Tribulus on its own. Since it’s been shown that straight Tribulus doesn’t produce a result in a clinical study, it only makes sense that it needs a bit of doctoring in order to be effective.

Going with TribuPlex as a solution to low testosterone levels is a pretty good choice, especially when you factor in its low cost, and positive reviews.

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Does Syntheroid work?
Syntheroid Recap
It’s important to first point out that Syntheroid is neither a synthetic hormone, nor a type of steroid so you won’t have to worry about that. You won’t have to deal with the negative side effects that come with steroids. It is a supplement that should help you synthesize proteins more effectively so that you can build muscle and keep it like you used to when you were younger.

What won us over was their 90 guarantee, which lets you try it out and gauge the results for yourself, rather than just taking their word for it.

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Does NaturaBoost really work?
NaturaBoost Recap
The overwhelming majority of visitors to this site say that NaturaBoost doesn’t work, and that only jived with our own findings. We stated that there wasn’t a lot of scientific evidence given about why it should work, and that it was so new there wasn’t enough feedback from users to have us support it.

We did originally end up saying you could try it, since it comes with a money back guarantee, but judging by the reviews that are coming in, you’re probably safest just avoiding it altogether and not going through the hassle.

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Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Before starting to take a testosterone booster, you should accurately diagnose yourself as having low testostertone levels. Do you feel excessively fatigued throughout the day, when before you had enough energy to get through the tasks you have to do? Do you feel weaker than you used to, and are unable to do simple things like carry in groceries, or pick up your children or grandchildren? Have you noticed feelings of depression, where you can’t get excited to do the things that you used to like to do? And have you noticed a decrease in your sex drive? Do you want it less often, do you think about sex less than you once did?

Some of these are signs of low testosterone, but they can also be signs of more serious problems like clinical depression, and heart disease, so you should consult with your doctor to get a good idea of where you stand in regards to your overall health.

Testosterone Booster FAQ
There are many questions about testosterone boosters, and a lot of misinformation out there as well. There are also a lot of cases of the blind leading the blind, because several forums solicit unprofessional advice from people that just take supplements and report back on their individual experience, citing that as enough of a reason to listen to their answer.

Are Testosterone Boosters Steroids?
No. Testosterone boosters, by their very name, are designed to naturally bump up your testosterone levels to where they should be naturally, and where they once were when you were at your prime. Contrast this to steroids, that are designed to synthetically alter your hormone levels, which in essence further screws up your natural production of testosterone.

Are Testosterone Boosters Safe for Teenagers?
Safe and unnecessary for the most part. Natural testosterone boosters are meant to boost low levels of testosterone back to their optimum levels. As a teenager you should already have optimal levels, and therefore boosters will have nothing to boost. If you are a teenager and feel that you are suffering from low testosterone, you should consult your doctor for a professional opinion.

Can Testosterone Boosters Cause Hair Loss?
Some people are worried that increasing their testosterone will lead to hair loss, because testosterone has been shown to convert into DHT, which is often blamed for male pattern baldness. However, this won’t increase your chances of hair loss any more than it already is because this only returns your testosterone levels to your original levels. It is not about overloading your body with more testosterone than it can handle, or synthetically increasing them. It’s not about taking a pill that is loaded with testosterone and the excess has nowhere to go. It’s about naturally bringing them back to normal levels through the use of all natural ingredients.

Can Testosterone Boosters Cause Acne?
Yes, they have been known to cause acne as a side effect. The acne can be severe and can be located on the parts of the body where you want them the least, including your face, your back, and your chest. This is just a possible side effect, as they tend to increase the activity of your sebaceous glands.

Can Testosterone Boosters Make You Taller?
This is mostly asked by teenagers and those that aren’t done growing. They want to know if taking a testosterone booster will make them taller. But testosterone boosters won’t help you get taller, because they won’t help you make any more testosterone than you are already making. It is not like a Vitamin C deficiency where you just take more vitamin C and there is actual Vitamin C in the pill that you are taking. Testosterone boosters do not contain testosterone per se, they include ingredients that is supposed to encourage your body to produce more testosterone. However, if you’re already producing it, as you are when you’re a teen and still growing, it won’t have much of an effect on you.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Testosterone Boosters?
The pros of a testosterone booster is that it’s an all natural way to get you back to the way you once were, without the need of other supplements. It treats the real cause of your problems, rather than taking a roundabout way of treating each individual symptom. And if you buy into the hype it’s like turning back the clock on your ability to build muscle and have a strong sex drive. The cons are that many of the products get mixed reviews, and there doesn’t seem like there’s “one ring to rule them all” as far as products go.

Do Testosterone Boosters Make You Bigger?
Testosterone boosters won’t make you bigger down there, but they could return your back to your full potential. If you’ve been having trouble getting or sustaining an erection, this could be tied to your low sex drive and can be traced back to low testosterone levels. If you can get those levels back to normal you should experience more frequent erections, and by nature they should be bigger and harder than they would be if your testosterone levels are low.

Do Testosterone Boosters Increase Sperm?
You should notice that you are able to replenish your sperm count at a more rapid rate, so that the intervals between ejaculations become shortened. If you’ve needed longer and longer to recover from ejaculating, this could be part of the condition of having low testosterone. Having low testosterone levels would mean that your sperm production is lower, and a byproduct of that would mean that you feel like having sex less and less.

Do Testosterone Boosters Shrink Your Balls?
No. These are not steroids, and will not affect the size of your testicles. Many people falsely believe that these are like steroids and therefore will come with the negative side effects. A quality testosterone booster works nothing like steroids and will contain natural ingredients, none of which will reduce the size of your genitals.

Are Testosterone Boosters Worth It?
The bottom line that most everyone wants to know is is it worth it to try testosterone boosters. Nobody likes wasting money on products that just don’t work. The truth of the matter is that you have to do you due diligence before you buy one, and you have to put in the effort of going to the gym after you buy one. Only then will you know if you even need it, and if you do you’ll get the best results by pushing it hard out in the gym, and in the bedroom.

Our Testosterone Booster Recommendation

We’re currently recommending Ageless Male and TribuPlex as two testosterone boosters that you should consider. But we also recommend going to your doctor first and having your levels checked. They have new equipment these days that can very accurately determine your levels. Once you confirm that you do indeed have low levels, then you can confidently move forward, knowing that you’re treating the right condition with a testosterone booster.

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