Does the Trojan Vibrations Twister Really Work?

Does Trojan Vibrations Twister work?Trojan Vibrations Twister is a vibrator that promises to be better than a traditional one because of its unique ability to contort into four different positions. So did Trojan hit the nail on the head with this curved creation? We checked out what actual users are saying and are here to report.

Sex toys used to be a taboo subject, but are becoming more and more mainstream. There are even sex toy parties, much like Tupperware parties of old where a group of women get together to see all of the different toys, learn about what they do, and buy them if they’re interested.

The Claim
Trojan says that their Vibrations Twister has 4 different positions you can put it in, depending on what feels best for you. They also say that there are 8 different settings, including 5 different speeds and 3 different pulses, so there are plenty of combinations to try out to see what gets the job done. They say you can use this both externally and internally.

The Hype
The Trojan name is carrying a lot of weight here, and it’s smart that they’ve branched off of condoms and are providing products like these to enhance your sexuality. There’s also the hype that many are still bashful about talking about these types of products, and it’s still something that isn’t exactly dinner conversation. Feeling like you’re buying something naughty can add to or subtract from the attractiveness of a product.

The Cost
This is one part of the Trojan Vibrations Twister that most users agree on. They say that the $60 price is a bit high in the world of vibrators, but they’re also quick to add that it was worth the price and we found few users that were unhappy with their purchase, even at the higher price level.

The shipping on it is $8 and they’re now running a promo where they’re giving away a free Vibrating Touch when you order a vibrator. This is a little gadget that fits onto your finger so you can be very precise with where you want the vibrations. Getting both of these for $68 helps justify the price, but there’s no way to be sure how long this promotion will last.

The Competition
The world of sex toys is definitely a saturated marketplace. There are gadgets and gizmos that do all sorts of things, and come in all shapes and sizes. What’s interesting about this vibrator that is that it’s not exceptionally large, doesn’t have a lot of add-ons and accessories, but you can tell that a lot of thought went into the design. They went for the “just right” size, and by giving it multiple positions and changeable speeds it has bells and whistles that other vibrators don’t have.

The Trojan Vibrations Twister is winning fans and getting good reviews from those that are willing to come back and tell of the fun they had. Some of the things they like are the size, the way it’s shaped with a curved angle, and also the ability to make changes on the fly to both the angle it takes and the speed at which it vibrates. These features all come together for an overall experience that impresses most users.

They’ve really thought of everything with this. It runs on AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about a cord, or recharging it. It also has a silicon tip so that it feels soft to the touch, is easy to clean, and is waterproof. The

There’s no guarantee that you’ll like it though, so all you’re trying to determine here is whether or not it’s well-made, and whether there’s a strong possibility that it will give you the results you’re after. You may find that it’s not your thing, but if you’ve had a successful experience with a conventional one-speed, one-shape vibrator before you owe it to yourself to give this one a go.

Final Trojan Vibrations Twister Review

We’re giving the Trojan Vibrations Twister our Thumbs Up rating, as it’s shown to do the trick for many that try it. Many times you have to wonder about the craftsmanship when you go with a no-name company, but in this instance you’re able to go with a trusted name, and they seem to have done a good job at creating a quality product here that should stand up to the test of time.

Our Recommendation
Of course each person has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to using vibrators and other sex toys. This gives you the basic features of a vibrator, with the added twist that it can be manipulated into different angles for ease of use, and finding just the right spot. This makes a nice addition to any lineup of toys, and also makes a great starter toy if you’re new to it all.

What do you think? Does the Trojan Vibrations Twister work or not?

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PhantomGirl February 13, 2013 at 7:08 am

They better make these in extra big sizes, because I don’t think the regular ones will do the trick for me. As far as the idea goes, I like it. But I’ve seen some very interesting sex toys in the past, which in practice didn’t really work as I imagined they would. Well then, it looks like I’ll have a new toy to play with soon :)


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