Does ViSwiss Really Work?

Does ViSwiss work?ViSwiss says that it is a scientifically proven all natural male enhancement supplement. When it comes to getting a larger size and better performance from a bottle, you’ve basically got two options, prescription drugs or all natural products like this. A lot of guys are opting for all natural because of the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. So how well does something like this stack up?

It’s not unusual for a guy to blame his size and performance for the overall satisfaction level of his partner. It’s a lot easier than blaming lack of communication or know-how, and it’s less damaging to the ego. Using the penis as a scapegoat helps a guy save face, and makes it so he can just pop a pill and make up for his inadequacies. It’s much better than admitting that all he knows about love making he learned from watching porn, or reading up on techniques on how to please a woman.

The Claim
ViSwiss makes similar claims to other male enhancement products out there. They claim that they are the world’s leading herbal formula for getting and maintaining an erection. They say that it enhances your penis size, and allows you to last longer during a session. They also say that it will boost your levels of arousal, your passion, and your stamina. They also say it’s all backed up with a money back guarantee.

But that’s not all. They also say that their product is safe to use with no side effects. They also say that due to these effects you’ll be able to provide more satisfaction to your partner, which in turn will boost your confidence and your own sexual satisfaction.

The Hype
If you’ve seen one male enhancement product, you’ve seen them all. They are all basically peddling the same solution to the same problems. You’d think there is a mass epidemic of men with small penises that are unable to please their partners. Chances are it’s not your size and you actually do satisfy them, it’s more a matter of confidence. These sort of pills say that the performance comes first and then you get the confidence, but you can always do it the other way around instead.

The Cost
ViSwiss is $2 a pill, with no prescription needed because it’s an herbal remedy. So it’s $60 for a bottle of 30 and the recommended dosage is 2 pills as needed. Depending on your activity level a bottle could last you a few months, or a few weeks, if it really gives you the desire and ability and you’ve got a willing partner.

The Commitment
Since you’re only expected to take the pills in order to see results, the only real commitment you have is putting on a good show with your recharged unit. This may take some getting used to, but for some it’s just like riding a bike. However, if you’ve gotten into a sexual rut, you may find it somewhat liberating to do certain positions that you couldn’t sustain before.

ViSwiss has the same ingredients used by many other male enhancement products on the market. It just comes down to a matter of quality, and whether or not they’ve got the right mix of herbs to get the job done. They say that their testimonials are 100% real and authentic, but you’ve always got to go off site to get the real scoop. Most third party reviews are claiming that it has some pros and some cons, but that overall it’s pretty reliable.

There’s no way to really tell if this will work for you unless you take a pill and try it out. Looking at before and after pictures doesn’t do you any good, and personal reviews are just that. There isn’t enough data available to make an across the board determination if this will work for everyone, and no pill will, there will always be exceptions.

Final ViSwiss Review

ViSwiss is getting a Try rating from us. They have a long track record of success, and have put together a seemingly effective product. A one bottle supply will be all that you need in order to see if it’s worth staying on with. If it can do half of what it claims you will be quick to reorder, and if it falls short you cut your losses at $60 and don’t have to mess with their refund process.

Our Recommendation
When you’re looking for size and performance gains in the bedroom, herbal remedies are a good way to go. They’re more affordable than the popular prescription drugs out there, you don’t need a prescription to get them, and in many instances they provide enough results to get you where you want to be. Of course you should never rely on a pill entirely, and proper overall health can pay big dividends and reduce your dependency on supplements.

What do you think? Does ViSwiss work or not?

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Anonymous July 24, 2012 at 1:15 am

I’m not really blaming my poor performance in the bedroom on my penis size for no reason. I’ve been told before by my ex girlfriend that my penis was too small to please her and at 5 inches I don’t think she was just saying it to hurt me. All I’m asking is for an inch of growth in length and maybe quarter of an inch in diameter, I don’t even have a wish for a huge penis. I too have heard a little bit about viswiss and I know the reviews are generally positive, I think it’s time to get little me some help.


bud atkins March 12, 2014 at 3:04 pm

how long does it take to get and erection with viawiss


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