Does X-Cream Really Work?

X-Cream is a male enhancement product that says it can give you a thicker and wider penis and provide permanent results. With all of the pills out there it’s a bit surprising to see something that is applied as a cream directly to the penis. It’s a different approach to a common problem that would be easy to use if it actually worked. We did some investigating to get to the bottom line here.

If you’ve tried other male enhancement pills, stretchers, pumps, or other gadgets in an effort to enlarge your manhood you might be disenchanted at this point and a little skeptical. A healthy dose of skepticism is in order when it comes to sizing these products up, but you don’t want to be so closed minded that you miss a winner among the losers. When we first saw this cream we had hope that it might put a fresh spin on a tired marketplace by being a cream, but after a closer look we saw signs of the same old same old.

The Claim
The claims are mostly on the width, and they bring up the fact that a lot of a woman’s sensations come from the walls of the vagina, making girth the more attractive quality. They say that some guy’s have reported getting longer as well, but they focus primarily on increasing the tissue around your penis, making it fatter. They also say that the ingredients used are all natural, and this is easy enough to verify as they list the ingredients and they’re all from natural sources.

The Hype
There’s no surprise that people are asking if this works or not because that’s the main question for all male enhancement products, with the majority of them falling short of expectations. Some consumers have written off the entire industry as a scam, but the premise is just to enticing for most guys to resist, and logic is replaced by a strong desire to get a bigger penis. This strong desire is what companies prey on, and what accounts for the majority of their sales.

The Cost
A tub of X-Cream is $20 and comes with a 90 day guarantee. They also sell other enhancement products at the same site like Elevate Supreme, a supplement that comes in pill form and is $34 for a two month supply. The price definitely seem reasonable when compared to other products of this nature, and they could almost be thought of as too cheap. At some point you have to stop bargain shopping for something that is going to be rubbed onto your penis or ingested in pill form. The ingredients have to come from somewhere, and they should be of high quality, not from the cheapest source.

The Commitment
Like with any product that’s designed to increase your penis size you have to give it ample time to work. The money back guarantee that goes along with a product is usually a good sign of how long they think it will take for you to make up your mind on it. In this case it’s 90 days and we’d suggest trying it out for at least 70 days before thinking about sending it back. That’s why it’s important not to pass judgement too soon, or give up before you see results. Before pictures can be of great help so that you can be objective when you make your decision.

While most male enhancement products come in pill form, X-Cream comes in cream form which might appeal to guys that are reluctant to try things that are taken internally. There’s something to be said for a topical cream since the area you’re trying to treat is pretty specific, and it makes sense to apply the solution right to the source rather than have something try to work by entering your general bloodstream.

Final X-Cream Review

There’s just no way to determine if X-Cream will work for you, but from the limited feedback it has received it makes it a risky try. With so many well-reviewed male enhancement products out there it’s a buyer’s market and you should never feel that you only have a few limited options to choose from.

Our Recommendation
In most cases a man’s penis size is not to blame for inadequate performance in the bedroom. It’s a great scapegoat for a lack of know-how, and sometimes can be the cause of a woman’s dissatisfaction. But there are plenty of fish in the sea, and there’s plenty of ways to improve your game time performance so it could be a matter of finding the right woman that likes what you do and what you have, or it might be take a more comprehensive strategy that just beefing up your size and thinking that will cure all of your ills.

What do you think? Does X-Cream work or not?

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XMAN December 6, 2012 at 11:07 pm

I’ve tried the penis pump without much success, so I figure the next best thing is to try to increase the girth instead of trying to make my penis longer. I’m not a sucker and I know this will probably not work, but at 20 bucks I ain’t got much to lose anyways. I got a tiny penis and I hate it. I just gotta keep trying until I find the right product for me.


FSG90L December 8, 2012 at 10:07 pm

From what I know the only way to permanently increase your penis size is to get a penis enlargement plastic surgery. But here’s the catch, if you get a penis enlargement plastic surgery there’s a small chance that you’ll never get it up properly. So ask yourself. Small penis? Or broken penis?


X-CREAM CEO June 13, 2013 at 6:32 pm

I have no idea what gives you the right to review my product and claim that it does not work. I also find it interesting that right in the middle of your article are ads for some penis enlargement pills. You have the nerve to claim that all of my reviews are fake. But THIS article is fake! The only purpose it serves is to berate my product while using my search engine popularity to promote some other penis enlargement products. The fact that my product appears so high on the search engines is a testament to how well it has been received. And you also failed to mention in your article that I have THOUSANDS of positive reviews on eBay for my product.

The good news is that there are many guys out there that don’t pay much attention to people like you. You said that you don’t know if it works or not, but then you turn around and say that it probably does not work. How could you possibly know anything at all if you never tried the product for yourself.


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