Does the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard Really Work?

Does the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard Work?Our smart phones are truly an asset for many of us and have become one of our favorite ways for communicating, and this holds true from the young to the old. Having an easy to use keyboard to work with it just adds to the convenience and that is what the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard is all about.

As many of us would admit, we now use our smart phones even more than we use our computers or laptops. The ability of the smart phones to do things that in the past were done only by computers is growing every day and we often find ourselves using them rather than booting up our other systems and this piece of kit will make that fact much easier to do overall. The 1byOne Foldable Keyboard makes using your smart phone as a computer or tablet that much easier to do and is very, very cool as well!

The Claim
The claim is that this 1byOne Foldable Keyboard is so small and portable that you will take it with you everywhere and find using it as easy as can be.

The Hype
Much of the hype for the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard is realized almost by osmosis. What we mean is that the reason items like this are even possible is because of the fact that our smart phones have become so powerful and technologically advanced that we now find ourselves foregoing the use of a computer in exchange for using our smaller more portable devices like phones for all of our computing requirements wherever possible.

The Cost
The cost of the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard is a very respectable $34.99 at There are a whole slew of units that are similar to this but we really like the way this one is set up over some of the others.

The Commitment
Not much in the way of commitment required for the 1byOne foldable keyboard other than re-charging it when the keyboard runs low on battery power after usage. It folds small enough that you can literally tuck into a side pocket of a jacket or a pocket in your bag or briefcase easily.

We really, really like this 1byOne Foldable Keyboard. The keys are very easy to type on and it makes very little noise as the keys are more of a rubber than a hard plastic like a regular keyboard. It folds three times so that the folded version is very small and completely portable. It works with just about all Android and iOS systems making it even more versatile. The lithium battery can operate for up to 64 hours without a re-charge making it very dependable for those who may rely on it for work or for events away from the office. The company also stands by their product with a very respectable 12 month warranty that will replace your unit if anything goes south.

 Final 1byOne Foldable Keyboard Review

This full Qwerty keyboard is very small when folded and very capable when unfolded and in use. A great way to make even more use of your smart phone when away from the computer or laptop. If you ever find yourself trying to type on the smart phone screen and get frustrated remember that you CAN find relief by getting one of these exceptional units.

Our Recommendation
We love the design of the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard and the functionality that it offers. For anyone who needs to type using their smart phones this unit is a true must have. For those that have trouble reading the letters on their regular computer keyboards there is a solution for this too called the EZ Eyes.

What do you think? Does the 1byOne Foldable Keyboard work or not?


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