Does Abreva Work to Get Rid of Cold Sores?

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Does Abreva really work?Abreva is a product that claims clinical tests can prove that it will increase the rate of healing and get you looking your best again quicker than rival products, but how do we decide if this is the right product?

If you have ever had a cold sore then you will know exactly how irritating it is and how long it takes to heal. A cold sore on the lip can last for weeks if left untreated. Abreva is a medically formulated cream that is applied directly onto the affected area and left to soak in and fight the harmful bacteria.

The Claim
Abreva states that their product is the only non-prescription cold sore treatment that is approved by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA) and that it will “fight cold sores fast and land that knockout blow.โ€ Further reading reveals that Abreva feels that their product will reduce the size, redness and soreness of the cold sore within days.

The product is said to offer a reduction in the time spent itching and scratching at that tingling pain that a cold sore radiates into the face. Abreva is claimed to be a safe product that can be used on children as young as 12 years old.

The Hype
Abreva’s official website shows photographs of models with a cold sore and then a second photo showing reduced redness and size with a caption claiming that the axons picture was taken 24 hours later.

There is of course no way in which to prove this other than buying the product but from reading multiple user reviews, the general consensus is that this product does live up to its claims and outperforms its rivals in its market.

The Cost
One tube of the Abreva medicine cream costs $29.95 and includes free delivery when bought from the website. Some superstores will frequently run promotions on medical creams where it can be bought cheaper.

The Commitment
The worry with all medical cold sore cream is that continued usage will make the body immune to the effects of applying the cream. This may become apparent to those unfortunate people that get continual cold sores but for the majority of people, cold sores occur just once or twice a year.

Once opened, the cream should be used within 12 months and applied to the infected area no more than 3 times a day. When purchased, the cream will arrive with a box and a manual that outlines the basic usage of the product. There are several circumstances under which the cream should not be applied and these guidelines should be followed for the sake of the usersโ€™ health.

Abreva works best when it applied to the cold sore in the early stages of the bacterial growth. This will prevent the rate and size that the cold sore will grow to in total. The product contains a substance named Docosanol. The formula that makes up Abreva contains 10% of Docosanol which is the active ingredient that prevents the good cells on the lip or face from becoming infected with the cold sore.

The price is perhaps a little on the high side for these types of treatment but cold sores are usually a genetic viral infection of the body that some people will get constantly, and other will not get in their lifetime. Therefore, for those people that have cold sores popping up on a regular basis, this product is worth a try.

Our Final Abreva Review

The only way that it can be seen whether or not Abreva is the best way to heal a cold sore is to try it. When a cold sore appears apply Abreva directly to the infected area and compare the size and soreness of the cold sore with the last one that appeared. From reading a multitude of online reviews, it appears that Abreva is very highly thought of by the consumer in most cases but there are the odd few that have not been satisfied with the product.

This will always be the case with any product. Given the number of people that have tried it, statistics say that there will be a few cases where it did not work, either from user error or other factors.

Our Recommendation
This product has received mostly excellent reviews from online reviewers and so it would get our recommendation. The best thing to do would be to buy the product and try it on your skin. Everyone will react differently to different formulated substances but the chances are that it will work for you.

Let’s face it, cold sores are embarrassing. If you’re not comfortable picking it up in stores, get some Abreva shipped to your door from Amazon.

What Do You Think? Does Abreva Really Work?

203 Customer Reviews on “Does Abreva Work to Get Rid of Cold Sores?

  1. not for me. complete waste of money. look at the results of the same. 25% healed in 2.5 days vs. 4.1. silly. that could have happened regardless. its hocus pocus for most people. dont waste your money.

  2. A highly apropos nickname for such poor grammar. It’s self-evident who should “shut up”, for you’ve certainly demonstrated a plethora of things that you don’t know. “Claims” are quite different than “facts”… I can claim to be an armadillo rancher all day long but that still does not make it a fact.

    The original comment to which you replied is quite correct: I am embarrassed for those that write such articles that demonstrate their lack of research, for this is NOT a bacterial infection, period. There are two herpes simplex virus strains that cause this, HSV-1 and HSV-2. Anyone who’s ever taken high school biology should recognize the difference between bacteria and virus. Unfortunately, in this day and age, my dog or cat or stuffed jackalope can write and post a thesis online and it will then automatically be considered “fact”.

  3. Abreva does help, but if you really want to minimize the duration, severity and discomfort of cold sores you should get a prescription of valacyclovir to carry around. At the first tingle – even the slightest thought that it might be a cold sore – you take a dose and another 12 hours later. It will stop the sore from becoming full blown. You’ll experience that right away, if you know how quickly cold sores go from nothing to no-doubt-about-it ugly blister. Instead it remains a small bump which will still be a sore but nothing in comparison to what it would be untreated or even what it would be treated with Abreva. Ever since I first used valacyclovir I’ve never looked back. I always carry a dose and immediately take it at any sign. Huge improvement. Using Abreva as a topical backup may further reduce it – but on it’s own it’ll never do what valacyclovir does. If you’ve ever had a cold sore, you will have them again. It’s a systemic virus that’s joined you for the ride and you might as well have the prescription to manage it.

  4. This website, “Does it Really Work?” wherein the review says, “the only way to know is to try it.” What is the point of this place? Why bother having a website? Here I thought this might actually be a place where paid reviewers are barred from plugging the product and I might actually find some data to help me through my soft crisis. It’s infuriating to think that someone put this much effort into something so unhelpful. The only redeeming thing about this ridiculous waste of time is the comments section because at least that area is populated by people united in misery.

    I’m trying ice and CP. The human body is a miserable prison, life is hell, there is no god, I eagerly await the day when my consciousness can be uploaded onto a hard-drive and I can throw my unwieldy body into a dumpster.

  5. Here’s a suggestion which I use when I feel the cold sores coming, ice your lip and often. It will kill the virus, and if you do it early enough your cold sores won’t erupt. I also use Abreva, and also I get a prescription for Acyclovir. The ice does work. I picked the method up from researching blogs. BTW, nothings perfect, but I think you’ll find it helps. Good luck fellow sufferers.

  6. Years ago I would get a cold sore maybe once or twice a year. It would do the usual progression…7-10 days of active lesion. The whole process. I finally decided to try Abreva. I always started applying it at the first sign of something going on, usually a slight swelling. It has been about 5 or six years I’ve been using it, and I haven’t had even one full blown cold sore. I would feel the usual indications and start to apply it several times a day. The swelling would start to go down and the sore would disappear before developing and scabbing. For me, personally, it’s absolutely worth the price.

  7. Hi Josh,

    I tried Abreva years ago and it actually made my cold sores a lot worse. I put it on at the first sign of tingling and it BLEW UP into a huge one within a matter of hours. It felt like it made it happen FASTER, like all the moisture was feeding the cold sore! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    However, I have been using Campho-Phenique for my cold sores and it comes with a lot more to it, and my cold sores behave a lot better. Campho-Phenique has drying effects, so I think it’s better used at the first sign of a cold sore (like they say to do with Abreva). It can work on full-blown cold sores, too, to prevent it from growing, but it does tend to get rather uncomfortable as it dries the area and can lead to cracking/bleeding if you’re not careful. I had a cold sore tingle yesterday, applied Campho-Phenique just once (along with medicated chapstick on the rest of my mouth to prevent the rest of it from going that route, since I notice that when my lips are dry, it sometimes causes the cold sore to come), and I can tell it’s not going to grow. It’s small and dry on my lip and it’ll disappear soon. ๐Ÿ˜€

    As others have said, though, I think the formula of the medicines may affect some differently than others. For me, Abreva didn’t work, and CP does. I sort of lucked out, since CP is much cheaper. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. By the time you need Abreva it’s too late. Abreva doesn’t CURE anything. Abreva only treats the symptoms. Maybe it lessons the time it takes to heal….my experience is that it does LITTLE.
    A tiny little tube is VERY expensive….(1″ tube with less than 1/10th of an ounce is $16+)

  9. The first two times I ever got a cold sore I used over the counter Walgreens/CVS/Campho-phenique products and my cold sore lasted for 2 weeks. This most recent time, I noticed the red tingly bump on Saturday morning, rushed out to the store and decided to try Abreva. I began application immediately and as directed. By Saturday evening I was blistered. I kept using Abreva and was taking L-lysine vitamins every day. It is now day 5 and the blister is gone, already scabbed and fallen off, and now just a somewhat minor red area where the skin is still healing. This combo of Abreva and L-lysine vitamins saved my life! Would definitely recommend Abreva and will use again if needed. I could cry tears of joy because I am 90% healed in 5 days compared to the awful 12-14 days that my last two breakouts took to heal. The ONLY con I have is that there is an ever so slight burning sensation whenever I applied the Abreva cream to the cold sore before the blister and scab formed. I believe this is probably because the skin is very tender and now in a healing stage which makes it more sensitive, however, the burn feeling is so minuscule that it doesn’t bother me at all. I just wanted to mention it in the event that a person has sensitive skin as it might affect them more. Regardless, this product is totally worth it!

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