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Does AirBar Work?Being able to enjoy some of the amazing features that a lot of the high costing computers come with is not always easy. Simply because these high powered devices are out of our price range. Like being able to make use of touch screen technology. Fortunately now for those who really want this feature they can obtain it through AirBar.

Every once in a while when searching for products to review we stumble across one that is so amazing that we are seriously bummed that we didn’t think of it ourselves! Air Bar is one of those products. With a simple USB port plug in you can now operate your laptops and p.c using touch screen technology without the feature being included in the unit you purchased.

The Claim
The claim is that by using the AirBar you are instantly transforming your computer into a touch screen enabled device with absolutely no downloads or software required. It really is plug and play in the truest sense of the phrase

The Hype
The hype comes from the fact that until now you needed to purchase a laptop or tablet with touch screen capabilities already included to use the amazing technology to its fullest. Now, with the AirBar you can simply plug in the unit and get the same features and some that are even better!

The Cost
The cost of the AirBar is a very reasonable $79. They even offer the same price for their three sizes which is pretty cool indeed. Regardless of whether your laptop is 13.3, 14.3 or even 15.6 the price is the same for the corresponding AirBar.

The Commitment
The AirBar requires absolutely no commitment other than simply plugging it in when you want to transform your older p.c or lap top into a unit with touch screen capabilities. When not is use the unit will fit in any computer bag or even a desk drawer. Simple as that.

We simply cannot find a single negative thing to say about the AirBar. It connects to your computer via a magnetic strip located on the underside and once plugged into the USB port it is ready to go. You can pinch, scroll, zoom, swipe and tap to your hearts content with the AirBar. There are virtually no limits to what you can use to operate your screen with the AirBar. Wearing an oven mitt while baking and need to scroll down a page? No problem with the AirBar. Same goes if you are wearing gloves and working on a car whatever and need to flip through schematics or eating out and using your chopsticks as your stylus. AirBar lets you do this and so much more! We have to give this product a thumbs up.

Final AirBar Review

As we said earlier, we cannot find a single negative thing to say about the AirBar other than we wish we had of thought of it ourselves! It is the true definition of a revolutionary product and it will extend the life of your p.c or laptop by incorporating technology that many find useful and desirable without having to upgrade the entire unit.

Our Recommendation
We recommend the AirBar to anyone who wants the ability to have a touchscreen function on their current system and do not want or cannot afford to upgrade at this time. Great product indeed! If you are looking for something else to make your computer pleasure even greater then check out this mouse.

What do you think? Does AirBar work or not?

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