Does the Alkaline Diet Really Work?

Does the Alkaline Diet Work?Most probably because we are drawing close to the Christmas season you don’t want to be thinking about dieting. Unless of course there are a few parties coming up and you really would like to shed a few pounds so your attire is going to fit perfectly.Take a look at what we had to say about the Alkaline Diet and see if it could help.

The whole idea of this diet is built around the idea that eating too many foods that are high in acid are bad for you, and that if you re-adjust what you consume by eating less acidic foods then your body becomes more alkaline.You will note that all the talk about this diet really puts the emphasis on other health issues that it can be beneficial for besides weight loss.

The Claim
Those that advocate the alkaline diet indicate that by dramatically reducing the consumption of the acidic foods that it helps to keep the body more in balance which in turn may be helpful in fighting against medical conditions such as cancer and arthritis. Aside from these there are a whole gambit of other health issues that it is believed a more alkaline food intake can help with.

The Hype
They hype all focuses around the feeling of over all wellness that the diet is claimed to promote. Many that are following this diet regime are saying they have more energy and for those that are concerned about aging there are some that believe that more alkaline foods and less acidic ones help with the anti-aging process.

The Cost
The cost for the alkaline diet can range from just the costs of the alkaline foods you would need to use to replace the acidic ones, right up to the purchase of Alkaline diet books and even programs.

The Commitment
The first thing you are going to have to decide is the reason you are even thinking about going on this form of diet. Are you looking for a new diet to help you lose weight, or are you looking to change your diet to improve your overall health? The conclusion you come to is going to help you with your commitment. All too often individuals who are looking to lose weight will stick to a program until they reach their weight goals then resume back to their old eating habits and as a result they put the weight back on. If you begin to notice positive results of over all well being with the Alkaline diet then it will act as your incentive to continue with your new eating habits.

It really is important to understand what it is about the Alkaline Diet that could produce the positive aspects it is being touted for. This means having a little understanding of how your body works and what are the alkaline foods. These partially consist of your fruits, vegetables and nuts. If you have been on a weight loss diet in the past then these foods probably have been included in your diet. They are known as the healthy foods. The acidic foods consist of items such as pasta, sweets, some meats and fizzy type drinks.


Final Alkaline Diet Review

Just because it consists of many of what are known as the healthy foods we are going to give it a try/buy rating. However, you still need to realize that your body is unique and you need to find the right balance in foods for it. Anything that is done in excess can lead you to problems. Some promoters of this type of diet indicate that it is important to pay attention as to the acidity of the foods you are eating and back this up with the reasons as to why. They focus on what organs can suffer from too much acid. Unfortunately it is easy to offset the body’s mechanism because of the wide choices of foods that we have today, and the ease in which we can rely on fast food choices that aren’t too healthy.

Our Recommendation
If you are really serious about changing your eating habits, whether it be for weight loss or other health reasons you should begin with the guidance of your health care professional. Then keep in mind that a healthy balance of foods is necessary. Swaying too much either way when it comes to alkaline or acidic foods may not be a wise choice. When it comes to weight loss and the Alkaline Diet really all you need to look at is the choices of alkaline based foods and you can see that these are foods that contain less fat and sugars, which is a good beginning for those wanting to cut their weight. There are so many different approaches to weight loss such as the Master Cleanse for example, which has a totally different argument as to what the body needs. It can be confusing and over whelming when it comes to diet and over all health related foods and it is important to really research properly.

What do you think? Does the Alkaline Diet work or not?

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