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Does Alligetter really work?Alligetter looks like a finger saver. How many times have you reached down the garbage disposal in your kitchen sink to reach for something out of the system? Surely, you know how dangerous that is. That’s why getting tools that will help you retrieve things down the drain can be very helpful. The Alligetter product is one such type of tool that can be a great aid in the kitchen.

The Alligetter garbage disposal system is a very simple device. It is designed to effectively pick up things that have fallen into the garbage disposal of your kitchen sink. You can use this tool to reach for bones, toys, and other small things that may have accidentally fallen into the garbage disposal.

The Claim
The Alligetter claims to be an all-purpose grabber. With this in your arsenal of kitchen tools, you will never have to reach into the garbage disposal again. The device can hold on to almost anything without slipping. And it can even be used in retrieving other things outside the kitchen. You can depend on the Alligetter to reach into all types of tight spots in cabinet drawers, under bookcases and even behind the seats in your car.

The Hype
Everyone knows how dangerous it is to squeeze your hands and fingers down the garbage disposal system. But sometimes it is unavoidable, as some things may accidentally fall inside the system. You may need to retrieve jewelry, toys, and food stuff that can cause blockage in the system’s pipes and there’s no other way to do it than to reach down with your hands. That’s why products like the Alligetter can easily grab the attention of consumers who are secretly wishing for a safer way to retrieve things from their sink’s garbage disposal system.

The Cost
A single unit of Alligetter can cost anywhere from $10 to $30, as it will depend on where you purchase the device. Some vendors are also offering free shipping while others will charge additional shipping and handling costs.

The Commitment
The device is very simple to use and it only requires that you use it properly in order for it to work. If you are going to retrieve something down the kitchen sink, all you need to do is lower the tip of the unit down the drain. By squeezing on the device, it will automatically snap on your targeted object and grab it. The tool is even equipped with a small light bulb so that you can navigate your way through dark areas easily.

This garbage disposal retrieval system really employs a simple yet effective solution to retrieving things from tight spots. It makes use of a spring-loaded trigger which makes the device hold on to things easily and effectively. And the nice thing about this unit is that you can also use it outside the kitchen. As important objects are always dropped in narrow areas that are hard to reach, this device certainly provides a solution to the problem. You can use Alligetter to remove things stuck in your blender, and it is also useful in the car and other areas in the house.

Final Review of Alligetter

Alligetter really works, and it works as advertised! In fact, its functionality extends outside the kitchen, as you can also use it in the car, bedroom, bathroom and almost anywhere else. The unit is also equipped with a light at the tip of the unit which makes it really easy to use when reaching for things in dark areas. The light’s control can be found on the rear end of the device, so you can easily turn the light on and off as needed. And it’s easy to store when not in use as well, as the unit can be folded into a compact size.

Our Recommendation
We highly recommend the Alligetter as your all-around tool around the house. It is a must-have in all households, as it can make your life easier. As a kitchen tool, it eliminates the risk of cutting your fingers when you reach for things down the garbage disposal. And as an all-purpose grabber, it can greatly help you retrieve things from almost any place.

We only suggest that you get a different set for your other chores and keep one always in the kitchen for garbage disposal use only. The unit is affordable so there’s no need to use the same equipment for your entire house, as it can be unsanitary.

What do you think? Does Alligetter work or not?

17 Customer Reviews on “Does Alligetter Really Work?

  1. Have you ever seen one of those movies where the garbage disposal gets clogged and stops suddenly and the person has to reach their hand in to unclog it and the music gets more tense and they keep showing a close up of the hand in the drain? Don’t let that horror scenario happen to you. This little grabber is quite effective or snagging stuff you’ve dropped into a narrow space or the teeth of your garbage disposal. The light on the end is pretty nifty for illuminating the target area. And the name, Alligetter, is a beautiful play on words. Get it? Just shop around and make sure you get the best price on it.

  2. Thanks for recommending the Alligetter I use it around the house and it works to perfection! I use it specially in my garage and in the kitchen, having kids means that they will throw thing behind furniture and places that are hard to reach and the alligetter always comes in handy.

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