How Does the Altec Lansing Orbit Really Sound?

How Does the Altec Lansing Orbit Really Sound?
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Does the Altec Lansing Orbit work?Is the Altec Lansing Orbit something you should get for your portable speaker needs? You might be familiar with the Altec Lansing name because they make a lot of the speakers that come built-in to laptops. They are usually an upgrade though, so you would have had to add them to your Dell PC during the ordering process, or just bought an upgraded notebook that already had them. They have a pretty good reputation in the industry, but how does this pint sized speaker stack up to other similar-sized competitors?

This is a pretty compact unit making it very portable, but also letting it be external so that it sounds better than built-in speakers. If you want to share your tunes with others, you have to have a way to broadcast it and have it sound good. The great part about the Altec Lansing Orbit is that you can switch it between your different devices, wherever you have your MP3s stored, or whenever you want to add some power to your movie watching experience on your laptop.

It’s small enough to put in your purse, or even your pocket without being too bulky. The claim is that the sound you get fills a 360 degree space, so it sounds great anywhere. You can even use it outdoors, the true test to any speaker worth its salt. Have an impromptu party and forgot about the music? No problem, because this is supposed to sound as good as a pair of normal speakers. The battery is also known to last a long time, so if you were worried about the batter going, it’s not a concern.

What We Like
We definitely like the size of this one, it’s a sharp looking line of speakers that will not have any trouble traveling with you. The sound is really nice on it, and it benefits from not having to be housed inside a notebook computer. Sound needs space to travel, which is why you usually get such lousy performance from things like iPods, iPhones, and iPads. Altec Lansing is definitely trying to show off what they can do when they can play outside the box.

What We Don’t Like
Some of the Altec Lansing Orbit models run off of batteries, and this is a serious drawback compared to rechargeable models. Getting 24 hours of music off of 3 AAA batteries may sound alright, but batteries are expensive and that can really add up if you listen to music a lot. We like the rechargeable units, as it’s better for the Earth and your pocketbook.

The Cost
The Altec Lansing Orbit comes in different models, each with their own price point. This is great because you can choose which one you want to go with based on the best mix of cost versus features.

The volume level is a big complaint when it comes to most portable speakers. With the Altec Lansing Orbit you get clear sounds that are free of distortion and it doesn’t matter where you are when you use it. They really hype up the 360 degree effect, which is pretty cool considering most speakers don’t have this feature. With its 2.5 millimeter adapter you’ll find that it hooks up to just about anything that it meant to play music or sounds.

One thing that sets it apart is that it’s meant to take a beating. Other speakers in this class seem like they might be crushed or fall apart if they get bounced around too much, but the Altec Lansing Orbit seems like it was born rugged and ready for some action in a mobile lifestyle. You get the speaker, the connector, the user manual, and a quick start guide so you can begin using it properly right away.

What People Are Saying
People are pretty much raving about this speaker, saying it’s nice to have something so portable, but also sound the way it does. There are also plenty of people that are surprised by the type of sound it produces, for being so small. They say that even when you turn the volume up it still sounds good, and there’s even bass. People said that it’s good for places like hotels, taking it with you to parks for picnics or days at the beach, or even while you’re working out at home.

Final Altec Lansing Orbit Review

We’re giving the Altec Lansing Orbit our Thumbs Up review. It’s not often you find something that works so well, and with such a simple and straightforward design. If you can afford to, we recommend going with the latest model of Orbit, as this will get you the clearest sound available. It’s been compared to two cans of tuna, or two hockey pucks stacked on top of each other. This makes it bigger than most capsule speakers, but you’ll hardly notice it when traveling, and you’ll appreciate the extra size when you hear the sound.

Our Recommendation
You want to choose wisely when getting a portable speaker set. If you don’t you’ll just end up buying set after set until you get it right. You don’t want to bargain basement this purchase, because if you add up a bunch of $10 speaker sets you could have just gotten something like the Altec Lansing Orbit and been done with it, and listened to high quality sound the whole time.

What do you think? Does Altec Lansing Orbit work or not?


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Robby May 5, 2012 at 4:02 am

Was looking for a video review of this and found your website. I like your reviews – really informative.

I have a few altec lansing products and have never been let down so this is something I definitely plan on getting this for when I need some quality sound on the go. The pod looks great and the price might sound steep for something so small but trust me it’s priced just right if you consider other HIGHER quality portable iPhone speakers.


Andres Vargas July 29, 2013 at 3:06 pm

I really like this one. I dropped it out of my moving car (!), okay I wasn’t going really fast, but it fell onto the hard road, bounced around and I thought that would be it. I’ve had portable speakers before and they never lasted too long, but this one was fine! It got scuffed and a little chipped obviously, but it still worked fine. The batteries didn’t even fall out! So if you’re looking for a really good speaker (They’re not too loud but the sound quality is awesome) that can take some damage and keep working, then I recommend this series of speakers to anyone.


Josh B. August 9, 2013 at 6:58 pm

Wow, for a minuscule speaker that’s incredibly durable. As long as they provide high quality sound, that’s what make them worth it. I may consider this for my desktop computer at home. You mentioned was very minimal which isn’t bad at all. Sound quality is something I’m always monitor before considering speakers and earphones. Despite not having the loudest sound, at least it’s crisp and can still be enjoyable in the long run.


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