Does Ashley Madison Have Someone That You May Want Or Need?

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AshleyAshley Madison says that you should have an affair because life is short. It’s a dating website of sorts but is particularly geared towards married people or those in a committed relationship. They say it’s the most popular service for discreet meetups. The big question is it for you?

What you are going to learn here:

  1. Ashley Madison Is An Open Minded Dating Community
  2. How Popular It Is
  3. The Moral Factor
  4. Addressing Your Concerns
  5. To Profile Or Not
  6. The Cost Factor
  7. The Perks
  8. The Big Decision – Pros and Cons
  9. Take Away

Open Minded Dating Community

Discreet Relationships

Ashley Madison is a site for those who are looking for something on the side.

It should be made very clear that the majority of those who are members of Ashley Madison are not looking for a relationship that would fall into the tradition of being long term and based on loyalty.

How Popular Is Ashley Madison?


Here is what some of the statistics show based on some surveys

One would have to determine how popular it is to have an extra marital relationship to understand the popularity of what the Ashley Madison site is offering.

The percentage of married men who have cheated on their spouse at least once in their life is about 22%.

  • For the women who have been unfaithful, it is 14%.
  • Women who were aware of the infidelity is 30%.
  • For the men who knew their partner was cheating its 46%.

Who Are The Likely Choices?
Then there are surveys that zero in on who would be the likely choices for either the man or woman to choose for their extra curricular affair.

  • For co-workers its 36%
  • With a brother or sister in law its 17%

Keep in mind that when it comes to statistics such as these, they are going to be in general being as a lot of people are really not too keen on revealing their personal information even if it’s done anonymously.

The Morals Behind It?

Relationship Morals

What made the operators of Ashley Madison think there was a market for a site such as this.

It comes down to doing the math.

In 2018 there were 61.24 million married couples in the United States alone.

If we take the 22% of men, who admitted to cheating at least once that would give a male target market of 13.47 million.

Then add 14% for the ladies, which would be 8.57 it gives a total potential target market of approximately 22 million.

What is The Estimated Membership of Ashley Madison?


The indicators are that the site’s database amounts to 30 million.

Global OutReach

Somewhat over the estimate but keep in mind that the United States is not the only country where this business operates. They have members from what they are saying is more than fifty countries.

A Comeback

When looking at it in this perspective, then the company has not fully tapped the number of potential users. However, keep in mind that the company has been making a comeback since its huge data breach in 2015.

New Approach

According to Paul Keable, who is the chief strategy officer for Ashely Madison since the data breach, they have been able to add 32 million new users. However, they are only marketing in three or four countries presently.

Not Alone

Dating Popularity

You now have an understanding of how popular Ashley Madison is. You now know that you are not alone in wanting to have an affair. At this point, you most likely want to have some of your concerns addressed if you are thinking of having an affair. However, if the concept of this dating site is not for you there are  some great alternatives that might appeal more to your morals. Keeping in mind that some of them are age specific.

Addressing Your Concerns

Most who are thinking of joining Ashley Madison have some concerns.



No doubt, the first thing on your mind is privacy. There is no way you want to experience what many did as a result of the data breach in 2015. So let’s look at discretion.

Concern #1: What Has Ashley Madison done to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself by way of a data breach:

The Answer: According to an article on Forbes, Paul Keeble states:

“We can say to members—we heard your concerns and we addressed them. Some things they’ll see, like two-factor authentication, some they don’t. The biggest issue in cybersecurity is phishing activities and people’s own security. We describe security as a Sisyphean task. Every day we push the boulder up the hill. That’s not a negative, but every day is fresh eyes, start afresh.” Forbes.

  • In addition this the site itself says:
    You cannot link your account to any of your other social networks.
  • They recommend using a dedicated private email address for the account.
  • Payments can be made by credit card or Paypal. The card is charged as online services. If you are using the app, payments are handled by a third party. So you are protected in case of payment tracking.

The rest is up to you to ensure your use of the site is kept private such as not sharing the information that you are a member of the site. Or allowing others to see you when you are logged on.


Profile Information

A lot of people don’t like giving out too much information about themselves.

Concern #2: How much information do you have to provide in order to register?

The Answer: Not much really compared to some of the traditional dating sites. What is required is your sex, weight, height, age, and marital status. You can also use a pen name rather than your real name. However, you do need to provide a valid email address.

When does The Action Begin?


Once you have decided to join, you want to know how long before you can start conversing.

Concern #3:You will want to know when you are going to be able to start getting in touch with others and vice versa.

The Answer: To kick start you the site will give you a list of compatibles (based on your zip or postal code) that they feel are best suited for you. This can be your starting point.
When someone is interested in reaching out to you, then you will get notifications.

The Cost

You know there is going to be some costs involved, and this may be of a concern if you are on a budget.

Concern #4: How much is this going to cost?

The Answer: Once you decide that you want to make contact now it’s going to cost you financially. BUT, there is a catch as this is only applicable to the men. Women get to use the services here for free.

However, the men can send their first message with no charge. From that point on any further contact or new contacts means paying for the privilege with credits that covers chats and letters.

Take a look below for more cost details.


Providing Pictures


You are probably a little anxious about your images and curious about the ones you will be able to view.

Concern #5: What kind of images can be uploaded?

The Answer: You have the option to upload images, and you can also alter them to be discreet. Such as you can blur sections or apply a mask. Then when the right person comes along, you can provide them with a key to access the images in a clear version.

To Profile Or Not To Profile

Your registration information is basically your profile. If you want to expand on this, you can go through the site’s profile walk through. This will allow you to add more details, but it is totally optional.

Priority Profile
You can have your profile featured. This means your profile will be flagged and remain in the top three spots according to your area.


Remember, women don’t pay!

Credit PackageCredit BatchesPer Batch(USD)Per Credit
Basic100 credits$59..59 cents each
Classic500 credits$169.34 cents each
Elite1000 credits$289..29 cents each
Note: Prices are examples these can change at any time or be different according to location


Each message sent5 credits
Receiving messages5 credits
Start a live chat30 credits
½ hour of chat30 credits
One hour of chat60 credits
Virtual Gifts20 to 50 credits
Activation fee$19.
Cancellation fee$19.
Profile ViewingFree
Sending WinksFree
Note: These are subject to change

The Perks


There are some extra perks that will come with your membership that do have some benefits to them.

Some may cost you extra so you will need to decide whether it’s worth it.

Golden Status: You get listed in the top three search spots for your area.

Priority Message: Message recipient will see your message at the top of their inbox list.

Quick Reply: The ability to send a full response after receiving an emoticons

Traveling Man: On the go and lonely? No problem you can use this feature to find someone in your area.

User Begins: Someone initiates the message, and you can review it at no cost.

Communication Tools: A toolbox to scale up your experience on the site.

The Big Moment – Making The Decision


It is probably time for you to now make the decision as to whether you are ready for what Ashley Madison has to offer. Consider your personal pros and cons, but also consider these for this dating platform as well.

Getting Down To The Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • There are plenty of members who appear to be satisfied
  • The website is user-friendly
  • There are options for being discreet
  • Additional safety measures have been put in place
  • Members are joining with the same intent
  • Most feel it is price comparable

The Cons:

  • There is an app version, but some are not impressed with its functionality
  • The ads can be annoying

Take Away

If you are looking for a dating site where the majority of the members are like-minded, and you are ready for the type of experience that Ashley Madison is prepared to offer then give it a try.

 Be sure to share with us your experiences with the Ashley Madison dating site.





54 Customer Reviews on “Does Ashley Madison Have Someone That You May Want Or Need?

  1. Wanted to try this site out, it’s partially legit, but mainly a scam. They send you messages saying they are from a user, these are canned messages that are not from a real person, their system sends out these messages. Was able to chat with a couple women, out of 100 a few are real, and these ladies were expensive sugar babies. Most profiles are bogus, and most the negative reviews here are true.

  2. I’m not sure if any of it is real…aside from a couple of chumps looking to just get lucky and me, someone looking for an actual affair. There does seem to be lots of bots, and actual girls that would vanish in mid sentence (in like a normal conversation), and the rest consists of scammers and prostitutes. Used it for months, havent been able to meet a real person looking for a real affair. Havent even had the chance to have a full conversation with anyone. The whole thing is a total scam. Buyer beware. Also, notice it’s mostly female alias popping up on here saying it works…its AM staffers assuring you that everything is fine

  3. I’ve met five women in person, slept with three, made out with one and didn’t have chem with the other. Of the three women, I’ve had a longer-term affair that has been very satisfying with one. I’ve also chatted with a couple other women and enjoyed that too.

    For the guys saying they wasted $50-70 bucks, well, my advice is if you think that’s a lot of money, you should pick another hobby. Not many ladies want to have sex in your car. You may be all that, but the women control the thing you want, so you need to adapt to them and show them you can afford to treat them right. Bitching about $50 doesn’t really communicate that very well.

    Are there scammers? Probably, but in my credit history AM has refunded credits for messages I sent to bogus profiles. In fact, I got one this morning.

    The women I slept with told me they liked my messages. Why? They were well written and were humorous. If you aren’t either of those, then you are going to have a problem.

    The last bit of advice – they all want to see a cock, they just don’t want to see it before they decide if they are interested in you, so for the love of god, keep your profile pics PG. They will actually be more interested in you if they don’t think you’re a pig.

  4. Tried AM for a week and was not impressed. Snotty responses and just a feel of the same old dating website formula (i.e. Plentyoffish, Lavalife….etc . A great hustle for the owner(s) I’m certain.

  5. I tried it and used up all my credits on about half a dozen profiles that responded to my profile. Every single one of them turned out to be a fake profile trying to scam me in to signing up to crappy porn sites poorly disguised as ‘dating verification’ sites.
    Maybe it’s just a lack of legitimate users in my particular city (a city of 2 million people I might add). When I get a 100% hit rate of scammers then there’s no point continuing.

  6. i agree with you.
    i’m man living in japan. I finally could find 2 good womens
    Still not meet , but are exchange message, building a friendship.
    Womans must understand the mens position into the website because for us is very har to know if that woman orofile is not a fake. For this reason, i just add to favorites to check later. Please, do not discard who add you as favorite. For mens cost a lot of time and efforts to find real and good womens there.
    Actually im very surprised to find 2 goods womans. Im talking with them right now by messenger app or into ashleymadison messenger.
    This website , i guarantee is not scam. Just must have patience and some cautions.

  7. I subscribed first time in 2018-November.
    I got very frustrated because nobody give any answer.
    I sent email to support to complain about too many fake profiles and hookers and told to them my insatisfaction.
    I decided to read reviews. Of course, most of revuews gives low rate and do not recommend the service at all.
    However, i could found many reviews giving good rate and many useful tips to be successful into this environment.
    First of all you must be very patient.
    You have to write well on your profile information about yourself, about what you looking for.
    Be discreet and detailed, but not boring or negative. Be honest, sincere, then you will get many requests from REAL WOMEN,…
    Be very careful with hoikers and fake profiles.
    Avoid single womens and try the married ones.
    Avoid big cities, try to searching in smaller cities. For example, i living in Japan.
    The province where i living do not have enougth female profiles. Only 6 profiles and seems all abandoned..
    So my option is searching in another provinces.
    Tokyo has thousands of profiles… but very very difficult to trust what is real or not because cost credits for the first contact.
    You must have a lot of patience checking one by one.
    Avoid profiles with photos, specially if the photo is too sexy, too beauty, too good to be true.. Normally, these are all hookers/prostitutes or fake profiles.
    Searching profiles with hidden photos or without any photos, you will get high rate response.
    Do not discard the chubby ladies!! Some of them are slim!! Of course most of them are fat.. LOL.. but, who cares?.. At least you will make a friendship with a woman and from this woman you may know anothers that she recommend.. Its a investment LOL..

    Well.. in fact not so easy. You must have a good appeal. Must have a good look. Dont need to be rich.. Just a good look. Womens want affair with handsome guys.
    If you has a good face and good body, you do not smoke or get drunk, your chances increase a lot.
    If you are not a handsome guy… sorry.. Will be very hard to earn the confidence of beauty woman.
    Despite of all, the key is be sincere. You will build a secret relationship, then both sides must be honest each other. Be very clear, do not hesitate that you want SEX,SEX,SEX.. because if you say if are not interested in sex, you are a liar..
    Be very honest.

    About the website tools. Must be very carefull with traps that eat your credits.
    Never send priority messages. Pure wasteful. Dont make any difference.
    Buy 1000 credits to start. I know, expensive, but you will need and if you pay attentuon on my advices, using only 200~400 credit you will find and have date with dozens of womens.

    Ourchase the option “MIC” member initiate contact. This option allows to answer messages for free without any limitation.
    Once you get the first contact, you can keep send and receiving messages for free.
    Be a gentleman with the womans. Be sincere, talk why you are frustrated with your marriage and ask to her why she is lookning for an affair.
    Be very clear that you refuse prostitutes. This way you will filter them.
    Dont send winks!! Many womans discard and block you!!
    Because 99% of guys just send tons of winks.
    Send a good message on first contact. Do not copy and paste the same message to every woman!‘!
    Read the woman profile and try to send your message according to her desires.
    Avoid womans without any description on their profiles. Those are normally inactive or abandoned profiles. Target your efforts on profiles with clear and objective description.

    Do not use the chat at all!!!! Never use that chat!!

    Thats all!! Good luck!
    Im not paid by ashleymadison!! This is a honest review! Believe it

  8. I’m a woman in my late 40’s. I hated getting the rude messages and winks and favorites. It is a process-of-elimination game for us. Men send ridiculous requests and then get offended when we don’t respond. But ladies, if you go looking for a good profile and are patient enough, there are wonderful normal men out there! I found two so far, am on my second AM relationship going on six months now. I think we are saving each other’s marriage. I am happy at home now with this man to look forward to once a week. We are trying stuff I had never even heard about, and having so much fun. Guys having no luck, here is a tip: You don’t have to write us about how you only want a FWB that gives blowjobs. We know already. You’re welcome.

  9. I’m a woman who was on it for a day and a half. It was fun, but overwhelming. I never really wanted to meet anyone in person, I wanted nasty chat which was really fun! I found myself looking at my phone much more than I usually do, to the detriment of my real-life activities. Mostly I was there for fun and validation. When your husband doesn’t touch you, it really sucks. It was great to feel some excitement and adventure! Male users: communicate with your partner about sex, about your desires and needs. Ask what hers are! If she totally not interested, talk about an open relationship. My partner probably wouldn’t go for it, but more couples should do it. Oh, and if she agrees to an open relationship, be prepared for her to get more dates than you!

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