Does Auto Safety Master Opener Really Work?

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Does the Auto Safety Master Opener really work?If you or someone you love has trouble opening things you might have some interest in the Auto Safety Master Opener. It’s supposed to be able to open 5 different types of bottles and cans in one handy dandy unit. But does it really work, and would you actually use it around the house to open things?

We’ll all struggled to open a container at some point in our lives. Especially as we get older, or those with a case of arthritis will know, things seem to be getting harder to open as we go along. Many different products are coming out in order to fill this need.

Some of them are battery powered, while others are basically a rubber cloth that you put on the outside of a jar. They’re all intended to be helpful, but does this one measure up?

The Claim
The Auto Safety Master Opener claims that it can open five different types of bottles and cans. It can help you open a bottle of soda, it can help remove the lid from a metal can that has a pull tab, it can safely open a tin can by cutting the outer rim, and it

The Hype
There is only a little bit of hype with this product. Most of us can manage to open a plastic pop bottle with no trouble, but sometimes it does get stuck on there pretty tight. Other cans and bottles are also easy to open and wouldn’t really need a gadget. But, even if it makes it a little easier, it might be worth it.

The Cost
It costs $20 plus shipping of about $7 if you choose the slowest method. This is little pricey for an opener, even if it does do exactly what it claims to and is of high quality manufacturing.

The Commitment
To get your full money’s worth you’ll want to use this opener every chance you get, even if maybe you don’t really need to. We all open lots of different containers every day, so there should be ample opportunity to put it through its paces.

For cans that have a pull tab it works great. Sometimes it’s hard and it hurts to get a fingernail under the tab, and it the lid that you have to handle is sharp and can be dangerous. The Auto Safety Master Opener works wonders on this, as it provides the exact tool for getting under the tab, and then gives leverage so that you can easily pop it off.

It’s got a little nub on it that is designed to pry up a jar lid to break the vacuum seal. This can be handy and more effective than using a spoon, a knife, or the edge of a countertop. Once the suction is released, the lid comes right off. That’s what you’re fighting with when you try to open a glass jar with a metal lid that is still factory sealed.

The bottle opener is pretty standard, and works of course. It is nice that they include this, so you can replace the one you currently have in your drawer.

The best test came when we tried to use the can opener feature. Since it claimed that you could open the can without cutting into it like conventional ones do, and by cutting around the side of the rim, this piqued our interest. And just like it showed, it worked very well and we didn’t have to exert a lot of effort. Just with a few easy turns it went around and did its thing. It’s even got a little pincher that lets you grab the lid without using your fingers. Handy.

Does the Auto Safety Master Opener Really Work?

Most definitely. The Auto Safety Master Opener passed all of its tests and works as described. The best feature is the can opener, it slides effortless around the rim of the can and produces a nice clean lid that is easily removed with the pinchers on the gadget.

Our Recommendation
Pick this up if any of those container types give you trouble. It’s great to have in the utensil drawer, and to whip out whenever something is giving you a hard time.

What do you think? Does the Auto Safety Master Opener really work?

Customer Review on “Does Auto Safety Master Opener Really Work?

  1. I’m constantly going through can openers that end up failing on me sooner or later. I have one currently that doesn’t work like it used to, and I loved it because it was able to make a clean cut around the lid so that I didn’t have to worry about contaminating my food with a lid that fell into it or cutting my fingers with a sharp lid either. But lately, it hasn’t been grabbing the cans like it used to, and it doesn’t cut through the cans efficiently anymore. It’s more trouble than it’s worth, so I’m going to look into purchasing this product instead to replace it, and hopefully it will last longer.

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