Can I Win Products on Beezid for 94% OFF Retail?

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beezidOnline auctions are huge business on the Internet and Beezid is one with a twist. It offers the bidder the chance to get their hands on an item for a tiny fraction of the price that it would cost in a big box store. It does also require an element of risk, so should you trust this online penny auction site?

On Beezid, before you can start bidding, you must buy a pack of bids. Once you have paid for these bids you can use them to auction on any product on the site. When a bid is placed on an item, the price of this item is increased by a pre-set amount which is normally one cent. All items that are sold on Beezid start at $0.00 and have a timer that will run down to a certain time which is a minimum sell time.

Each bid that is placed after the deadline will push the price of the item up by $0.01 and will increase the remaining time by anywhere between 7 seconds and 5 minutes. The winner of the item will be the person that has placed the last bid before the timer reaches zero. The winning bidder will then pay the amount that the auction finished at.

The Claim
Beezid claims that “winners enjoy average savings of 94%” which is an astonishing savings on any type of product. This is, however, not entirely true as the price that the consumer pays does not include the initial expenditure that is spent to buy the bids which can be as much as $1 per bid. Therefore, although the claim is technically true, you can actually end up spending as much as the item would cost in a store due to buying the bids. There is of course also the chance that you could get extremely lucky and win an item at the first try and therefore only pay for the price of 1 bid and the end price of the auction which will almost certainly be a tiny price compared to the recommended retail store value.

The Hype
The attraction of this penny auction website is clear, as huge savings can be had on many different types of products. But there is an element of luck and risk in the process by which items are won. The people that get the best prices for the lowest number of bids appear to be those that have invested a great deal of time and money into online penny auctions and therefore have developed a set of skills and tactics to be successful. That being said, there is no real defined way that these auctions should be approached, as it does all come down to a great deal of luck.

The Cost
The lowest priced bid package gives the user 30 bids and costs $27 which equates to $0.90 per bid. This is the priciest package per bid and is probably best for beginners that are new to penny auctions. The largest bid package that is offered is for 1,000 bids which are priced at $550 meaning that each bid will cost the consumer $0.55.

The Commitment
In penny auctions it is absolutely vital to be bidding on the product at the right time. There is no use in bidding before the deadline as it is highly unlikely that it will get through. Once a bid is placed, the users account is debited 1 bid and they are committed to paying the final selling price of the auction.

The range of items that are sold on Beezid is extremely wide. Electrical items such as computers, phones, music players and home conveniences are the most popular items and receive the most bids which make them harder to win. Jewellery, artist sets ,and children’s toys and equipment are also highly regarded.

Under the best circumstances, a consumer can spend $0.90 on a bid and commit to winning an item for $10 that could cost $200-300. On the flipside, you could spend $100 on placing up to 100 bids for an item and come away with nothing.

Final Beezid Review

Beezid can be used to grab a bargain but it is not guaranteed and so should not be used as a regular shopping auction site. It can however become addictive, like gambling, and so should be treated with care and bids should always be calculated.

Our Recommendation
Beezid offers 10 free bids to every new customer and so it is recommended that before any user buys a pack of bids, you should use these 10 free bids wisely. This will give you an indication as to how the website works and you should then only buy bids if you feel that you could win some items.

What Do You Think? Does Beezid Really Work?

5 Customer Reviews on “Can I Win Products on Beezid for 94% OFF Retail?

  1. Sounds like a scam or it is a scam you want to just give your money away, hell I’ll take it off your hands with a lot less stress.

  2. The Bee and the Zid By: Joe Burden

    In a faraway land, on the very top of small hill, there was a large oak tree. But this oak tree wasn’t just any old oak tree. This oak tree contained a small lonely bee, that would never leave its home, because it was so selfish to put TONS OF SMALL PRICED ITEMS ON THE INTERNET, ONLY TO MAKE PEOPLE PAY FOR A STUPID LITTLE BID!!!!!!!!! And then the bee decided to DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

  3. interesting. I actually joined Beezid a while back, thinking I’d give it a try, but never did because it felt too scammy. I watched the video and that seems like a pretty good deal that the guy got a $1000 camera for only $100 something. However, you have to wonder how many items he bid on and didn’t win, since you have to pay for those bids. As said in the article, it’s like gambling, and you’re probably competing against other users who know a lot more about the ins and outs of penny auctions than you, so I’d be careful and I think I’ll skip this one.

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