Is Bigspot a Scam? Can I Get Paid to Take Surveys?

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Does BigSpot really work?If you’re strapped for cash and have seen a BigSpot promotion on TV you’ve no doubt wondered could this possibly work? The thought of answering some easy yes or no style questions in order to make some pocket money is quite tempting.

Taking online surveys is nothing new. It’s been around since close to the dawn of the Internet as a favorite get-rich-quick scheme for those that want to work from home. The danger of falling for a paid surveys scam is that it sounds really cushy being able to sit at a computer and make money for doing something very quick and easy. The old adage of something being too good to be true holds true in this instance.

The Claim
The claim made by BigSpot is that you’ll get paid by telling companies your opinion on the products that they have. They make it clear that you won’t get rich by taking their surveys, but they also misrepresent by overstating the type of reward you’ll get for taking surveys, and understating how many hoops you’ll have to jump through to get anything in return.

The Hype
The hype is that this is one website that advertises on TV. There aren’t many websites that have the budget to put commercials on television. Giant sites like GoDaddy or Google can spend that kind of dough, but usually most companies spend their advertising dollars on online ads.

The Cost
It doesn’t cost any money to sign up for BigSpot, or to sign up for their initial offers. That’s their shtick, By making it seem like you’ll get paid for doing nothing but answering surveys and giving your opinion, it seems innocent enough. In addition to giving these companies the answers to their surveys, you’re also giving them your contact information, and this can cost you your peace of mind.

The Commitment
You do have to submit your information and supply the answers to these companies in order for anything to happen. BigSpot won’t take the surveys for you, they just provide you with a bunch of CPA offers that you’ll have to fill out.

CPA (Cost Per Action) offers mean that the customer actually has to do stuff in order for the affiliate to get paid. By presenting these offers as paid surveys, BigSpot is taking advantage of naive Internet users that think they might be getting one over on these companies.

Perhaps this is why they advertise on television, because the Internet-using demographic that watches TV and then goes to the websites they see advertised on it are more gullible and more likely to complete the offers. More Internet savvy users can recognize a CPA offer a mile away and either wouldn’t fill it out, or wouldn’t expect any cash or prizes for doing so, having been burned one too many times.

There are hundreds of sites like BigSpot, but what makes them different is that they advertise heavily on TV, which gives them an air of credibility. On their home page they say that there are no catches involved in the deal. This is a straight up lie.

No business model would be complete without money flowing into it, and companies aren’t going to pay for survey answers alone. But they will pay for things like your social security number, your phone number, or your zip code.

Bigspot a scam?: Our Final Bigspot Revoew

BigSpot works, but only for the owners of BigSpot. By signing you up for promotional offers, they’re collecting big affiliate payouts every time. You may at some point get some sort of kickback, but it will be for becoming a warm lead for some company.

What will then happen is they give BigSpot an amount ranging from $1 for something like your email address or zip code, all the way to $25 or more for more sensitive information like your Social Security number or verifying your credit card number.

Our Recommendation
Avoid Bigspot. All you’ll end up doing is handing over your personal information and subjecting yourself to a barrage of emails, phone calls, or junk mail, depending on how much of your info you give up. If you want to make money online from your computer you should start your own website instead of thinking you’ll make a living off of someone else’s.

What do you think? Does Bigspot really work?

26 Customer Reviews on “Is Bigspot a Scam? Can I Get Paid to Take Surveys?

  1. i would like to give it a try.i have tried other surveys, they say i have earn money.then i had to flll other surveys in order to get the money which i never received.

  2. Sir, you will not even get a job picking up trash if you can’t speak or write any better than you do. If you graduated past Grade 3, I would be surprised and totally disgusted with your grade school teachers. Boggles the mind.

  3. Please tell us the name of the Companies, you deal with 200 every 20 minutes please? I am disabled, and could use extra money to pay bills. Thank you Annae.

  4. ok so just gonna put this out there: there are jobs that are easy but require actual intelligence and the use of common since, and then there are jobs that stupid people can do like 9 – 5 jobs.
    pro’s of 9-5 jobs… you dont have to think too much in order to do them well
    you dont have to worry about week to week income, because unless your full blown moronic and or cant take being told what to do you’ll most likely keep your job.
    con’s of 9-5 jobs… you work an entire hour and usually only earn $7.25 to $13 at best so you have to work a 40 hour week to sustain yourself which leaves you with little to no personal time after you take away the time consumed by getting the right amount of sleep.
    now here are the con’s for online and work from home jobs…
    you cant be closed minded aka an idiot.
    you won’t find many opportunities that work well that you don’t have to invest in because online and work from home jobs aren’t careers where you work for someone else. they are business where you have to be your own boss which takes more then 1 braincell and you have to think things through and it never turns into just a ritual like 9 to 5s do.
    and finally the pro’s of online work.
    you can legitimately make several hundred dollars in not just days but from my own personal experience in as little as 20 minutes. so that already blows a hole in the 9-5 jobs are better idea.
    you work your own hours so you can take time off whenever you decide to. i never work for more then 8 hours in a single week. im not filthy rich but im not flat broke either.

    my tip to you is not to rely on what someone else says about what you should and shouldnt do when working from home unless you know them online and think they are trustworthy. often times when you ask for advice on the internet for find work you will get someone just trying to recruit you to the own cause so they can make money off of bringing you in. the only way to become truly successful online is to build experiences of your own and go with the methods that work best for you that you find through experience, not through someone else’s words. so basicly until you experience something for yourself business wise online keep in mind no one that says anything other then someone in your personal like will have actual credibility.

  5. i would like to earn extra cash in the evenings doing surveys, but i do not want to get scammed, please let me know which sites and survey companies are safe. thanks tammie

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