Does the Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch Really Work?

Does it realy work?

Does the Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch Work?If you have some golf enthusiasts in your family and you want to impress them with a new gift and something that just might help them improve their game, then you will want to check out Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch. No, this isn’t meant to just remind them that it’s time to go home, but it’s also a very innovative resource to help golfers make some good choices.

With the Golf Season rapidly approaching the more northern climates are preparing for the golf season and the sport being played endlessly around the world in the warmer climates invariably there are more and more people looking for a way to get a slight edge over their opponents. Or simply trying to get their own game in as a good a shape as possible many look towards the latest gadget to help them do both of those things. The Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch is designed to help in the most practical way possible.

The Claim
The claim is that by using the Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch you get all the information required to make a good club selection no matter where in the world you are playing your current round of golf.

The Hype
The hype is recognized by the incredible amount of data that this Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch contains in such a small package and the wearability of the unit as well.

The Cost
The cost for the Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch is $149.98. Pretty reasonable for a unit like this and cheaper than some that do not offer the same functions or ability to be worn on the wrist for convenience.

The Commitment
Not much commitment required for the Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch other than the desire to improve your game by relying on technology to give you the information that until lately required the services of a knowledgeable Caddy at the course you were on was able to provide.

The Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watchis pretty good piece of kit for the very committed golfer. It has the course information for over 35,000 golf courses that span the globe in over 30 countries. That is pretty committed indeed! The information gives you the ability to know exactly how many yards it is to every green and hazard on the course and also gives you a distance calculator to figure out what is left on your approach to the hole after you first sand subsequent shots. The unit advances from hole to hole with you automatically so that you never have to input where you currently are to get the required information.

Final Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch Review

The Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch gives you all the information you need to make shot and club selections as easy as can be and even offers a step counter so that you know how much you have walked throughout your game. The easy readability and the fact that you can wear it on your wrist make it a great unit for the serious golfer and the amateur as well.

Our Recommendation
Great company, Bushnell, and a great and useful product add up to a winner for this Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch. If you feel that more info will make your game better than there is no better product on the market that will give you that in such an easy to use design and reliable form. You may want to check out some of the other golf resources that we have talked about.

What do you think? Does the Bushnell Neo Ion GPS Golf Watch work or not?


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