Does Business Credit Jumpstart Really Work?

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Does Business Credit Jumpstart really workBusiness Credit Jumpstart is for those that want cash for their business without using personal credit. Who wouldn’t want to have more money to grow their business? This is one of those programs that seems too good to be true, but also plausible. It’s no secret that certain businesses get loans and credit from banks and other lenders, so it seems possible that you may be able to get $93,000 in three months like the guru claims he did. But is this system something that will provide these results?

Business credit programs like these have been around for decades now all promising quick access to cash without using your personal information or your personal credit history. They also say that you won’t have to put up anything as collateral for the money you receive. This is different than the programs out there that focus on getting government grants for your business. What this does is establishes business credit, allowing you to get loans that you’ll have to repay with your business proceeds.

The Claim
The basic claim is that you can get loads of cash money to grow or expand, or even start your business. This will appeal to many people that feel like their businesses plateaued or are just trying to get something going. The major concern most people have is with their less-than-perfect personal credit history, and they think this will stop them from getting a business loan.

Business Credit Jumpstart is designed so that you don’t have to put up your own personal information to guarantee the loans. He says that there are tons of lenders willing to give cash even though we are technically in a “credit crunch”. From the sounds of things it seems like the rules that apply to individuals do not apply to corporations and businesses.

The Hype
The hype is that this is not free money, and you will eventually have to pay back with interest. This means that your business needs to be able to turn a profit, and you need to get a return on your investment. You may think that your business can just go bankrupt and it won’t affect your personal financial life. But lenders have a way of finding out who owns the business and can still come after you for repayment. In the legal world this is called “piercing the corporate veil”.

The Commitment
The money is not going to fall in your lap, so you’re going to have to fill out the applications, listen to all of the training modules in the program, and be the one to represent your business. You’ll also need to legitimize things by filing the necessary paperwork to establish your business in your state so that you can properly fill out the forms needed.

Business Credit Jumpstart is not the only product of its kind, so it is not your only choice when it comes to finding a program to help you establish business credit. Keep in mind that you have other options, and this is not the end-all be-all of business credit systems.

That being said, it’s got a lot of good things going for it including a membership area that is supposedly updated with new lenders that are currently giving out cash. You get access to this for 30 days when you sign-up for the program. It’s also laid out pretty well, so you just have to follow sequential steps and you should be on your way to your first business loan.

It’s important to remember that when you form a corporation you’re forming a new entity. You yourself may have limitations because you’ve marred your personal credit, but your business is starting fresh and hasn’t made any mistakes yet if it is a new business. It is just a matter of establishing your business in the eyes of the lenders so they are willing to give you the money you need to take things to the next level.

Even though the claim of Business Credit Jumpstart is you won’t have to show any business plans, you should still have a well-thought-out strategy on how you plan to use the money to make more money. For example, if you are in the business of making websites you should have a plan on how to make more websites with the money you receive and sell them for a profit. This way you can repay the loans and keep the difference. Once you repay your initial loan it should be easier to get a larger amount next time, so you can scale your operations.

Final Business Credit Jumpstart Review

As long as you take the claim of being able to generate tens of thousands of dollars in a short amount of time with a grain of salt, you’ll probably get a lot of benefit from Business Credit Jumpstart. Is not clear whether or not you really don’t have to use your personal credit information to get the loans. If you have an established business this might be a case, but if your business is brand-new it seems lenders would need some sort of backing.

Our Recommendation
Definitely give Business Credit Jumpstart a try because the worst that can happen is you won’t be able to get a loan and you will be in the same spot you’re in now. Best case scenario you’ll have an influx of cash and you can finally take your business where you’ve always dreamed.

What do you think? Does Business Credit Jumpstart work or not?

Customer Review on “Does Business Credit Jumpstart Really Work?

  1. Interesting concept and one to try if your looking to borrow money for your business. I think a lot of folks with good credit probably use this strategy also.

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