Do Chatbots Really Work?

Do Chatbots Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Do the Chatrobots Work?If you are planning on starting an online business or have one already then you no doubt want to rely on the best business resources to help you scale up its profitability. So can chatbots be instrumental in helping you do this?

There are many different applications where chatbots can be used in a business. One of the most common uses is in the customer services and sales departments. Instead of having to have a human answer the queries that come into the company it can be done with a chat robot.

The Claim
There are a lot of Companies that are now producing chatbot software. They range from being very basic to being highly sophisticated. They types are usually those that run off of artificial intelligence platforms.

The Hype
The hype surrounding chatbots all revolves around what they are capable of. This will depend on the caliber of the chatbot product that you are purchasing. Some of their capabilities are absolutely astounding. Those that are quality made are able to be so impressive that the customer is hard pressed to know that they are not actually dealing with a live person.

The Cost
It is near impossible to give a price on chatbots because the technology that is delivering results is very new. Plus, they can be highly customized which they should be for a client’s specific use. Therefore the pricing on them is going to vary a great deal. At the moment as you can expect these do not come cheap and like any new product they will probably only be affordable for the large conglomerates who can afford the high pricing. As more competition steps into the marketing scene however, you should see the prices begin to drop and scaled down versions will become available for the small business.

The Commitment
The commitment that is going to have to be made is to first build your trust in putting your client’s needs into the hands of a robot. Then you are going to have to work very closely for a period of time with the Company that will be customizing your chatbot for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you think chat robots are a good thing or not, there are here to stay and most likely are going to become a leading topic among business owners in the next year. They are powerful in that not only can they answer the queries of a customer but they can gain knowledge from the customer’s responses then store that knowledge to better their performance. Plus, they have the ability to gather massive amounts of information, store it, organize it and discard that which is of no value. This type of information is critical to the company owners who can use it for better insight of their Companies. It allows them to do more accurate forecasting, identify weaknesses, and use the analytics to scale up their business.

Final Chatbots Review

We are giving a thumbs up to chatbots in general and not focusing on any specific brand at the moment because Companies who are specializing in this are just on the horizon of production. The technology is what we are focusing on and this is what we are basing our opinion on.

Our Recommendation
Don’t be fooled into thinking that chatbots are the first robots to hit the business world. There are already many different versions of robots that are being used and a good example is the Forex Robot.

What do you think? Do Chatbots work or not?


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