Does Cinnamon Really Work Against High Fat Meals?

Does Cinnamon Work against high fat meal? There is no doubt that many of us enjoy those scrumptious meals that come with a lot of high fat content. Then we just can’t resist those yummy deserts especially if they have been spiked with cinnamon! While we certainly know this type of meal doesn’t rank high on the healthy meal list, maybe the one good thing about all of this is the cinnamon, and what role it could have it helping to ward off the dangerous repercussions of the fatty meal, when cinnamon is part of the fatty dish.

There actually has been a study conducted that shows that spices like Tumeric and Cinnamon could help reduce the bad effects that the body experiences originating from the fatty food. One of the downfalls of having a meal high in fat is the increase in triglycerides.

The Claim
According to the medical experts having a meal too often comprised of too much fat does indeed raise the triglycerides in the blood, and if this occurs too often it can raise the risk of having a heart attack. This latest study regarding adding spices to a meal that is fat laden could reduce the ill effects of the fat in respect to the triglycerides by about 30%.

The Hype
When it comes to medical studies and what their results produce you really cannot call it hype. If there are positive findings then of course it is good news and could have a substantial effect on the health of individuals that pertinent to the health study. In this case while it certainly is good that it may be that a spice such as cinnamon can help to reduce the effects of a fatty meal, it doesn’t mean that all one has to do is make sure they utilize these spices with this type of meal, and they don’t have to be concerned about the effects.

The Cost
Relating to cost here is certainly not going to be in a monetary form. Cost here relates to the health of the individual who is keen on consuming a fatty meal especially if it is on a regular basis. As mentioned studies have already shown what ill effects it can have on the fat content in the blood, and we haven’t even mentioned those extra pounds, and increased inches around the waistline that could also be a direct result of the fat foods.

The Commitment
If you really are convinced even with just this one study concerning spices like cinnamon and the role they can play in your diet and health, then it would be worth committing to doing even further research as to what other potential benefits this spice could have on your health. This is a very common spice and one that is enjoyed by many. In a lot of cases though, those that love their desserts relate their intake of cinnamon along with apple pie or rice pudding. Both of which many will argue are not considered members of the healthy diet.

Most often when a spice is found to be good for you it often means that you would have to consume such large quantities of it that it just isn’t feasible. In the case of the cinnamon along with the Tumeric in the study we talked about here it was also combined with many other types of spices. In a case such as this one probably should not just assume that it was the cinnamon alone that did the good deed of lowering the triglycerides.

Final Cinnamon and High Fat Meals Review

We are going to give the cinnamon as part of the spices to be included in a meal that is high in fat a thumbs up. Not just because of the findings of this study, but because of the history of the medicinal effects this spice has in relation to other potential health problems.

Our Recommendation
We really do recommend that you refrain from the fatty meals, because there is ample and solid information as to just how much harm this type of meal can do to most people. At the same time we do encourage the implementation of spices into the diet because of the benefits that can be derived from them. If you are going to take our recommendation regarding the spices then make sure you buy the best quality, use fresh and organic when possible, and for your collection of dried spices then storing them with be easy when you check out our review on the Spicy Shelf.

What do you think? Does Cinnamon against high fat meals work or not?

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