Does Clean + Green Really Work?

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Does Clean + Green Work? One of the most modern trends that is taking place today is for consumers to buy as many natural products as possible, not only for their own safety but for the preservation of the environment. As a result there are tons of products that are being as promoted as fitting into this category just like Clean + Green, but the question is what makes this particular product any better than the rest?

Depending on where you come across information concerning the Clean + Green, you may find just a few products being promoted within this line or several. For example, in the As Seen on TV promo there are three specific products being promoted. These are the Clean + Green for Hardwood & Tile, the Clean + Green Fabric Refresher, and the Clean + Green for carpet, which is the main focus product of this particular offer.

The Claim
It is important to really look at the claims carefully to see whether the information you are looking at is focusing on the brand Clean + Green in general, or on one of the products within the product line. In the TV offer the text making the claims speaks in general of the brand,but the main image is promoting the Carpet product. The marketing appears to be centering around their patented Earth Smart Cleaning Technology.

The Hype
The hype for the carpet cleaner is placed on natural ingredients, easy to use as it requires no scrubbing or rinsing, and is hypoallergenic as well as fragrance free. The focus is put on it being safe for the kids, pets and planet. These are the main important factors to consumers who are interested in environmentally friendly products.

The Cost
If you are ordering through the TV offer you would be paying about $28.including the shipping and handling for one can of the Clean + Green for Carpets and this would include a second can free. Or you can go for the special offer for the Triple Cleaner Bundle which is comprised of the Hardwood & Tile Cleaner, The Fabric Refresher, and the Carpet Cleaner. This would come at a cost of around $42.

The Commitment
Just as you would with any product you are going to have to follow the directions carefully, and review exactly what the products can be used on.

It is important to separate the evaluation here from the Clean + Green Brand and the specific product as the marketing material appears to be targeting both. In our opinion it looks as though the Company is taking a new approach to a product line that has been around for awhile. We took a look at what appears to be the Clean + Green online store related to cleaning products for pet stains. There are multiple products here and while the packaging appears to be different it would seem like the same company as it carries the same brand name. We found it a little confusing as they seem to be offering separate carpet cleaners here for dogs and cats, yet when checking out the ingredient listing which is a little vague they appear to be the same. Now in the TV promo for the carpet cleaner it refers to pets, and does not specifically single it out for just dogs or cats. As mentioned the packaging is different however, compared to what is the store website.

Final Clean + Green Review

We also found this Brand of products on Amazon which there were several of them. We wanted to focus on the customer reviews in order to first determine the credibility of the Brand. Based on what we found we decided to give the Clean + Green a solid Try/Buy. As you will see here as well there are many different products within the Brand. We did find quite a fluctuation in the pricing. For example, on the TV promo it appears as though you are going to pay $19.95 plus shipping and handling for the carpet cleaner. Yet on Amazon the carpet cleaners are pet specific but sell for around $9.99.

Our Recommendation
We think it is important to determine if the Company is offering a new and improved version of the carpet cleaner that is applicable to stain removal for both cats and dogs, or whether it is just taking on a different marketing approach. It should be noted that the promo material also indicates that the TV advertised version of carpet cleaner is applicable to other types of stains and not just those created by the pets. If you are really into the green products you may want to see what we had to say about the Bio Green which is also an environmentally friendly cleaning product.

What do you think? Does Clean + Green work or not?

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