Does Copper Fit Speed Sleeves Really Work?

Does Copper Fit Speed Sleeves Work?When the warm weather hits it seems like a lot of people want to start beating the pavement by getting involved with some running and jogging. Then of course there are those get fit buffs that work out all year long. No matter which category you fit into perhaps you have use for the Copper Fit Speed Sleeves.

The Copper Fit Speed Sleeves have been designed to give you calve support while working out while at the same time reduces pain and prevent potential injuries.

The Claim
The company claims that The Copper Fit Speed Sleeves work so well because of the built-in compression technology as well as the copper ions

The Hype
The hype really focuses around the users being able to extend their workout which in turns helps them to scale up their performance.

The Cost
You get a pair of the Copper Fit Speed Sleeves for $19.99.

The Commitment
First you are going to have to get used to the feel of wearing the Copper Fit Speed Sleeves. Then you are going to have to remember to use them. If you begin to experience all of the benefits that are being promoted then you should notice if you have forgotten to wear them.

First you have to look at the concept of how iron ions are believed to be beneficial for pain. This is not something new and goes back many, many years. This was through the wearing of copper bracelets. It is believed that the copper ions are able to destroy the radicals that cause inflammation which in turn leads to pain. The second factor to consider with the Copper Fit Speed Sleeves is the compression value. This may have more scientific support behind it. You can wear the sleeves at any time, it doesn’t just have to been during exercise. Some individuals that are just starting out with a walking regime will use this type of product while their calve muscles are developing and adjusting.

Final Copper Fit Speed Sleeves Review

We are going to give the Copper Fit Speed Sleeves a Try/Buy rating. We aren’t sure whether the implementation of the copper ions was to keep the product comparable with the Tommy Copper compression line. This particular product seems to be new so it hasn’t proven itself as yet, however the compression aspects that it possesses fit in line with many of the other types of compression products that are on the market. The product is comprised of 82% polyester,14% spandex/jersey,and 4% copper iron fibers.

Our Recommendation
If you feel that the calves of your legs could really benefit from some extra support and increased blood circulation to these areas then you may want to give the Copper Fit Speed Sleeves a try. Before doing so you may want to check out similar products like the Tommie Copper line. This line has received approximately equal pro and cons reviews.

What do you think? Does Copper Fit Speed Sleeves work or not?

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