Does the CTR Theme Really Increase Clicks?

Does it realy work?

Does CTR Theme work?The CTR Theme is a theme designed specifically to increase your click through rate on Google Adsense. This should mean that your income should increase – all else being equal. You could get the same number of visitors to your site, but you will get more clicks, and in theory more revenue from your site. So how well does this really work at increasing your bottom line, and is it worth getting or not?

Click through rate is a measure of how well your ad spots are appealing to your visitors, either visually or with the advertisements they contain. It is a statistic that can be used to tell a lot about your site, but can be interpreted in different ways. If your CTR goes up does that mean
people are left needing more information, and your content wasn’t good enough? Or does it mean that you answered all of their questions and the ad was perfectly relevant and they are now ready to buy the good or service, and they don’t have any more questions?

The Claim
They plainly state that this is the ultimate AdSense theme. Claiming that your WordPress theme will increase your click through rate is somewhat bold. It says that it is using Google’s own recommendations to put your ads in the most effective spots. It also claims to blend the colors used in your ads with the overall color scheme of your site so that they look professional. They will also move your ads around so that visitors don’t become blind to them.

The Hype
The hype is that this is an AdSense product, and it is really easy to get swept away in the promise of making more money almost automatically just by using a specific theme.

The Cost
The cost of the CTR Theme is $67 and is sold through ClickBank so if you aren’t happy with it within 60 days you can get your money back. This should be plenty of time to check your AdSense stats and see if it has made enough of a difference to justify the expense.

The Commitment
There isn’t too much commitment involve with using this theme, as WordPress themes are rather easy to install and activate. However, you’ll want to spend some time tinkering with the different settings so that it is set up properly, and you take into considerations the latest updates and statements made by Google.

The design of the CTR Theme doesn’t look too amazing, so what you’re really buying this for is the ad placement. But it’s not entirely too hard to place your ads on any theme in the positions Google suggests, and Google isn’t shy about coming right out and telling you where to put your ads. They give several diagrams and even site layouts depending on what niche you’re in. It’s all featured at their blog.

They’re still pushing the idea of making lots and lots of made-for-AdSense (MFA) sites, which is really not the best idea when it comes to making money with AdSense. You’d be better off focusing on one or a handful of sites and trying to create the best content you can, rather than churning out a bunch of sites with low-quality content. Google knows how many sites you have your AdSense code on, and they know something about your business model if they see you churning out dozens of sites with lousy content.

One of the bonuses they include is a linkbuilding guide specifically for AdSense. We would be careful in using this guide, as recent updates like Panda and Penguin have been cracking down on sites that use anything that smells like spam or junk links. Future algorithm changes will likely only crack down more as they seem to be trying to level the playing field. Systems and strategies for linkbuilding would not be recommended.

Final CTR Theme Review

There is no magic bullet when it comes to making money with AdSense. It is a puzzle with many pieces. Your theme is definitely one of those pieces, as you want something that will appeal to your visitors and get them to stay on your site. However, you have to take into consideration things like your Bounce Rate, which is an indicator of how engaging your site is, and the total amount of time spent on your site by each visitor, also a measure of the quality and relevance of your site.

You also have to think about how fast your website loads, as that is something that Google factors in as part of the overall user experience. Since day one Google itself would tell you how long it took them to compile your search results, in fractions of a second. It’s been obvious from the start that they are after a superior experience for the user.

CTR Theme covers most of these issues, and is a solid theme to go with. If you’re just starting out with AdSense you won’t be able to tell if it’s made a difference, because you don’t have any stats to analyze. However, if you’ve been plateauing with your earnings you’ll be able to see if this gives them a boost or not.

Our Recommendation
Consider the CTR Theme, but also weigh it against other options you have, like the Thesis Theme or the ClickBump Engine. You might be able to get more features for about the same price from these options, and they’re able to be customized extensively so you don’t end up looking like you have a cookie-cutter template.

What do you think? Does CTR Theme work or not?


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