Is DealDash Really Fair and Honest?

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Does DealDash work?DealDash claims to be fair and honest, and an alternative to all of those penny auctions sites that have become so popular in recent years. It even goes so far as to say that it is easy to win the auctions. But should you get involved with this site, or will you just end up losing money, and getting products that you don’t really want?

Since it claims to be a viable alternative to penny auctions, it’s important to explain what a penny auction site is. This is where you don’t actually place bids on an item like you would on eBay. You are able to place bids on an item but it costs you to bid. If you are the last bidder when the time runs out you get the item at whatever price it ends up at. That means that potentially you could get the item for a few cents if you only place bid at the right time.

The Claim
Here’s how DealDash claims it works: all of the auctions start off at zero dollars. Every time someone bids the price of the product goes up by one penny. It costs $.60 to place a bid, and every time someone bids the timer gets reset. If your bid is the one remaining when the timer goes out, you win the right to buy the product at the price it is currently at.

So the theory here is if you bid strategically, you could end up with a product for a drastically low price. The flipside is if you really want something you could end up racking up plenty of fees by bidding so much.

The Hype
Penny auctions thrive on hype. The thought of getting namebrand products, expensive electronics, and anything and everything you can think of for such low prices is enough to drive people into a frenzy of bidding.

The Cost
Signing up with DealDash is free, but in order to bid you will need to buy bids at $.60 each. After that it’s totally up to you how much you spend, because you choose how many times you bid on a certain product or how may different products you bid on.

The Commitment
You really have to resolve yourself to spending a lot of time on the site in order to learn how to bid properly and get good deals. Most people think that they can just get lucky by stumbling on the right product at the right time, and placing a bid and getting a product super cheap for just a 60 cent fee. However, there is a bit of savviness that is required in order to have a higher chance of getting the product you want without paying more for it then you should. The site even offers a page filled with tips and tactics that you can outmaneuver other bidders.

DealDash is kind of like gambling because nobody likes to talk about their losses, they only want to tell you about their wins. It might be exhilarating to get a product at a low price, but how many bids did it take to get the item, and does the overall transaction work out in your favor?

The big flaw to every single Penny auctions scheme is all the times you bid on items and don’t actually get the item. This represents flushing your money down the drain $.60 at a time. Essentially that is the main reason to avoid these sort of sites, because there is no joy in spending money and receiving nothing in return. The vast majority of people end up burning through their bids, not getting the product they wanted, or getting it at a price that makes it so they could have just bought it outright directly from the manufacturer.

Case Study
Let’s say you buy 100 bids for $60. You find some products that you’re interested in, and start bidding on them. You place five bids on five different products, and so you’ve already spent three dollars. Of course, someone comes behind you and also bids on the items, rendering your bid useless. So you give it some time and let some other bids roll in and then you think that you have a chance at getting them, so you place five more bids on the five products. You’re now down six dollars and you’re hoping that no one else places bids so that you can get the items that you want.

But that rarely happens, and someone will come by and place a bid, forcing you to make a decision whether to choose a new product, or keep an eye on the ones that you were originally interested in. It all boils down to just a big hassle, and stressing every time somebody bids on top of yours. The only saving grace for DealDash is they have a By It Now option which returns your bids to you if you use it, but then you’re not really using the auction feature you’re just using the site to shop from.

Final DealDash Review

Although DealDash emphatically states that they are honest and fair, it doesn’t take away from the fact that their business model relies on people bidding on products and not receiving products. We recommend against signing up and using penny auctions because frankly they just don’t make any sense. It’s almost like a carnival game at the amusement park. You know it’s probably rigged against you, but you just can’t help going for that big pink bunny rabbit. Save your money and just buy what you want at reasonable prices from online retailers. This way you’ll always get what you want and won’t waste any money doing so.

What do you think? Does DealDash work or not?

94 Customer Reviews on “Is DealDash Really Fair and Honest?

  1. That just means that 6,900 penny increment bids have been places. Those bids commonly sell quite low in bid-packs auctioned on the site. Those are total bids of ALL bidders. Often power bidders with reputations will will with a tiny fraction of those bids because once they start bidding everyone else stops. There is a lot of strategy involved.

  2. Those names you see over and over are often resale companies that can afford to be “ruthless”. It is not just one person doing the bidding. If you were to see their earliest auctions you would see a patter of overbidding. This is done to establish their name and reputation. In time when individual bidders start to remember the name, they will bail out of an auction where that name enters the bidding. It is sometimes called “power bidding” or “bully bidding” and is one of the things that has put countless penny-auctions sites out of business. It is like many forms of business in that you have to have money to make money and in the beginning you suffer losses similar to “lost-leader” specials that establish your mark. You will also notice that these “bidders” go after “bid-package” auctions and obtain them at at easily 80-90% less than new bidders pay to get started. If you want to see an auction site that is in the process of being taken over by power/bully bidders then check out HappyBidDay. com Do a little research on that site (you CAN join without buying bids) and you will see what I am talking about.

  3. So right now a $10 Subway card is over $68.00-makes you wonder who the devil is bidding. Rip off.

  4. I won a few nice items but realized quickly that I was treating it like gambling. You see the same names on there over and over, trying to get stuff cheap… then miraculously, all the same items keep showing up for resale on eBay. I believe that Deal Dash tries hard to keep people from buying items to resell but it is an after-the-fact kind of enforcement. The people who do it for a living are ruthless and take a lot of fun out of the experience.

    By the way, the number of items is limited and you keep seeing the same merchandise over and over again. Ask youself, “Do I even want to buy this thing>” and you might find that it’s more about the winning than it is true shopping.

  5. Glad i found this site..i was a button push away from getting into this…one thing i notice is most of the items to bid on are junk…ive never heard of an adamant bike ..and ive been into bikes for some time..2300$ seemed a bit high..a good giant these days is comp priced though. There was not one computer or phone or tv even offered. Maybe its cause i was new. I did notice some gift cards slide by with no i know why. I remember a similar site some years ago..same exact format…but at least they offered some nice items then. Who wants silver plated cz ear rings for 99$ you can buy real solid gold ones for that. Ill pass ..thank you all from the bottom of my heart

  6. The last “penny” auction site had company paid bidders driving the prices sky high. I assume this is happening here are well. This is most likely the same company different name.

  7. also for prices that go above MSRP. realize that some auctions regardless of the winning bid are free auctions.. meaning the only cost to anyone involved ist he price of the bids.. the actual number it sold for is ignored.. it is a free auction. this might explain why people sya they see 600 dollar bids for a 25 dollar gift card.. the winner does not have to pay that 600.. only has to pay for the bids htey made.. wich could have been as low as 2 bids.

  8. I spent 30 for bids because i thought i could get something expensive for free..(but the auction hadnt started yet) so there i was stuck with 240 or so bids.. so i tried a 10 dollar gift card.. I won for a few cents.. so i got 3 more gift cards since, so i’m up. i still have over 200 bids left and will wait for more late night 10 dollar gift cards. I think that you cannot see items after you win them. because no more gift cards showed up.. till i checked back months later. right now i’m up 40 in gift cards (10 dollars each) at a cost of a few cents out of the ~ 30 dollars worth of bids i bought. I haven’t bid on anything more than that cus winning seems remote. It almost seems like only newbs can see some of these auctions cus there is no competiion. but remember too they let you “doover” your first auction. money back guarentee. so they “Let” you win a 10 dollar gift card.. to use up that do over.. which could have very well been hundreds of dollars on a 14,000 dollar item. I can also see how working in teams can let you win more often.. you basically stay out of bids till it’s down to 3 people. if you wait for two and those two are working together it wil end as soon as there are 2 people. then you jump in when it gets down to 3 people. if your two or three people working together you simply just stay in it till it’s only your team bidding then just stop bidding.

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