Do Dietary Supplements Really Work?

Do Dietary Supplements  Work?Instead of talking about a specific dietary product we should be looking at do dietary supplements in general work and who should be using them if this is the case?

Dietary supplements are not meant to be a replacement of a healthy diet. It isn’t a food supplement that can be grabbed on a daily basis by those who are on the go, or don’t want to take the time to eat, and eat properly.They do serve a purpose and that is when an individual’s diet is not providing something specific that they need. It could be the individual is ill and not able to eat, or they are on a restricted diet. Women that are pregnant have extra demands being placed on their body, and in this case a dietary supplement may be needed. Seniors are often not able to consume enough of all of the food groups that they need to keep them healthy. In this case they too may benefit from dietary supplements. These are just a few examples of who would benefit from these.

The Claim
Unfortunately there are many fad dietary supplements on the market that are touting that people need to take what they are offering. It could be based on some new super food that has been discovered and people may not have access to this particular food. So manufacturers have done them a favor and collected these foods for them and put them in supplementary form.

The Hype
The hype will always focus on what wonderful results one can expect from the dietary supplement that is being offered. It may be to supplement their energy. Or it may be to supplement them while they are going through an exercise regime. The hype will always be around what the specific supplement is targeting. Also, the labeling will often target the specific type of supplement that it is being marketed for. For example, Mega-T, is labeled as a green tea weight loss supplement.

The Cost
Dietary supplements will range drastically in price. This will partly depend on how well known the brand is.

The Commitment
If you are intent on taking a dietary supplement and have been advised to do so by your health care professional, follow the directions. This means both the directions of your health care provider, and the specific directions on the dietary supplement that you are taking. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that if the supplement is really good there is no harm in taking more than what is indicated in the proper dose. This can be detrimental to your health.

You really have to research carefully the various types of dietary supplements that are on the market. There are multi-vitamins which are very common and are generally used to top up what might be missing in the average persons diet. Then there are meal replacement supplements and these are included because they supplement the daily diet. Included in this collection of dietary supplements are also the specific mineral or vitamin types, like vitamin-C tablets or calcium tablets.

Final Dietary Supplements Review

We’re going to give dietary supplements in general a Thumbs Up rating but with conditions. First you only take these under the direction of your health care provider and you stick with the type they are recommending. Secondly, we suggest that you talk with your pharmacist as to what is the best one to take according to the needs as related by your health professional.

Our Recommendation
If you are feeling symptoms where you think you need some type of dietary supplement don’t self treat or medicate yourself. Express your concerns to your Doctor who is the expert in knowing why you are feeling the way you are. There could be underlying medical factors and self medicating with dietary supplements could mask your symptoms.

What do you think? Do Dietary Supplements work or not?

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