Does Doba Really Work?

Does Doba really work?Doba wants to make drop shipping a lot easier and user friendly for the average person. If you’ve always liked the idea of selling retail goods and collecting the markup, but didn’t know where to start, this could be a great service for you. However, if you don’t make enough sales per month it will just end up being another bill. So lets see whether or not you should jump on board with Doba and try your hand at this popular business.

Drop shipping entials selling an item, paying a wholesale price for it, and having the shipping and fulfillment handled by the drop shipper. All that’s required is to attract the buyer, and profit from the difference between the wholesale price and the sales price. It’s sounds simple enough, buy low sell high, but that’s where they get you. In many instances it’s not the fulfillment that’s altogether too hard, it’s attracting the buyer and making the sale.

The Claim
Doba claims to have some of the top brands for sale, so you won’t be trying to sell off-label stuff that no one knows about or wants to buy. Brands like Reebok, Calvin Kline, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Hanes, Skechers, and Coleman among others. They expressly don’t claim to be an actual drop shipper though, and these brands are just examples from many of the drop shippers they have in their network. Basically what you’re getting with Doba is access to their network of drop shippers, and all the products they warehouse.

The Hype
The hype comes from how convincing they are at making it seem like you can make good money with their service, even if you’ve never done anything like this before. While making something more accessible to the average individual, it’s not as if they can guarantee that your efforts will be fruitful, or that you’ll be competitive against others selling the same or similar products at the same or even lower prices.

The Cost
It’s $60 a month for the basic plan, and if you find that it’s viable you can save some money by getting an annual membership at $600. As your business grows, you can upgrade your account to Advanced and Pro to get additional resources and benefits, but for most people the Basic plan will be enough initially.

The Commitment
If you want to become a success at selling retail items, you have to treat it like it’s a business, and not like a hobby. In order to make this profitable, you’ll want to invest a lot of your time, energy, and resources into researching the different products so that you can find holes that aren’t being filled and put the right product in front of the right people.

If you treat this passively, as if all you have to do is upload a bunch of products to eBay and the sales will roll in, you’ll probably be disappointed. You have to commit to really making this work, finding sales channels that not everyone in the world is using, find a hot product, and scale your operations.

The genius of Doba is that they don’t really do much except for make connections. They are not shy about stating that they are not a warehouse themselves, and they don’t actually store or ship the goods you’ll be selling. What they do is provide you access to the actual drop shipping companies, something that you couldn’t either do as a start-up business or something that would take loads of time on your part to locate and make arrangements with.

So this basically means they are a middle man, and they collect their monthly fee for as long as you want to use their service. Several years ago I tried in vain to find a drop shipper to work with, so I can definitely see the value of having them all lined up, and having ready access to their inventory. If you try to avoid using Doba, you’ll have to set up accounts at all of these places individually, and many of them will not work with small timers, they’ll want minimum monthly volume commitments, and want to establish lines of business credit. If you’re not ready for all of that just yet, Doba seems like a pretty good way to get your feet wet.

Final Doba Review

The question of whether or Doba works is easy. Sure it works on a technical level, you do get access to products at a reduced price from the MSRP and these products will be shipped to the address you specify. But the real debate is whether or not the average individual can make it work for themselves. Of course, Doba wants you to succeed, because they want to collect your monthly fee, and they know that they will only be able to do that if you are making a profit to justify the expense.

Doba would be a good service to combine with a product that shows you how to create a website, and how to generate traffic to that website. If you sign up for Doba and try to do what everyone else is doing, using eBay and other common methods, you’ll get average and common results. You should try to attack this from a unique angle. Be the Purple Cow that Seth Godin talks about. Set yourself apart from the masses, and create your own stream of traffic to your products. Then Doba will be something that absolutely works for you.

Our Recommendation
Since Doba has a free trial, we suggest you use it. But before you do, develop a strategy so that you can get the most out of that trial and get a good idea if you should stay on with it or not. If you don’t have a game plan before going in, 7 days won’t be enough to see if it’s right for you. However, if you do your homework, and put your plan in motion on day 1 of the trial, you could potentially make your first sale or sales in that time period and you’ll know it’s a keeper.

Drop ship with Doba

What do you think? Does Doba work or not?


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