Does Ankle Angel Really Work?

Does Ankle Angel Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Ankle Angel Work?Ankle Angel is a product for ankle compression that makes it much easier for the user to put on and wear. Although ease of use is really important, the question is will they really work?

This is a product that is used to help with painful and aching feet and ankles. They are designed to be much easier to put on and wear. They are made to produce ankle support while remaining comfortable to wear. Plus they can be worn under regular socks and don’t interfere with footwear.

The Claim
The Company is claiming that their product will replace the need for compression socks. They are promoted as being able to help reduce the swelling and inflammation that comes with standing all day and promotes healing. According to the company they are easy to put on with their zipper feature, and the velcro adjustment allows for flexibility to adjust for any size. Added to this they claim they can easily be worn with socks and allow for regular shoe wear.

The Hype
A lot of people suffer from sore legs and feet and the Company is capitalizing on this being a complaint that they can remedy. Added to the hype is being able to address the big complaint that many people have with standard compression socks which is not being able to get them on or off easily.

The Cost
For a payment of $24. which includes the shipping and handling fee you will also receive a second pair of the Angle Angels. It does come with a 30% money back guarantee minus the shipping and handling.

The Commitment
You are going to have to be determined to wear these as needed. If you buy them then tuck them away, you possibly could forget about them. Recognizing that you may have a need for an item such as this should encourage you to wear them according to directions when you receive them, then keep them handy for future use.

Overall the concept behind the Ankle Angel is really good. What has to be determined though is the clear reason why you want or need to wear this type of product. Caution has to be applied when comparing them with the standard form of compression stockings that are used for several other medical reasons besides swollen ankles and feet cause by being on them too long. While the standard type are difficult to get on and off this is because they must create a tight fit on the leg or feet depending on what they are being used for. The question is would the Ankle Angel have the ability to create the needed pressure in these circumstances?

Final Ankle Angel Review

The product looks like it is well made, and will conform with the claims of being able to get on and off easily. They seem to be sturdy enough to provide some support which would be beneficial for those who are on their feet alot.

Our Recommendation
We have decided to give this product a Solid Try/Buy simply because we feel it has some great benefits to it if used for the right purposes. We hesitated to give it a thumbs up because based on the information for what conventional stretch socks are used for, this product may not be able to meet that need. However, when you compare this product to the review on the Strutz product that we did it seems to have far more potential, and is far more flexibility with the other footwear it may be worn with.

What do you think? Does Ankle Angel work or not?


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Karl June 4, 2015 at 1:04 pm

How com i havent received my socks can you call me on my phone 202 486 6249 my order has been almost 8 week


Arthur Barnnings August 6, 2015 at 8:28 pm

This is a total scam. The $12.99 pair of socks ended up $91.92. Try to canceling your order is a joke.
See your doctor for your swollen feet. There is no magic wand or magic socks.


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