Does Dial N Grow Really Work?

Does Dial N Grow Really Work?
Does it realy work?

Does Dial N Grow Work?The Dial N Grow Planters are designed to take the guesswork out of just how much water to give your plants. All too often it is easy to drown a plant without realizing how much water it really needs. Just as bad is not giving enough water. With this product it will automatically disburse the water as the plant needs it. Is this really possible though?

Having greenery within your home to enjoy all year round is something that may people enjoy. The problem is with indoor plants you can’t just leave them up to mother nature to water them as you do with your outdoor garden.There are lots of gadgets on the market to help you administer the water but you still have to figure out when and how much. This product is two pots in one. One pot holds the soil and the other the water. You then regulate the water intake for the plant by rotating the pot to the appropriate number which will then disperse the water according to that setting.

The Claim
The company claims that you will never over or under water your plants again. They state that if you add too much water, instead of it overflowing it will retain the excess water and re-channel it back into the plant when needed. An additional claim is that this watering system will direct the water to the roots of the plant which need the water the most.

The Hype
There are lots of similar type planters on the market and the hype for this product focuses on how frustrated plant lovers become when they kill their plants as a result of too much or too little water. The significant difference with this particular planter focuses on the control of the water for the specific age of the plant which is done through the dialing system located on the edge of the pot.

The Cost
In total you will pay $31. which includes the shipping and handling charges for both the original set and the bonus set. The original set is comprised of an 11″ and 8″ pot, plus you get an extra set as a bonus. Included is the Dial N Grow Planter Guide. Some additional charges may apply depending on the area you live in. This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee less the S&H.

The Commitment
While the Dial N Grow takes the guesswork out of the amount of water your plants need you still have to remember to add the water so the planters can do their job. You should be able to determine how often you need to add a new water supply after a few times of adding it and then monitoring how often it goes dry.

Having some control over the water once you add it to a plant is really a good concept. It eliminates that all or none watering scenario when it comes to indoor plants. With conventional planters you end up soaking the plant whether it may need it or not then trying to remember when you last watered it, and trying to determine if it is totally dry or just the surface soil has dried up. This is a new product so there are no direct reviews or comments to rely on as yet. When we reviewed the perception of customers who bought planters similar to this the overall feedback was really good. With the addition of the dial on this planter to control the water even more, it makes us feel that this would be a great product to try. The quality of the planters themselves seem quite good and the sizes are a good choice. When we took a look at another garden product which was the Grow Up Garden it promoted hydroponic growing which is another method of growing plants and vegetables. It seems to be a popular method as well, and now with both these products you have the option of growing with soil or without.

Final Dial N Grow Review

We’re going to give this product a solid Try/Buy rating. It has a lot of good features and the concept and mechanism that it is built with makes good sense. Even if it is not all that it is cracked up to be, getting 4 good quality pots such as these being offered at this price is not a waste of money.

Our Recommendation
When you consider all the tender loving care you put into your house plants then having something that is going to make watering them easier and less risky is certainly worth a try. Many of these types of house plants are really expensive. If you are going to invest substantial amounts of money into these plants then it makes sense to spend a few dollars more on their containers especially when it can help to enhance the life of the plants.

What do you think? Does Dial N Grow work or not?


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