Does Shoeboxed Really Work?

Does it realy work?

Does Shoeboxed work?Shoeboxed is a unique blend of scanning, photographing, scanning, and storing your paperwork so you can get it out of the real world and into the digital, online world. They say that they can take your paperwork and make it a thing of the past. No more shoe boxes for you! So let’s see just how reliable this service really is.

One day kids will ask their parents “What’s paperwork?”. It’s gradually getting phased out of our society, and good riddance. It’s really an archaic relic and it’s surprising it has lasted this long. There’s just so many drawbacks to it, since it is susceptible to fires, floods, wind, shredding, get thrown out, getting lost, getting stolen, being forged, and all sorts of other calamities. Compared to digital copies, the disadvantages are clear. Digital files can be copied instantly, shared easily, and are more secure, especially when saved in the cloud.

The Claim
Shoeboxed says that you have important paper documents that need to be secured. But we’re not so sure about this. Are there really so many important paper documents being used any more? There are plenty of ways to eliminate the paper clutter from your life. You can tell your bank to stop sending you paper statements and just use online banking. You can tell most any company that sends you paper bills to just do online bill pay. The amount of important papers that you receive should be highly reduced, especially since many documents can be sent via email and PDF format.

Shoeboxed wants you to mail your paperwork to them, and have them sort it all for you. They’ll go through it and digitize everything so that all that’s left is an online account filled with everything that once was weighing you down, and subject to getting lost, damaged, or misplaced. Not having a big pile of actual paper can in itself be a relief. If nothing else it frees up some space from your office or desk at home. Removing clutter is always therapeutic for the mind.

The Hype
The hype is that services like these tend to exaggerate just how much important paperwork there is. However, if you’ve made it to this page, you obviously are in agreement that something must be done with your paperwork, and right quick. If this is the case than there really isn’t any hype at all.

The Cost
You can use Shoeboxed for free for as long as you want but this limits you to just 5 documents per month. You can always store as many documents as you want for as long as you want, even with the free account. When you want to store more than 5 docs at once you should consider upgrading to the $10 a month account which bumps that to 50 documents per month.

The Commitment
This still involves you to a considerable degree. You have to be the one that rounds up the paperwork you want stored online and send it off. After that you’re pretty much done with the hard part, and compared to sorting and organizing it yourself this will likely represent a decrease in the amount of time it takes, not to mention a few less headaches.

Shoeboxed took a page out of Netflix’s book by sending you prepaid mailers that can make your pile of jarbled paperwork go away like magic. The fact that you can send it away and have someone use high def scanners so you get really good images of all your documents makes a lot of sense. Also, backing up everything into the cloud is good, and being able to access all of the information online makes it a winner.

Another strong feature is that they don’t just scan all of your stuff, but they also sort it for you too, and pull important data from your paperwork and put it into pre-populated reports so that you can get the information you need more quickly, and even have data at your fingertips that you wouldn’t otherwise have without the service.

They also have plenty of different apps that you can use to help get your paperwork into them. You can even take pictures of receipts and other paperwork with your smartphone and they’ll pull the data from them so you can just have a record of what you need to know.

Final Shoeboxed Review

When they were creating Shoeboxed they must have brainstormed all of the different ways people accumulate paperwork and figured out an answer for all of them. The ability to toss your mess of papers into a pre-paid envelope and mail it off so it becomes someone else’s problem is a great way to outsource a dreadful task, and represents you acknowledging that your time is very valuable, and shouldn’t be spent going through paperwork.

What’s the point of living on the cusp of the most technologically advanced time in our civilization if you don’t take advantage of all of the digital tools and services you have available to you?

Our Recommendation
If you feel that you need Shoeboxed, it’s a pretty interesting mix of different services that all work to get your documents online where they’re more safe and secure, and more easily perused. The price is also reasonable, seeing how 50 documents per month is only $10, and the amount of headaches that many documents can cause is something you’d definitely want to avoid.

What do you think? Does Shoeboxed work or not?


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Geech88 August 22, 2012 at 5:55 pm

We had major power outage this year in my area and we had no power for almost a week. Within that time my emergency sump pump ran out of juice in just 8 hours and my basement was flooded completely. Tragically for me I wasn’t home for 4 days when this all went down and I couldn’t salvage anything from the basement. I lost all the important documents I saved over the years and some of them I couldn’t replace because I don’t even recall what they were. Digitize your paper documents people, life will throw you curve balls all the time.


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