Does the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt Really Work?

Does the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt Really Work?
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dr.ho decompression belt Back pain is one of the most common complaints that many people have and it is not something that can just be brushed aside or learning how to deal with it. There may be some relief with a product like the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt and if so then how much relief and for who?

With both chronic and acute back pain being such a big problem for many there is no wonder that there are a ton of products and devices on the market to try and relieve this. Those that suffer with this problem often end up paying a ton of money in the quest for looking for an alternative to heavy drugs, and pain relievers to give them some comfort. The Dr. Ho Decompression Belt is touted as being one of a kind belt that provides clinical grade traction and decompression therapy.

The Claim
The Dr. Ho site claims that this product when used as directed will inflate air into itself and as it expands vertically and as it does so it gently stretches and tractions the lower back. They state that this device has been developed by Dr. Michael Ho, a back pain specialist. When you look at Dr. Ho’s credentials you will note that he is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

The Hype
When it comes to back pain there isn’t much hype that is needed other than a promise that the product will provide some relief from the nagging and sometimes very substantial back pain. Even the cost will be secondary if a potential buyer is convinced that the product may work for them.

The Cost
It is really important that you are checking out the right product as Dr. Ho has many different devices and products on the market. At the Dr. Ho Now site you can purchase the Dr. Ho Decompression Belt for about $171. On Amazon you may be able to get it for about ten dollars cheaper.

The Commitment
You are going to have to dedicate yourself to following the directions for the proper use of this product as well as adhere to its time limits and suggestions. It may be something that you have to do on a regular basis and you may have to be realistic in your anticipated results. There are a lot of reasons why people suffer with back pain and before seeking out pain relief solutions it is wise to have a proper medical diagnosis performed first before self treating yourself.

A lot of people that suffer with different types of muscular or joint pain are really high on compression type treatments. Recently we talked about compression devices for other parts of the body like the knees and elbows in our Copper Fit review. The Dr Ho Decompression Belt works on the premise that decompression helps to relieve the stress being placed on pinched nerves that are a result of a variety of different types of conditions.

Final Dr. Ho Decompression Belt Review

We are going to give this product a Try/Buy Rating. We are doing so because there may be some validity in the approach of how this product works in lifting weight off the back. If the marketing material is to be relied on it states that the design of this belt helps to lift the weight of the upper body off the lower back. This makes sense in that it would mean less pressure on the lower back. It has to be considered that there are some mixed reviews as to the worth of this product for pain reduction. At the same time though it also has to be considered that everyone’s back pain and cause is not the same, so it stands to reason that some may find this device exceptional while others find it has no value at all.

Our Recommendation
As mentioned your first step should be first to see your health care provider and get a firm diagnosis as to the cause and what options you have regarding your back pain. Next if you are interested in this Dr. Ho Decompression belt, then really research it in depth and discuss this with your health professional. Then if you do decide to buy make sure you know what your return options are and that you are buying it from a reputable source.

What do you think? Does The Dr. Ho Decompression Belt work or not?


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Joe March 11, 2015 at 6:22 pm

I bought the Dr. Ho belt over 5 years ago. I have ankylosous spongilitious. Thats the best I can spell that. Its basicially erosion of the spine. The only problem with the belt is the 30 day warrenty. Because after 1 year the belt stopped holding air. But the belt does work. It realigns your back when your sleeping otherwise I have to line up my pain pills beside my bed and take them 1 hour before I can move.Most people dont have common sense to understand exercise is needed to keep your back in line in between using it. The best part about the belt is good back or bad. when you use it while driving long in the car you wont feel any stiffness or pain when you get out of your car.if you dont use it your muscles dont support your discs while driving and thats like having them smash into each other with every does work. I just wish Ho would tell the truth on how long the belt last.


Adam May 28, 2015 at 4:18 pm

Undoubtedly putting the belt on removes pressure from the spine. Unless you have serious back pain this is outrageous. If you choose to use this, your spinal muscles will degenerate even further and you will become dependant on this inflated donut.

I’ve had problems with upper and lower back. Reducing muscle strength is not the option.
You need to do muscle strengthening not relying on external support, which will inevitably lead to muscle degeneration. Since I’ve started improving muscle strength I’ve never had a issue with back problems.

It’s a massive gimmick that you have to blow the belt up. An elastane pressure strap would last way longer and is far more inconspicuous.

Another piece of advertised tv drivel
Stop preying on vulnerable people!


Earlene July 24, 2015 at 5:39 pm

thank you for your comment. I tried to order this belt for my husband many months ago…..his doctor was aware that he was going to order it…..waited + waited for the belt to arrive….called the 800#….the response was they didn’t have enough information from his medical card to process the order!!! gave the additional information they say they needed + NEVER received the belt. I did not call them, again! now, my husband wants me to try to order again, even getting a written prescription from his doctor…..I tell him I think the whole think is a fraud + glad to read the comments to back me up! wish me luck in convincing him this will not work…


Cathy January 21, 2018 at 10:27 pm

If Medicare will pay for this , it is worth getting.


BeerNuts March 20, 2018 at 6:08 pm

You dumbazz, you don’t know what you are talking about. If your back muscles degenerated further by wearing this belt then you should give up life.


Doreen T. July 25, 2015 at 6:14 pm

I just saw the ad for the belt which has a good ‘theory’ behind its premise. That being said, the benefits from this belt will also have to depend on the location of any bulging disks, injury or other idiopathic issues within the spinal system. It looked pretty promising to me. In yhe opinion of many, any amount of reduction in pain is better than doing nothing. I am in no way suggesting that the belt will only relieve 5% of pain, I was just using a random number as a reference tool. Even if there is, (for reference only) just a 5% amount of Pain relief, that can mean so very much to a Chronic Pain Sufferer.
With a limitation placed on the length of time the belt should be worn, it should keep the back muscles from losing strength, mass or from musculature atrophy. Often, Chiropractors will offer decompression in their offices to take pressure off the spine as well. It is a temporary relief as the belt should be treated. There are many spinal patients who wear supportive back braces who develop no muscular issues from wearing them. The term, ‘Everything In Moderation’, should be at the forefront in the mind of the people who wear any type of assistive medical devices. I my self suffer from severe chronic spinal pain and I will be trying this product after I speak with my spinal specialist, and I advise anyone considering trying this product to consult a professional as well.


Mark August 30, 2015 at 8:37 pm

I agree with Adam , you have to strengthen the muscles in your lower back, as well as stretching those muscles every day , I mean every day.
This product probably does work for awhile and then back to the same pain over and over again.
Just like a steroid injection in your back or using the chiropractor every week , you still have to exercise and stretch those lower back muscles period.


Trudy January 21, 2018 at 11:56 pm

Can u tell me what exercises u do? I am not getting this. I figured it was not worth the money. I have spondylotheisis. verterbra half slipped out in L 5 ugh


ken February 21, 2016 at 2:18 am

30 years ago I received a severe compressive injury to my back at work, but kept working wearing a good brand support belt and using anti-inflamatories. Getting through the week and spending most weekends in bed enabled me to stay at work – also used my holidays for extended recovery periods. I compounded the injury in 1994 closing workshop doors which stuck when partly closed. I struggled to keep working for 2 years but finaly could not stand up. CT scan in 1998 showed all disks but one in the lower back were torn – most had multiple tears. Health issues from anti-inflamatories and stress took its toll. Early last year I bought a cheap version of dr ho’s belt off ebay – not being confident enough to pay $200 plus dollars. I have since rebuilt our bathroom, built a large pagola and am leading an ‘almost’ normal life. I did find the belt rots very quickly with sweat in summer – 3 to 4 weeks. The first belt lasted 8 months through the cool season and only broke down after several week of working in extreme heat. As far as IT can tell by feedback, the genuine dr ho belt won’t survive any better. I’m on my 3rd belt – the one that started leaking at approx 3 weeks was replaced free. I’m happy to buy 6 or so of these a year – currently available from $55 and up from various sellers. If I was confident dr ho belts are superior quality I would pay the extra, but at present am not. My life began again the day I started using these belts. my muscle strength has improved greatly as has my general health. Follow the instuctions to the letter. I would suggest that the belt be hand washed with mild soap and well rinsed and gently dried.


Mark W September 20, 2016 at 2:41 am

“Dr.” Michael Ho, founder of Dr. Ho Inc., has these lovely endorsements from the actual medical community:
Related to “Dr.” Ho
Michael Ho markets his products and services internationally under the brand name of “Dr. Ho”. With respect to the Province of Manitoba, please note that this individual is not licensed to practice chiropractic. As such, he is not authorized to:

Use the term “chiropractor” or “chiropractic” in Manitoba;
Imply that he is licensed to practice chiropractic in Manitoba;
Present himself as a chiropractic specialist, or use the title of “doctor”, “D.C” or “Dr.” of chiropractic.
[…] the Manitoba Chiropractors Association does not endorse the representations made by this company or individual in advertising which appears in various forms in Manitoba media.”

“Michael Ho has not been a member of [the College of Chiropractors of Ontario] since 2002. Only a member of CCO can hold him or herself as a person qualified to engage in chiropractic practice; Use the title “Dr.” in the course of providing or offering to provide in Ontario health care to individuals; Treat or advise a person with respect to his or her health”



rrho August 11, 2017 at 10:43 pm

It’s total b.s.
What a scam.
He’s a scam.
He should be investigated.


Jerry November 27, 2017 at 8:15 pm

Have you tried the device for yourself? You said he should be investigated…but if YOU haven’t investigated him, how do you know he is a fraud? I’m not saying I believe this products HYPE… I’m only saying you shouldnt defame someones character before you know the facts.


H. Marie LIndsey September 3, 2017 at 11:15 pm

more decompression– I spent $5K in the decompression table, had about 100 visits where I was ‘decompressed on this huge machine, spent about 30 min with an elaborate tens machine allegedly to regenerate my spinal gel and a water bed for another 30 minutes
needless to say the $5k was welcome by the company that offered it, the attendants were very corgial etc. but as for any benefit, my gels continue to degenerate and there is nothing that can be done
I saw a neurologist and a physical surgeon both indicating I was not a good candidate for surgery but I could anything I felt I needed to do what I had to do live each day. It is harder and harder to get around each day, I have lost 4 inches in height so reaching things in my kitchen are now down to hobbit level
from the reviews I seriously doubt spending another $200 is going to do anything about returning my spine to anything remotely comfortable, fortunately I really don’t have what I consider real pain I am just prevented from doing things I would normally be able to do.


Sara October 5, 2017 at 2:52 am

I think it is VERY misleading and irresponsible to claim that this item is covered by Medicare. Medicare will NEVER cover anything that is prescribed with a diagnosis of pain and you would need a face to face visit with your doctor where they document very thouroughly what your problem is and how this device would fix the issue…at the very least


Sharon November 16, 2017 at 5:44 pm

I believe this belt is to be used as a treatment to relieve pain, not be worn constantly. I have had disc decompression done at the chiropractor and it does help, but is costly because insurance doesn’t cover it. So for a few hundred dollars, if I can get even temporary relief from pain….it is worth it. I noted that some people said this will weaken muscle. Sure it will if you wear it constantly. That is not what this belt if for.


Lucie January 6, 2018 at 2:30 am

Hi Sara
I just gave these people on the phone all my Medicare information do you think it’s a fraud ?


lawrence kader January 20, 2018 at 7:25 pm

this belt should come with a DANGER WARNING for anyone that has had any type of back surgery, like myself i had 2 verts removed and 3 discs they then installed a wire basket and two rods to keep my spine aligned, well a yr after i had the surgery a medical warehouse called me promising no more pain or pills and my insurance paid for this junk thing,
the day i got it i put it on as the directions stated and used the pump well long story very short i ripped all the anchor screws out of my spine and one rod fell loose the pain was unstoppable and i was rushed back into surgery, these things are dangerous yet even though i told the supposed nurse what surgeries i had had she told me this product was ok for me to use,,, i cannot hold anyone liable except myself, so buyer beware check with your doctor first if you just have to have another piece of junk in your closet


RSchnyder January 24, 2018 at 6:04 pm

Hi Lucie, let me know if Medicare really paid for it. If it will provide temporary relief that is great.


Drema Smith February 3, 2018 at 4:34 am

Does Medicare cover this back braces with dr. Appt. ? The ratings from Dr. Oz. Television show? Does this device really relieve back pain?


Ihssan March 13, 2018 at 5:30 pm

it’s $199 on TV and they billed Medicaid $2,000 and now after Medicaid paid them $888 they’re coming after me for $226 the belt does not work it’s useless it’s a scam be careful how dare you try to rip off the federal government and why would you


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