Do Egglettes Really Work?

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Do Egglettes Work?There are many different ways that hard boiled eggs can be enjoyed. But no matter what the final use of them is going to be, they can be a hassle to prepare. That’s because you have to peel the shell off of them afterwards. There is a solution to this and it’s the Egglettes.

Egglettes are silicon pods that you crack the raw eggs into. Then you place them in a pot of boiling water like you would the egg in its natural state. Once they have boiled for the right amount of time which is usually three to four minutes you just unscrew the top of the silicon pod and the hard cooked egg just slides right out.

The Claim
According to the promoters of Egglettes not only can you cook hard boiled eggs this way but it’s a great way of doing soft boiled eggs. In other words you can cook your eggs just the way you want them except fried of course.

The Hype
The hype around Egglettes is that you don’t have the big hassle of having to peel them once they are cooked. This is a big time saver and avoids the possibility of ending up with egg shells in your finished dish which really makes them distasteful.

The Cost
The cost for Egglettes is $14.99 which gives you six of them then an extra cost of $3.99 shipping fee. Plus you get a recipe booklet to go along with this to give you some additional tips for using the eggs.

The Commitment
The commitment for using Egglettes is less that the commitment you would have to make with cooking hard boiled eggs in the traditional way.You don’t has the hassle of having to peel the eggs after they are cooked. The silicon pods are easy to clean so there is no problem there either.

The concept of Egglettes is really a great idea. Normally if you are going to eat a soft boiled egg you have to just cut the top off of it and use an eggcup. With the Egglettes it is so much better. Then for the hard boiled egg version how much easier can it get. You can now quickly make egg salad for sandwiches or they can be used for devilled eggs. You most likely will do a lot more egg boiling with the Egglettes .

Final Egglettes Review

We are going to give the Egglettes a thumbs up rating. We like the fact that they are made of silicon which a lot of the popular bake wear of today is made of. It is easy to clean and it appears to be great for baking so it makes sense it would be good for this egg use.

Our Recommendation
This isn’t the first time that we have talked about innovative ways to cook eggs. If you happen to be a microwave enthusiast then you may want to check out Egg Pops which is along the same line as Egglettes except you are not using the stove top for cooking.

What do you think? Does Egglettes work or not?

181 Customer Reviews on “Do Egglettes Really Work?

  1. I found them at Dollar Tree and thought why not? Easy to use and any time hubby wants egg salad, no problem.Eggs are simple to make but when I can’t peel the shell off a regular egg it makes me crazy. I don’t need any advice on boiling eggs, I have egglets. Great product!

  2. Terrible. Tried it twice. Yes, I did not use cooking oil, and that’s my fault. But the tops were screwed on right and they popped open. Total royal mess! Gonna go back to the old fashion way. Sucks. Waste of money!

  3. have used the eggletts several times. i time them for 15 min and then drain the water and run cold water on them. they come out well. oh before you put the eggs in spray where you put the egg. one fyi DONT leave them as the tops will melt and then you cant screw them off.

  4. This product is terrible. Total waste of time and money. I was so anticipating a good outcome but I’m truly disappointed.

  5. Purchased mine half price at HEB in South Texas. A recipe book and instructions were included in the package of 4 pods. I cooked hard boiled eggs and used the enclosed instructions. They cooked fabulously! The only problem that I had (my doing) was that I did not coat the pod with enough olive oil before cooking. Directions are to either use spray cooking oil or to coat with an olive oil or cooking oil. I was very selfish in my application which caused for stickage. Next time, if I use spray and more generously, I see no problem with the cleanup. Great purchase and beats hand peeling hands down! Five stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. I was very lucky to find the egglets at dollar tree today for 1.00. They were in a package with recipes. I haven’t tried them yet but for a buck I can’t go wrong

  7. I do not write reviews very often. But I felt it necessary to write a review for egglets. I just tried them. Read and followed the instructions……they turned out PERFECT! Washed them before use. Sprayed with 3 spritzes of cooking spray. Rubbed cooking spray around with finger. Cracked an egg in each and tightly closed the lid. Added them to a BOILING pot of water (do not use a pot too big; you don’t want them to be floating all around the pot. I think that is when they have a tendency to roll over). You must keep the water at a ROLLING BOIL the WHOLE cooking time. One did turn over at the beginning of the cooking process but I uprighted it with tongs and did not have any more problems (just keep an eye on them when you first start to cook them that’s when they seem to want to roll over). Kept them at a rolling boil for 16 minutes for hard-cooked eggs. Removed them from pot with tongs into a bowl of cold water. Once cooled, removed lid, gave them a little squeeze and out they fell… sticking and absolutely no mess. Egg tasted great and cooked to perfection. Maybe the negative reviews came from not following the directions properly. I love these egglets and will continue to use them. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, you won’t be disappointed!

  8. Yes, I just googled why do my Egglettes taste like soap. I thought it was from the dishwasher, which did not clean them, so I hand washed them and they still taste like soap. I can’t figure out why. It’s disappointing.

  9. Yes, mine taste so soapy! The egglettes themselves smell like an overly floral soap, which I didn’t use. I’ve tried boiling them and leaving them in a pot of water with fragrance-free dish soap. I’m bummed that I have four eggs that taste terrible. Anyone else have this problem?

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