Does the Eurosteam Iron Really Work?

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Does the Eurosteam Iron work?The Eurosteam Iron makes several promises that an ordinary iron just doesn’t match. If you’re fed up with ruining clothes or having them cleaned more than necessary, you probably are very interested in seeing if this really works.

An iron is a pretty simple device, and has gone relatively unchanged over the decades. The concept is simple enough: get a piece of metal hot enough to press out the wrinkles in clothing. The addition of steam helps the fabrics to loosen so the iron can do its work. But like most conventional products, there are some drawbacks to using it, ones that are often overlooked because a better option simply doesn’t exist, or hasn’t existed until now.

The Claim
The makers of the Eurosteam Iron say that every household should have one. They boast that it’s the superior choice over your typical iron because it’s made with higher quality materials and fixes many of the problems that come with them. Namely, it won’t scorch or damage your clothes, and it will get the wrinkles out more quickly. They say that it has just one setting, and that this setting is suitable for all types of fabrics, which is a contrast to several irons on the market that require you to change the setting to match the fabric or risk ruining it in the process.

The Hype
The way they rave about this iron and its Italian design you’d think it did more than simply iron clothes. At the end of the day a wrinkle free garment is a wrinkle free garment and there’s not much more a product can do than get the wrinkles out. While a cheap $20 iron might leave much to be desired there are plenty in the $50 range that provide reliable results without having to make substantial claims on their abilities. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at what others have said that have already made the purchase.

The Cost
The $300 price tag for a Eurosteam Iron is what likely puts most people off of buying it, but there is something to be said for getting what you pay for. The important thing to try to determine is if you’ll end up getting an iron that works ten times better than a $30 iron. They try to make the case that you won’t have to dry clean your clothes as much, and that your clothes will last longer than they otherwise would if you used an iron that is too harsh on them.

The Commitment
If this works as advertised it should make it easier for you to keep your clothes looking nice. You won’t spend as much time fussing with the ironing and the results should be better. With the higher price tag, you’d want to commit to using this for several years, so not only would it have to provide good short term results, but it would have to be built to last in order to justify not buying a cheaper model.

When a product is priced so much higher than competing products it has a large mountain to climb to get potential buyers to go ahead and invest in it. The most common way to do this is to list several features in an attempt to raise the perceived value of the item to the particular price point. What we’re seeing here is that they are hanging their hat on the ability of this iron to work on multiple clothing articles with just one setting.

Luckily we live in a day and age where we can easily communicate with one another, even if we’re total strangers. We no longer have to take a manufacturers word that something works well, or let advertisements get the better of us. It’s natural to get sucked into a product like this, especially if you’ve tried other solutions with no luck. But at some point you have to stop yourself and ask whether a device like this can really do a far superior job than anything else on the market, and if you’ll use it long enough to make it a good buy.

All signs point to this being a risky buy, since expectations will be high, and feedback on it has been shaky at best.

Final Eurosteam Iron Review

The Eurosteam Iron is getting our Risky Try rating. At this price point the reviews need to be off the chart and heavily biased towards it working wonderfully. That’s not what we’re seeing and there is a serious love/hate relationship going on here, with a mix of those that love to use it and say it’s great, and those that rue their purchase decision. When you’re charging $300 for an iron you should be able to win over the large majority of those that plunk that sort of cash down on an iron.

Our Recommendation
There are some top of the line irons that clock in at a fraction of this price, and with many users saying that this is an overstated steam iron, you can find a highly reviewed steam iron like this one from Black and Decker for less than $50. It has the kind of feedback you’d expect from the Eurosteamer, but without the hefty price tag. It’d be hard to convince us that the Euro is 5 times better than the Black and Decker, or that it would last 5 times longer.

What do you think? Does the Eurosteam Iron work or not?

53 Customer Reviews on “Does the Eurosteam Iron Really Work?

  1. I am hugely disappointed in my euro steam steam iron.. as a tailor i should not have to worry about the thing spitting out water at every use. Now after a year of use.. the button that you press to release steam is so hot you can not touch it. I have to tape a piece of felt to it to be able to use the button. I still have the iron I purchased at a $30.00 price point, I think i have to start using that again. one of the design flaws is that you have no gauge or visual reference to see how much water is in the machine before turning it on, there for you need to constantly open the unit to fill when it is boiling hot.

  2. After less then 2 years my Eurosteam iron just quit.. and I only use it for 6 months of the year. I had my previous iron for 25+ years and it was still working when I bought the Eurosteam iron..I wish I has seen these reviews before I bought the Eurosteam iron…

  3. I purchased a Eurosteam at a quilt show and after just 1 week over the warranty it quit working. I called to ask about repair and they told me that the nearest repair depot was in Calgary, AB, and I am in Ontario. The shipping cost alone is just not worth the repair. I asked if I had a local handiman look at it, if they would just ship parts. They told me that they don’t ship wires in the mail. Yikes. Stay away from this brand, just not worth the money.

  4. I just had my Eurosteam iron sputter and quit on me!!! I have had it since October 2013 – but I don’t iron a lot and I am very disappointed! Obviously this is a bad choice I made to buy this product and I will never buy another.

  5. I purchased a Eurosteam iron a few months ago. After it began continuously spitting out brown water and after calling the company several times and being told to clean it with vinegar and water which I did, I asked for a refund. They told me they DO NOT give refunds so if you have bought this monster and you hate it like I do, then you are stuck with it. They did allow me to send it back for repair; it has been 3 weeks and no sign of getting the iron back, and even if I do I plan on trying to sell this rag. You have to constantly put water in it even if you use the intermittent steam button, and it steams erratically and most of the time puts water on the fabric surface and as a quilter when the brown water hits the fabric I know I have a permanent stain…..I HATE THIS IRON, my old Rowenta does a much better job!!!

  6. DON”T waste your money on this! The handle on mine got to hot to touch and spitting and sputtering, and when I called about it within the warrantee period, other then me paying shipping both ways when it was like that from the start, I felt that was out of line, and they told me I possibly wasn’t priming it correctly and now I’ve had a white cap fall out of it from inside the water tank. After reading some other reviews and seeing that they also had problems with the handle getting hot. I feel that they should stand behind their product and pay for shipping both ways and for all repairs since it is obviously a manufacturing defect that is definitely a safety issue.

  7. I have purchased two Eurosteam irons and loved them, initially. When the first one started to leak and spit steam I sent it back to be fixed. It was at that time that I bought a second one, impressed as I was with their service. Outwardly, the first one looked great when repaired,but in no time it began to leak both water and steam again. Now the second one does the same. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to spend a couple hundred dollars on buying a new one each year. currently, I’m hoping to find a satisfactory replacement.

  8. I respectfully disagree with Leticia’s comments. I loooove my Eurosteam iron. I bought mine at a show as well, but it was $200 at the time. The only time I’ve had an issue with dripping or sputtering is when I’ve tried to use it before it’s completely heated up. But all irons will do that. I’ve never had a problem cleaning the iron, and I don’t clean it nearly as often as I should! It’s a great steam iron, so I’ve never tried it without steam. Maybe that’s when it isn’t as great at getting wrinkles out of jeans? I iron my jeans all the time with no problems. In fact, I can iron just one side of the jeans, and the steam goes all the way through to the other side and does it at the same time. Ok, I’m not even kidding…one time I knocked my iron off the board and a part broke. My iron still worked just fine, but I was in such a panic that I ordered another Eurosteam to have on hand “just in case!”

    I used to buy $70-80 irons every year. They just wore out because I iron so much. So my Eurosteam has definitely paid for itself. Also, the Eurosteam is serviceable, so you don’t have to just toss it out and buy a new one. Bonus!!

    Ok, enough of my review. And for the record, I’m the goofy lady that stands by the Eurosteam table at the shows and raves about it’s performance. (In fact, I’m thinking they probably owe me a little commission of some sort!) 🙂

  9. I bought a Eurosteam several years ago and I would say definitely not a good investment. Dripping, sputtering water, build up that won’t clean out, and it doesn’t take wrinkles out of jeans and other thick fabric as touted. The company is not good to work with – they really don’t stand behind their product like one should for an appliance at that price. I bought it in Las Vegas during the NFR at the gift show at the Sands Convention Center. Every year I walk by their booth and tell all those that will listen to walk away from that iron. I will keep doing that until I feel I have gotten my $300 of frustration back. My Rowenta at less than 1/3 the price is a much better tool.

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