Does the Flat Fold Colander Really Work?

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Does Flat Fold Colander really work?Regular strainers leave much to be desired and the Flat Fold Colander was designed to solve all of the problems. It shows how it can easily take care of all your straining needs, from draining pastas, to rinsing off entire heads of lettuce for salads. You can even use it to rinse off heavy potatoes without fear of it breaking. But does it really work the way it’s shown, and will it provide the same results in your home?

The first problem with a standard colander is that it takes up a lot of space. It’s usually the size of a large bowl, and therefore takes up just as much space.

The Claim
When you use the Flat Fold Colander you are able to strain large quantities of foods, but have something that folds away neatly for easy storage.

Some people try to strain things right from the pot, using the lid to hold back the food and opening it just a little so the water drains out. This can lead to a big mess, and can also lead to burning your hands from the escaping steam.

With the Flat Fold Colander the water drains away quickly, and once it’s drained the remaining content pour easily because of the spout on either side.

Low-sitting colanders can be a pain because when you’re straining out the water it often will accumulate in the sink, and your food will be submerged in sink-tainted drained water. With the Flat Fold Colander it sits up high in the sink due to it’s tall legs so your food stay safely out of the water and you don’t risk having it come into contact with the drained water.

The Flat Fold Colander is strong, and can hold whatever you put into it, despite the fact that it’s made out of plastic and is able to fold. This doesn’t take away from it’s sturdiness. It’s easy to lift because of its built in handles, so you can easily transport foods from the sink to their next destination.

It’s also dishwasher safe, which makes clean up super easy. Many colanders get food stuck in their little slots and it can be hard to dry to wash it free of debris. But with the Fold Flat Colander you just pop it right into the dishwasher, take it out and it’s ready to use again or to be stored away.

The Hype
There’s not too much hype in the ads for the Flat Fold Colander. The problems that they mention are real, and they aren’t overly exaggerated, as is often the case. The benefits that are shown are quite reasonable, and most households can relate to them.

The Cost
You can pick up the Flat Fold Colander for $10 from Amazon and it’s eligible for the free shipping if you get your order total over $25. This is exactly the right price for an item such as this, that is totally made out of plastic and most definitely cost the manufacturer less than a dollar to create and package.

The Commitment
Every kitchen needs a colander so you don’t really have to change your lifestyle or make any adjustments to the way that you cook in order to accomodate the Flat Fold Colander.

When put to the test in real world situations the Flat Fold Colander successfully lived up to all of the examples that were used in the commercial. It’s strong, it poured easily, cleaned up easily, and folded without a hassle.

Does the Flat Fold Colander Really Work?

Yes, it works just as depicted in the TV ads. It’s able to be used to rinse off lettuce, to drain cooked pasta, and it is as sturdy and strong as it claims to be on the infomercial. This is one of the rare products that actually lives up to its claims.

Our Recommendation
Definitely pick up the Flat Fold Colander. It is a great gadget to have around the house, and it can replace all of the big, bulky strainers you currently have, and all of the problems that come with them.

What do you think? Does the Flat Fold Colander really work?

6 Customer Reviews on “Does the Flat Fold Colander Really Work?

  1. I do the exactly same thing with my pasta! It seems very ideal especially if you tend to lose part of your pasta in the sink while trying to drain it. $10 is really not bad and it’s something worth trying out to see if it’s really that effective. Like you said even if it doesn’t work you won’t feel like you wasted too money. It could also see the benefits of it folding flat. Hopefully this colander does a better job at conforming to my sink in the end.

  2. I hate how my colanders are either too bulky to fit properly into my sink or they are too weak to last a long time. This is so frustrating because I find myself constantly struggling in the kitchen and wasting money purchasing new colanders when the ones that I already own end up inevitably breaking. After reading this review, I am convinced that I need this gadget in my kitchen. I think it will make it super easy for me to wash off all of my fruits and vegetables efficiently so that I can get my meals prepared more quickly.

  3. There is a pliable material (I can’t think of the name at the moment) that is used to make mixing bowls and a colander that ‘pops out’ to drain and then folds back in on itself. It also hangs on the sink to avoid drained water, but does not get quite as flat is this collapsible model. I’d be interested to know how durable these fold flat colanders are – has anybody here actually tried one? I also have one of those beautiful ceramic-coated metal varieties, but it was long ago delegated to the job of decorating a baker’s rack! We have evolved…

  4. Interesting, this seems like it would be the perfect product for me. I hate using colanders…they’re bulky and I have to dig through my pot cupboard to get them. I usually just end up straining pasta in the pot, using the top of the pot the keep the pasta in while leaving it slightly open so some water can get out. $10 seems like a fair price, and cheap enough that you could try it out and not feel bad if it’s not up to par on expectations. I like that this colander folds flat…I like anything that can make my kitchen more organized!

  5. This review would make a great ad. It made me want to click and buy one. Mine has a feature that allows it to hang in the sink which I really like though. Not sure I would replace that and it stores inside a bowl already taking up the space. It looks and sounds like a great product to me though.

  6. This is an ingenious product. Unless you have a giant kitchen with an island and copious cupboard space, you know that a strainer (or “colander,” if you want to get fancy) takes up a lot of space. Even though it’s a kitchen necessity, I have to store mine inside of a clean pot in the cupboard, which is not ideal. At just $10, this fold flat colander is a steal and solves the space problem. It’s sturdy, durable and easy to clean, and you can easily strain boiled potatoes or pasta. The only problem is what to do with your old colander. Curb alert!

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