Does FlexShaper Really Work?

Does FlexShaper really work?FlexShaper is designed for those that want a light-weight one-piece unit to help them get fit. It doesn’t take up much room, and isn’t very complicated to use. But can something this simple really help you build muscles, and get or stay fit? We analyzed it from top to bottom and have our report.

The FlexShaper looks a lot like the Thigh Master that Suzanne Somers was promoting heavily in the 90’s. It bends and provides resistance so that you don’t need a full rack of dumbbells, you just need this one piece of resistance equipment. It tried to compete against things that take up too much room and your home, or that only focus on one body part, or are too complicated to master.

The Claim
They say that you can work out several different muscle groups with the FlexShaper. You can of course get your inner thighs be squeezing your legs together. They say that you can also work your biceps by bending your elbow, and it will provide the right motion to work this group.

By holding it in front of you and pulling on the handles at the same time, you’ll be stretching and building your inner back muscles. By squeezing it with your hands down in front of you, you’ll be squeezing your triceps and giving them a workout as well. They claim that you’ll be able to build lean muscles, and won’t get that bulky look. Although it is unclear why they would claim this, because it doesn’t seem to stretch the leg, or arm muscles.

The Hype
Multi-use products like this sometimes try to do too much. Fitness product manufacturers like to combine muscle groups so they can claim to be a full-body workout. It would be better if they just stuck to one exercise, but the theory is that if they can be the one solution, then they can replace other equipment you currently have.

The Cost
The FlexShaper comes in at a total of $48. It’s broken up into two payments, the first includes the shipping and handling of $8 so you pay $28 on the first payment and then next month pay just $20.

The Commitment
You’ll definitely have to commit to using the FlexShaper every day if you expect to get impressive results. You should also start eating right and doing some cardio in addition to using it. Only then will you be able to see the best results. You have to know that any of the people you see in the testimonials of this product were doing other things in conjunction with using it.

They did get some things right with the FlexShaper, it is portable and convenient, and it is lightweight compared to other fitness equipment at this price point. It’s always smart to have reasonable goals of what you want to achieve with a piece of at-home equipement like this. Even though they say you’ll be able to replace the gym with it, that’s really not the case.

If you are a hard core fitness pro, you probably have already outgrown the FlexShaper, but if you’re just starting out in the world of resistance training, you’ll find it to be challenging enough. One day you’ll

Final FlexShaper Review

The simple products are the ones that have the highest ratio of success. The FlexShaper is not going to win any awards for design or innovation, but it does what it is designed to do and provides resistance in several different positions so you can complete workouts on most of your body. Don’t buy into the hype that this is the cure-all for your workout needs, but it can be a nice supplementation, and it can come through in a pinch.

Our Recommendation
You can get the FlexShaper if you currently don’t have anything similar to it in your home. It’s great when you want a quick workout and don’t feel like going all the way to the gym. It can also be used by those that just can’t use a gym, either because they’re too old, or too far away from any health club. This would be able to fill that void nicely, and give you some resistance training.

What do you think? Does FlexShaper work or not?

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tracychilders March 6, 2012 at 8:12 pm

Personally i think there are better systems out there for the person looking to workout at home.
The price is good but to me this isn’t going to give you the complete workout that other systems can.

Something like the RIP:60 system would benefit the home user so much more.
If you’re really looking to get fit at home i think you should be looking elsewhere.


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