Do Flipeez Really Work?

Do Flipeez Really Work?
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Do Flipeez work?Flipeez are hats that have flapping arms and tails that move when you want them to. They’re a follow up to the Stompeez craze and the makers are hoping for a repeat success. So did they do enough to pull off another hit product?

This is one of those products where you have to set your rational mind aside for a second because really there’s just no need for it. But at some base level we all sort of want one. They just look like fun, and compared to wearing ordinary headwear they’re hands down more animated and silly.

The Claim
The makers of Flipeez say that these are super fun hats because they come to life when you squeeze the special tassel. They say that they’re made for ages four and up, and that one size fits all. They also say that you won’t find these in stores, but if you wait awhile they will probably start selling them at places like Wal-Mart and Target, since you can now buy Stompeez there.

The Hype
No hype is really needed for these after they say that they’re from the makers of Stompeez. This is a classic case of a follow up product being released and riding on the popularity of the first product. Stompeez really did a good job of breaking through the barrier of skeptic onlookers and was able to do quite well in a crowded marketplace. After all, nobody really needs a pair of slippers that flop up when you walk around in them, but a ton of people bought them.

The Cost
The Flipeez are $28 each which includes shipping, and they have it so you can buy them all for $115. If you get all of them it boils down to less than $17 per hat. At $28 they are pretty much beyond the price of most headwear, since you can find ski caps and other animal caps for less than $28. They are roughly the same price as Stompeez, so it’s up to you to determine if slippers and a cap like this should be at the same price point.

The Appeal
The reason that people go nuts over these things is the same reason that Stompeez were such a success. It’s just a silly, zany hat that you can wear to keep warm and be goofy with. They show kids going to school in a school bus wearing these, and we’re not sure the trend will go that far, but it’s clear to see that it would just take one popular kid to make these acceptable for out of the house wearing.

The major draw to Flipeez is their ability to flip and flap at the squeeze of a button. While a definite novelty at first, the effect quickly wears out. There’s only so many ways that you can flip them and have it still be fun or funny. Your kid will have to wait for someone that hasn’t seen it, and then show it to them in order to make it fun again. But the good news is that even when the novelty wears off, it’s still a fleece cap that they can continue to wear, so you’re not left with a useless item that will just end up in the back of a closet.

The seven different characters that they give you to choose from means that you can pick the one that your child will like the most. You can either have them peruse the different choices at the website, or take your pick as to which one suits them best if you want to keep it a surprise. It’s nice that they give you a discount on getting all 7, because you can get your child more than one for cheap, and gift the rest as thoughtful gifts at a reasonable price.

Final Flipeez Review

Overall, Flipeez is getting our Thumbs Up rating. They may not be trying to save the world with their products, but they are making it a funner and more goofy place, so why not let your kids have fun with this, or get in on the action yourself. At this price point, it’s more expensive than getting a ski cap or other winter wear, but nothing else we’ve seen has the same level of wow factor.

Our Recommendation
If your child expressed interest in Flipeez, they’ll probably like it. Or if they already have some Stompeez this is the perfect accessory for that. It’s just a fun product to wear around the home, or if they’re brave enough to venture outside with it. No matter how long your child stays interested in the features of it, and the ability to flap the arms and tail, they’ll still have a warm thing to wear on their head during the cold months, so it’s a good buy all around.

What do you think? Does Flipeez work or not?


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LS August 11, 2013 at 4:16 am

This looks like a perfect gift for any young kid that loves animals, loves dressing up in goofy clothes, and loves being silly. I will be sure to get one for each of the kids in my life once the holidays come around. They can wear these around the house, during playtime, and whenever they are feeling a bit chilly and want to warm up. I think that they will enjoy them for a while but will eventually outgrow them, just like any other piece of clothing or toy, so that’s not a big deal.


Kaila Braley August 11, 2013 at 9:19 pm

I think these are really cute, and I actually have a hat that has a cute little koala face on it. The only problem I see with this versus the Stompees is that people and kids would be more likely to wear something this silly as slippers in the privacy of their own homes compared to on their heads in public. At least, that’s my opinion. I don’t know if I’d have the confidence to wear these in public when I was old enough to start to feel self conscious about those things. Very little kids wouldn’t care. But besides that point, I think they’re really cute and a fun idea. I can see kids really enjoying these.


Vanessa B. August 12, 2013 at 4:35 am

These are very cute! I like the idea, and I can imagine kids having fun with them even beyond the initial novelty of showing the hat to a person that never saw it before. The hats by themselves are adorable and look like something my daughter would love. I wonder if the mechanism, whatever it is, that makes the hat parts move makes the hat uncomfortable, though. It looks like when the tassel is squeezed, air is pushed through to make the flaps go up on the hat.

$28 is a ton for a hat though. It’s good it’s one size fits all so your child can get a lot of use out of it, but I think for $28 it’s only worth it if your child has seen it on commercials and has been asking for it, so you can be sure he or she really wants it.


Lynda Schab August 18, 2013 at 9:10 pm

How fun are these! I can see all of my nieces and nephews (ages 2 – 12) getting a kick out of them. It’s one of those gifts that are pricey but unique and worth the price for the fun effect. I am always looking for original and silly Christmas items that can’t be purchased just anywhere, and this fits the bill. It’s fresh, it’s fun, and would be a hit in my family, for sure.


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