Does Flippin Floppy Really Work?

Does Flippin Floppy Work?No matter how hard you try chances are when you are doing some stovetop cooking you end up with a big cleaning job of the stove afterwards. This is often cause from grease spatters but if you want to save on some clean up time then you may be interested in the Flippin Floppy.

Flippin Floppy is a device that your place around your pan or pot to stop the contents of it from splattering onto the surrounding surfaces.

The Claim
The promoters of Flippin Floppy claim that this gadget is flexible and can be used with most pans. It is made of silicone which lends to its flexibility. They are saying that it can withstand heats up to 400 degrees F.

The Hype
The hype concering Flippin Floppy is that it is whole lot easier to clean compared to the spatters of grease and food that end up on your stovetop.

The Cost
The cost for Flippin Floppy is $14.99 but you will need to add an extra $6.99 onto this for the shipping and handling. But if you want to add an extra $6.99 then you will get a second Flippin Floppy free.

The Commitment
Not really much of a commitment on your part. All you have to do is adjust the Flippin Floppy to fit the pan that you are using then slide it into place. After that its supposed to do its magic of containing the splatters that otherwise would end up on your stove and adjacent cooking area.

The idea is a good one and there is no doubt that Flippin Floppy does meet a need but really is the time it takes for a cleanup worth an investment of almost $21.? Only you as the cook in your home can really determine this.

Final Flippin Floppy Review Review

We are going to give the Flippin Floppy a Try/Buy. We are convinced that items made of silicon do work well in the kitchen. Our reservations are that this item seems fairly pricey for the benefits that it delivers. Like most other kitchen gadgets once the novelty wears off then it will most likely end up gathering dust in one of your kitchen cupboards. Then again for the really messy cooks they may find this novel ideal to be super helpful.

Our Recommendation
We are thoroughly convinced that there is a need for this type of item, but we have also discovered that there are many other types on the market that basically do the same thing at a cheaper price. However, some of these don’t fit directly around the pot or pan so they may not quite as effective as the Flippin Floppy. You need to decide whether you are going to make the investment into this item, but if you do then don’t waste your money by not using it. Also, if you are thinking that you will still have to clean the spatters off the Flippin Floppy do keep in mind that this is much easier to do as they just wipe off. There is no scrubbing involved like you would have to do with the spatters on your stove. If you happen to be a gadget lover then you are going to love our gadget section as we have talked about many different kinds before.

What do you think? Does Flippin Floppy work or not?

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