Does Flirty Girl Fitness Really Get You Fit?

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Does Flirty Girl Fitness work?With Flirty Girl Fitness you’re taking things in a whole other direction as far as working out goes. It basically employs a stripper pole in order to get you into shape, and stay in shape. Chris Rock said that a father’s main responsibility is to keep his daughter off the pole, but this isn’t really the one he was referring to. So can you get a good workout out of this, and is it really as fun as they claim it is?

No matter what your feelings are towards strippers and exotic dancing, deep down you probably have fanticized what it would be like to be on stage and doing one of their sexy dances. Or maybe you just want to be able to do a private dance for your man and have him be totally into you. This is basically combining your naughty side with your healthy side, and would teach you some new skills but at the same time get your heart rate up, and tone your muscles without bulking you up.

The Claim
The claim of Flirty Girl Fitness is that you can get a good workout in, while having a blast and getting in touch with your sassy side. By teaching you not only how to stay in shape, but also how to be more empowered sexually, they are claiming to work on multiple levels.

There’s no denying that strippers, for the most part, have the sort of bodies that men like. But the secret is that the nature of their job helps them keep those bodies. Their routines not only make them money, but give them nightly exercise in the form of swinging, moving their body all around, working their core, and getting their heart rate up. Many exotic dancers eat whatever they want, drink a lot of alcohol, and don’t get any other exercise and still maintain their shape.

The makers of Flirty Girl Fitness say that boring, tedious workouts are why most programs fail, and that’s why they made their products in a way that keeps it fun and fresh, so you don’t get bored, and you stick with it for the long term.

The Hype
The hype is that this is basically a striptease routine, so it’s a bit risque and resonates with that flirty, dirty girl inside us all.

The Cost
Flirty Girl Fitness is $265 if you need the pole, and this comes with everything you’d need to get started, including instructional workout DVDs.

The Commitment
They stress how much fun this is, but no matter if it’s true or not you will still have to stay motivated to keep up with it and see results. Using it every other day would be a great schedule to keep and you would see results and be able to mark your progress as you go along.

Flirty Girl Fitness is easy enough to get started with. They have detailed instructions on how to install the pole, and they even have a video that walks you through the process. The DVDs that it comes with will give you a lot of different moves and routines if you’ve never done anything like this before and don’t know what to do first.

The feedback on the pole has been good, and it stays in place and holds you up without fear of coming loose. You might need to come up with your own tricks and exercises to do on it, because the DVDs themselves have not gotten the best reviews. There are also some kits they sell that come with a low quality feather boa that will likely leave you disappointed. So the overall consensus is that they provide a good pole, but you shouldn’t rely on it for a complete workout system, you’ll have to add your own creativity to it, and perhaps get any props you want from a different source.

It’s not fair that strippers get to have all the fun, so don’t let the fact that this is their domain get in the way of getting a fit body. Basically, no one else needs to know that you’re working out with this, besides your best girlfriends. It will teach you how to be sexy if you’re lacking in that department, but the real reason you’d want to get this is to have a fun way to stay fit. Most fitness products out there are so boring, and don’t really teach you any life skills.

Final Flirty Girl Fitness Review

Flirty Girl Fitness is definitely unique, there aren’t a lot of other workout programs that go all out like this. It may be a little strange having company over, so just be sure that you don’t install it in the middle of a common area, or be sure to remove it and store it away. It’s supposed to be easy to remove and replace for just such an occasion.

Our Recommendation
If this sounds like fun to you, definitely give it a try. They say it is supposed to be empowering for women, and if it helps you unlock your sexy, as well as give you a leaner body and better health, than more power to you. You’ll find that the longer you stick with it, the better you’ll get at it, and your body will remember the motions so you won’t even have to think about being sexy, you’ll just do it automatically.

What do you think? Does Flirty Girl Fitness work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Flirty Girl Fitness Really Get You Fit?

  1. What the what??? Haha, I am sure my husband would give his very last dollar to see me get this workout but I would probably feel just a little silly trying it out. And God forbid my mother comes over and sees it. Or worse: my mother in law. I would never hear the end of it and would probably be reprimanded again and again at every Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner. Although now that I have played out the consequences in my mind, maybe I will give it a shot. I never liked family dinners anyway and love a good workout, no matter the content.

  2. There’s little doubt that you’ll get one heck of a workout if you invest enough time and effort into the pole workout, but I wonder if I’ll ever be able to make the difficult moves that supposedly give you the best workout. It does come with workout videos that don’t require you to have the pole, so I guess maybe I could get started there.

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