Does FreebeeJeebies Really Work?

Does FreebeeJeebies really work?Whoever invented the saying that “nothing in life comes free” had clearly never imagined that Freebeejeebies would one day prove this statement to be completely wrong. It is one of a few websites that have been launched in the past five years that all have the same concept, but Freebeejeebies is the most well known in America.

The way in which Freebeejeebies works is by giving you some discounted offers for them to complete and you will then be entered into a free drawing to win an item. The typical prizes range from games and gaming consoles to mobile phones or household goods.

The Claim
The claim made by the website is that they can save you thousands of dollars on gifts and household products that would otherwise set you back a fair amount. One user that is advertised on Freebeejeebies website says that since December 2008, they have claimed over $25,000 worth of goods which she has given out as Christmas gifts and birthday treats.

This is an incredible amount to earn from simply filling in forms and applying to offers. The offers that are given are not for everyone but in all cases, money can be saved on the gift item so if it is an offer that you are interested in as well as a gift that you want or would have use for as a present, then this website offers something unique that works out great for you

The Hype
The hype of this website and service is that you can subscribe to an offer or deal that you would most likely want anyway, but by applying through Freebeejeebies, you will get the added advantage of getting a free gift.

You will also get a free gift on application for setting up your account which will be small in comparison but is a nice touch. You will also qualify for gifts based on the number of qualified referrals you distribute. For example, if you refer Freebeejeebies to a friend and they complete and offer, you will get one referral.

The Cost
The cost to join Freebeejeebies is approximately $10 but there are constantly money off deals where the initial membership price is either waved or vastly reduced. The prices of the offers range from a few dollars up to hundreds depending on the deals. The recommended retail price of the gifts also ranges from the small to the huge depending on the offer it is attached to.

The Commitment
The commitment that is put into maintaining a Freebeejeebie account is minimal and entirely dependant on the user. For those that are constantly taking out deals and plans, Freebeejeebies can be used up to as much as every week. However, the more casual user can log on once a year and still reap huge rewards for doing so.

The process of referring friends required a certain degree of prior judgment on the part of the user and can be an area where the website can get the better of you. What the website will do is attract you into choosing a number of completed referrals that you think you could get.

For example, the option of 15 complete referrals will win you a Sony Playstation 3 whereas 5 completed referrals may win a game for the Playstation. Naturally, a person would be drawn into picking the 15 referral option with the premise to win a console without prior thought in realizing that it would be very hard to get 15 completed referrals. This essential means that when you don’t complete the necessary steps, the companies are getting free referrals without having to pay any prizes out.

Does Freebeejeebies Really Work?

Freebeejeebies does work and people have been getting great rewards for simply going about their normal business for several years. However, it is worth noting and pointing out that Freebeejeebies is not completely free and will not offer you free gifts with nothing in return. It does require the purchase or signing up to a service but if you are planning on purchasing the service either way, then the gift will be absolutely free.

Our Recommendation
Freebeejeebies is not a scam and has a good reputation and is therefore a trusted website. The offers are of a good quality for those that are purchasing a service and so it is recommended that you at least visit this website and browse through the offers that they have available. It is highly likely that you will be able to get something for nothing but a little bit of clicking when you are looking for your next purchase.

What Do You Think? Does FreebeeJeebies Really Work?

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